History and topography of the city of York; the Ainsty wapentake; and the East riding of Yorkshire, by J.J. Sheahan and T. Whellan, Volume 1

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Page 234 - O Lord, thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget thee, do not thou forget me.
Page 259 - Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland, and the dominions and territories thereunto belonging...
Page 109 - Saxon king to be buried on the beach, adding, with a sneer, ' He guarded the coast while he lived, let him continue to guard it now he is dead.
Page 264 - Council that he would make it his endeavour to preserve the Government, both in Church and State, as it was by law established ; and that he would always take care to defend and support the Church.
Page 196 - I am very sorry to know and hear how unreverently that most precious jewel, the word of God, is disputed, rhymed, sung, and jangled in every alehouse and tavern, contrary to the true meaning and doctrine of the same.
Page 269 - The Corporation presented him with the freedom of the city in a gold box, in acknowledging which he naturally dwelt on some of the topics that were interesting to a commercial community. He gave a somewhat new view of "Protection" when he called it a remnant of heathenism.
Page 274 - Garibaldi was presented with the freedom of the City in a gold box ; and...
Page 244 - York be relieved, and you beat the rebels army of both kingdoms, which are before it; then (but otherwise not) I may make a shift (upon the defensive) to spin out time until you come to assist me. Wherefore I command and conjure you, by the duty and affection which I know you bear me, that all new enterprises laid aside, you immediately march, according to your first intention, with all your force to the relief of York.
Page 74 - When they pursue, they inevitably overtake : when they are pursued, their escape is certain. They despise danger: they are inured to shipwreck: they are eager to purchase booty with the peril of their lives. Tempests, which to others are so dreadful, to them are subjects of joy. The storm is their protection when they are...
Page 551 - All such Briefs, Rescripts, or Letters Apostolical, and all and every the Jurisdiction, Authority, Pre-eminence, or Title conferred or pretended to be conferred thereby, are and shall be and be deemed unlawful and void.

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