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Earth groans to her centre-thunder and storm rage along their courses-earthquakes and volcanoes roar from the tops of the mountains——the ocean boils like a pot, and spouts from the

a depths beneath, pyramids of fire. The portentous comet rolls athwart the great expanse, and with his twilight gloom, spreads a disastrous shade o'er half the nations : these are the ministers of his wrath.

The infinite variety of creatures that inhabit the earth, the ocean, and the air, show his amazing skill ; the teeming shower,

1 the sunshine and the yellow sheaf, show his bounteous goodness.

The contemplation of a Divine Providence is consoling and profitable; we feel ourselves drawn from the creature to the Creator.

The Lord reigneth, let the earth rejoice! the reigns of government are in the hands of him who needs no counsellor. Though the fool has said in his heart there is no God, yet both His word and providence declare to the ends of the earth, saying, verily there is a God, who hath set his throne in the heavens, and his kingdom reigneth over all. Shall we not say providence is God in motion, is God teaching by facts, is God fulfilling and explaining his word in his own way however inscrutable to the ken of men or angels ?

Though clouds and darkness are round about him, righteousness and judgment are the habitations of his throne.

No pains have been spared in the comiplation of this book, to collect from rare and valuable publications, both of Europe and America, which are but little known by reason of their magnitude and scarcity,) such accounts as show the way of the Lord in his works and providence. There can be no doubt, that to be indifferent to these, whether it be a nation or an in

a dividual, is highly sinful.

The eyes of all ought to wait upon him, whose wonders fill heaven, earth and hell. How vast the amplitude of his power! the ocean of illimitable space is the field of his operations.

The accounts given respecting the Roman Catholic hierarehy, are a record of facts which show that a spirit of persecution was not only an ancient mark of that.overgrown superstition, but that it retains all its virulence to the present day.

It affords much pleasure to reflect, that so large a work is now presented to its thousands of patrons, for so small a price, gathered from those who have recorded, from age to age, the wonderful works and providences of the Most High; for which, to Him, and my generous patrons I give thanks.

JOSIAH PRIEST. Albany, August 17, 1825.

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Adventure of a sailor in the river Congo,

150 The providence of God asserted,

152 Wonderful Visions in various ages,

154 Accounts of bodies found in the earth centuries after their decease,

170 Effects of a thunder storm,

174 Female constancy rewarded,

176 Bartram's travels and adventures,

178 A Jewish tradition,

191 Choice of a prime minister_an Allegory,

192 A dreadful discovery,

192 A copious account of the lives and deaths of Infidels, 194 Account of the inquisition at Goa,

209 Of the inquisition at Spain,

220 Of the inquisition at Italy,

225 Of persecutions in various ages,

241 A great deliverance from a wild beast,

249 A copious account of the phenomena of fire and earthquakes,

252 Origin of the Aborigines,

290 A remarkable narrative,

325 Remarks upon the subject of Giants,

329 Phenomena of the Aeroliths

332 Accounts of stones fallen from the moon,

336 A grand supernatural phenomenon,

344 Account of a monstrous kind of Eagle,

351 Astronomical observations on comets,

352 A wonderful supernatural phenomenon,

354 The phenomenon of light.

356 The sufferings of Thecla,

360 Of the diamond mines in the East-Indies,

367 A wonderful providence,

372 Hogarth's last painting,

375 Narrative of two Lovers,

376 Locality of the Garden of Eden,

378 Amusement for the Philosopher,

381 Cure of a man possessed of the Devil,

384 Narrative of Aleander and Septimus,


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