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That thy blue bonnet's pluck'd o'er thy brow?
O! sad news I have heard,
Roby Burns, man, is dead,

And the plough-man weeps over his plough,
Well, a well a day,

And the plough-man weeps over his plough.

Is he gone then for aye, and for aye,
Robin Gray?

No more shall we list to his song ?
No, cold as a clod,
Beneath a green sod

Poor Robin they've lain all along,
Well, a well a day,

Poor Robin they've lain all along.

Adieu then the forest and bill,
Robin Gray,

And farewell the vallies and grove!
Why the forest and hill

And the vallies ring still,

Still echo his 'ditties of love.

Well, a well a day,

Still echo his ditties of love.

The sad sound of echo l'll shun,
Robin Gray,

Its dying notes live on my mind:
Can you then as you roam

From your forefather's home, Leave your forefather's feelings behind, Well, a well a day,

Leave your forefather's feelings behind?

Still the blackbird will sing on the thorn,
Robin Gray,

And the lark early carol on high,
But the lowly lodg'd swain,
As he scatters the grain,

Will chaunt Robin's verse with a sigh,
Well, a well a day,

Will chaunt Robin's verse with a sigh.

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The Life of Robert Burns

Encomium on Burns

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Auld Mare Maggie

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Nov. 1785

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Loch Ness

Written with a Pencil, standing by the Fall of Fyers, uear

Written with a Pencil over the Chimney Piece in the Par-
lour of the Inn at Kenmore, Taymouth

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