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and punishing of ffelons that commit Burglary Housebreaking or Robbery in Shops Warehouses Coachhouses or Stables or that steal Horses the said John Anstie ought to be and is discharged of and from all manner of Parish and Ward Offices within the Borough of Devizes aforesaid wherein the ffelony aforesaid was committed and this I do hereby Certify in order to his being discharged accordingly Given under my hand this eighth day of August one thousand seven hundred and ninety one.

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It appears that Mr. Anstie did not avail himself of the privileges conveyed by his certificate, for the year following he disposed of it by deed of assignment, duly stamped, to John Rose, of Devizes, Baker. The consideration money paid by Rose was ten pounds, and the costs of "Drawing, Ingrossing, Assignment, Stamps and Paper," paid to the lawyer in the case, Mr. E. Joye, amounted to one pound, one shilling. The money value of a "Tyburn Ticket" in those days is thus fairly shown.

The last of these certificates issued in Wiltshire was to the late John Drewe, of Bishops Cannings, in July, 1818.

Donations to the Museum and Library.

The Council beg to acknowledge with thanks, the following Donations :— "On the Superficial Deposits of Hampshire," &c.:-By THOMAS CODRINGTON, Esq., F.G.S. By the author.

"Flint Chips ":-By E. T. STEVENS, Esq., 1 vol, 8vo. By the Trustees of the Blackmore Museum.

"Collectanea Antiqua":-By C. ROACH SMITH, Esq., F.S.A., five vols., 8vo. By the author.

Proceedings of the following Societies have also been received.

"Soc. of Antiq.

of Scotland," one Part 8vo. "Soc. of Antiq. of London, three Parts, 8vo. "Hist. and Archæol. Soc. of Ireland, three Parts. "Cotteswold Naturalists' Club" for 1869.

Roman Coins and other objects in Bronze, found at Silchester. By Mrs. TANNER, Yatesbury.

Eight Roman Coins; small bronze Torque, and bronze ornament. By Rev. HENRY HARRIS, Winterbourne.


H. F. & E. BULL, Printers, Saint John Street, Devizes.

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The Rev. A. C. Smith, Yatesbury Rectory, Calne.
W. Cunnington, Esq., St John's Court, Devizes.

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F. A. S. Locke, Esq.

District and Local Secretaries:

G. Alexander, Esq., Westrop House

H. E. Astley, Esq., Hungerford
The Rev. E. C. Barnwell, Melksham
W. Forrester, Esq., Malmesbury
N. J. Highmore, Esq., M.D., Brad-
ford on Avon

H. Kinneir, Esq., Swindon
W. F. Morgan, Esq., Warminster
J. E. Nightingale, Esq., Wilton

G. Noyes, Esq., Chippenham

The Rev. W. C. Plenderleath, Cher-
hill Rectory

The Rev. T. A. Preston, Marlborough

J. Farley Rutter, Esq., Mere
E. T. Stevens, Esq., Salisbury
H. J. F. Swayne, Esq, Wilton
The Rev. E. Wilton, West Lavington


Wiltshire Archæological and Natural History Society,

For interchange of Publications, &c.

The Society of Antiquaries of London.
The Archæological Association of Ireland.
The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.
The Royal Archæological Institute.
The Kent Archæological Society.
Professor Jewitt.

List of Members.

Life Members.

Ailesbury, The Most Hon. The Mar

quis of, K.G., Savernake Forest Awdry, Sir John Wither, Notton House, Chippenham

Bruce, Lord Charles, M.P., Savernake, Marlborough

Clarke, Henry M., 25, Mount St.,
Grosvenor Square, London
Duke, Rev. Edward, Lake House,

Estcourt, Rt. Hon. T. H. S. Sotheron,
Estcourt, Tetbury
Fitzmaurice, Lord E., M.P., Bowood
Grove, Thomas Fraser, M.P., Ferne,
Heneage, G. H. W., Compton Bassett,
Hoare, Sir Henry, Bart.,M.P., Stour-

Holford, R. S., M.P., Weston Birt,
Tetbury [mere, Chippenham
Jackson, Rev. Canon, Leigh Dela-


Adams, Rev. J., Stockcross Parsonage, Newbury

Alexander, G., Westrop House, Highworth

Anstice, Rev, J. B., The Vicarage, Hungerford

Anstie, T. B., Devizes

Antrobus, Sir E, Bart., M.P., Amesbury

Astley, H. E., Hungerford

Awdry, Rev. E. C., Kington St.
Michael, Chippenham
Awdry, H. Goddard, Notton, Chip-

Awdry, Justly W., Melksham
Awdry, West, Monkton, Chippenham

Bailward, J., Horsington, near Win


Baker, T. H., Mere, Bath

Barrey, H. G., Devizes
Barnwell, Rev. E. C., Melksham

Lansdowne, The Most Hon. The Marquis of, Bowood, Calne Lowndes, E. C., Castle Combe, Chippenham

Merewether, H. A., Bowden Hill, Chippenham

Morrison, George, Hampworth Lodge,

Neeld, Sir John, Bart., Grittleton
Nisbet, R. P., Southbroom, Devizes
Penruddocke, C., Compton Park,
Poynder, T. H. A., Hartham House,
Prior, Dr., R. C. A., 48, York Ter-
race, Regents Park, London
Selfe, H., Marten, Great Bedwyn
Scrope, G. Poulett, 25, Park Gate,
South, London

Wellesley, Lady Charles, Conholt
Park, Andover
Wilkinson, Rev. John, Broughton

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