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Thursday 10th. About ten I went to the Devizes to speak wth. Mr. Sadlier and some others, and at two set out from thence in order to have had some Sport wth, my Dog: but a sudden Rain prevented.

Friday 11th. Having been privately at Home all the Day, in the Evening I went to be with Bro. Selfe some little Time, he having I think at this time a very melancholy Scene before him relating to his Daugh". Miss Ciss., who now plainly shews her Illness to proceed from some Disorder of the Mind.

Saturday, 12th. I was at Home in my own Business Mr. Sadler the Atturney being wth, me in the morning and afterwards attending my little Harvest. Sunday, 13th. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on 21st Verse of the 2nd Epistle of St. Peter. [? Chapter.]

Munday, 14th. About 3 I went out a setting and tarried till Evening when hearing Bro. Selfe had sent for me I went to Beanacre where I tarried till Eleven or after, The Business to me was chiefly to speak with me of the miserable Condition of Miss Cissy and how to dispose of her, &c.

Tuesday, 15th. After Dinner I again took my Horse and after being out with my Dog two or three Hours I went to Bro. Selfe's and tarri'd there with them till near ten: some part of the time Mr. Jno. Norris was wth, us.

Wednesday, 16th. Hearing last night that my Mother was taken ill at Bath I went to that Place this Morning after I had called at Mr. Webb's and found my Mother indeed very ill but not so bad as I expected and I hope yt. by due means she will get over it for as we suppose tis the Gouty Humour in the Stomach wch. Yesterday began to remove; I tarri'd some little time at Farley at my Return in Business, and had some Disturbance afterwards in my Road Home. Thursday, 17th. Being under an Engagement I went to Bro. Selfe's this Morning and tarried there an Hour or two: afterwards was at Home wthout Company. In the Afternoon we had a Cook Maid came to our Service in the place of

Friday, 18th.

In the Afternoon I attempted to go out a Setting but was beaten off by the Rain, and in the Evening Mr. Webb of Farley was with me in Business.

Saturday, 19th. In the Morning I was about an Hour and Half at Beanacre partly in Business. Afternoon I was two or three Hours a setting.

Sunday, 20th. A young Man a Stranger whose Name I have forgotten preach'd on the 13th Verse of 3rd Chapt. of Epistle general of St. James. After Sermon I was some little Time with the Preacher, Mr. Newborough, Mr. Foxe's Uncle and Bro. Selfe at Mr. Foxe's. Sermon being in the Afternoon.

Munday, 21st. About 8 this Morning Mr. Webb call'd on me to go with him to Reading to have the Mortgage of Munckton Farley Estate assign'd to me from one Mr. Whistler a Gent. in yt. neighbourhood: we called at Marlborough where I saw Watty in good Health and proceeded on our journy to Newbury thro y Rain and lodg'd there.

Tuesday, 22nd. It being a wet Morning 'twas Nine before we left this place and we came to Reading very wet between 12 and 1. So it was late before we could do our Business weh, was transacted with one Mr. Whistler y'. lives near that Place and Mr. Blagrove of Reading his Attorny, we return'd no further than Theal and lodg'd there.

*Of Monkton Farley.



Wednesday, Aug. 23rd. At 7 this Morning we left our Quarters and called at Woolhampton to see a Nursery Garden, where Mr. Webb bought many trees and Plants to a great Value, which detained us till near three, so we could come no further to lodge than Ramsbury.

Thursday, 24th. Not very early we took Horse for Home and came to Shaw by two or there about, Mr. Webb tarried with me an Hour or two and took his leave.

Friday, 25th. After Dinner I had a Message from Bro. Selfe that Mr. Norris and his Spouse were wth. him, So desir'd I would come to them with Peggy, whither we went and tarried till Evening, and this Day my Servant Robert Gale perfectly left me on the Account of the death of his Brother, so that we are in much disorder, having our New Servant Maid Jane Calway that came to us but yesterday was To night gone Home in my Absence very Sick.

Saturday, 26th. In the Afternoon I was out with my Dog two or three Hours and besides only attended my Business.

Sunday, 27th. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on the 15th Verse of the 17th Psalm: After Dinner my Servt. went to Bath to enquire how my Mother was the last Night, and brings me Word She took some Rest, and was a little amended. Jane Caloway came again to us ye Day.

Munday, 28th. Weston of Chippenham was wth, us at Dinner and afterwards I rode out a Setting an Hour or two and in the Evening had wth, me Bro. Selfe and his Son Jacob.

Tuesday, 29th. I with Peggy, went to Bath to see my Mother and at the same time made Tryal of a new Coach Man that offers his Service: My Mother being better then She has been we return'd in the Evening.

Wednesday 30th. This Morning I parted with the Person that drove us to Bath yesterday, we not agreeing on Termes, and he not being as I think very fit for our Service: Edmond Lewis of Broughton was with me in the Morning wth, whom I walk'd in the Ground half an Hour or an Hour to try if we could find a Hare and the Rest of the Day was within Doors.

Thursday, 31st. After Dinner I was out with my Setting Dog, the rest of the Day privately at Home.

Friday, Septr. 1st. Mr. Tuck the Younger was wth, us at Dinner and in the Evening I was a Setting.

Saturday, 2nd. Having some Business I din'd with Mr. Webb at Farley and in the Evening made use of my Setter in my Way Home.

Sunday, 3rd. Mr. Selfe of Broomham preach'd this Afternoon on the 4 Verse of 26th Chaptr. of Isaiah, after which I was with him Bro. Selfe and his Son Jacob, about an Hour, at Mr. Jacob Selfe's.

Munday, 4th. In the Evening I was out with my Dog again, and before Dinner was wth, me one Thomas Bridgeman, from Clack, with whom I bargain'd to serve me between this Time and our Lady-day next, as Coachman, &c., at the price of £3, and if we like at that Time, and we go on farther, he is to have £6, per an., and a Livery as usual.

Tuesday, 5th. I was this afternoon at Mr. Jacob Selfe's, with Mr. Seymour, Mr. Awdry of Seend, his two Nephews of the same Name, his two Sons in Law, and Mr. Selfe of Broomham, some little Time. Our stay was till near ten, and our Talk was only of comon Affaires, and I was at the Vestry Room some time

where was to have been a Meeting concerning the High Ways, but there were not more than 3 or 4 Persons.

Wednesday 6th. Mr. Warne of Chippenham was, I think, the only person that was with me in Business this Day; so in the Evening I was at Bro. Selfe's about two Hours, where was also Mr. Brewer the Lawyer.

Thursday 7th. I was again this Afternoon in the fields with my setting Dog, and had no Company all ye Day.

Friday 8th. I was privately at Home all the former part of the Day, and in the Evening out again with my Dog.

Sunday 10th. In the Morning very early my new Servant Tho3. Bridgeman came, but how long he will continue with me I am uncertain, his Behaviour being but very indifferent this very day. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on 13 V. of ye 1st Chapt. of the Epistle of St. James.

Munday 11th. I was at Mr. Horton's of Broughton this Afternoon, in Company with the Minister of Holt Mr. Lewis, and one Capt. Dennet that is now at Holt Wells: but most of the Time with the Mast. of the House alone, for I tarri'd till near Seven. And this Day I began to try for some Marl by digging under Ground, as they do at the Cole Pitts.

Tuesday 12th. Peggy went to Bath this Morning, and had with her in the Coach Mrs. Horton of Broughton and Mrs. Long my Tenant. Bet came back in the Evening with the two last mention'd. She has been at Bath these Six Weeks, and brings me Word that her Grand-Mother is but little amended.

Wednesday 13th. In the Afternoon I attempted to have had some Sport with my Dog, but being driven Home by the Rain I went in yo Evening to Beanacre to Bro. Selfe's, where Betsy was visitting.

Thursday 14th. I was very privately at Home all the Day, and in the Evening my Workmen for Marl brought me Word they had found a very fluent Spring, so could proceed no further in that place.

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Saturday 16th. Early this Morning I went to Bath to see my Mother, who yet continues in a Weak Condition and does not come down Staires. I found there Mr. Selfe of Broomham in very much Trouble on Account of his eldest Son (who has been very idle and undutiful for some years past, altho' not now above 22 or 23 yr. old), he having been at the Bear in that place several Weekes past, and now declares he has marri'd one Collins the Sister of the Person that keeps that House, a Person of little or no Fortune, and bred up always in a publick House, not at all reputable as to her Character, tho' I do not hear of any particular Lewdness she ever has been guilty of, only the Method of Living not favour'd in the World. About Eleven I left Bath and came to Dine wth. Mr. Jo. Norris who is now settled in Mrs. Panton's House at Bath-easton, where after Dinner Mr. Selfe call'd on me and we left that place about Five.

Sunday 17th. One Mr. Fry, a Curate at Devizes, preach'd this Afternoon on the 10th Verse of 84 Psalm. Sermon being ended I went with Bro. Selfe to y Vicarige, where was the Preacher, Mr. Foxe's Uncle and him Self, and Mr. Mawkes; our Stay was about an Hour.

Munday 18th. Just in the Evening I went to Mr. Tho. Long's in Business,

The eldest son of Thomas Selfe, Rector of Bromham, by Elizabeth his first wife was Thomas Selfe, who died 10th January, 1726, aged 27 years, s. p.; he lies buried in St. Mildred's Church, London.

where by Accident I met wth, Bro. Selfe and tarri'd about 2 Hours. Tuesday, 19th. I was all the Day at Home in much Business, setting things in Order, for our to Morrow day's journey, and some other Matters. Mr. Sadlier of Devizes, call'd here this Morning: and Edmond Lewis was with me some little Time, in the Evening, being sent in a Message by his Neighbour, Mr. Horton, of Broughton.

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Wednesday, 20th. By Appointment about eight this Morn., I and my daught. Betsy, took our journey towards Coz. Smith's, of Littleton, and in our Way call'd on my Mother, at Bath, (who yet continues ill), and took Peggy with us; we arriv'd at our journey's End, about two, and found there (besides the Mastr. and Mrs. of the House, and my Coz. Robert Smith, the Nephew, which make the Family), Mr. Horton of Broughton, his Wife and Daugtr., Mr. Merewether, the Parson of Foscot, and Miss Bennet, Sister to my Coz. Smith: After Dinner the Young People play'd Cards, and so twas pretty late before we could go to Bed, Yet without any Excess.

Thursday, 21st. My Coz. Smith invited several of his Relations from Froom, that din'd with us, and also his Bro. Law, Bennet, and one Mr. Salmon, with the Company as mention'd Yesterday, and the Younger part of the Family, past the Evening away with Dancing, which made it late before we went to Bed, and as many as could be entertain'd, tarri'd in the House all Night. My Daugh". Betsy, by eating a peach was taken ill and forc'd to leave ye Company.

Friday, 22nd. All the Company that lodg'd in ye House din'd there this Day, and we went after Dinner to see the new Church there wch, is not yet finish'd, and we were entertain'd at my Coz. Smith's and the Parson's: some of the Company left us and only those mention'd the first Day with Mr. Bennet return'd to Littleton, and he left us soon after.

Saturday 23rd. About 11 we set forward towards Home, having Mrs. Horton in the Coach with us; we call'd again at Bath and left Peggy, and at Broughton with Mrs. Horton and came Home both well (Betsy being recover'd) at 5 or there about.

Sunday 24th. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on the 13 Verse of the general Epistle of St. James as before on this Day fortnight is mention'd, and Mr. Selfe of Broomham call'd here about 4 Afternoon in his Way to Bath, being once more in pursuit of his ungodly Son.

Munday 25th, In the Evening 1 was an Hour or two at Bro. Selfe's with my Coz. Nicholas's eldest Son by his present Wife, the rest of the Day was spent in my own Affaires at Home.

Thursday 28th. Mr. Fox was with me some little time this Afternoon, and Mr. Jacob Selfe favour'd me with his Company till near Nine, Mr. Tuck of Goatacre being also with us.

Friday 29th. Mr. Tuck continu'd wth. me all the Day, and I was very Busie

• Collinson, in his History of Somerset, states that Stoney Littleton Estate in Wellow parish, near Comb Hay was sold about 1690 to Robert Smith of Frome Selwood, Esq., great grandfather of the present (1791) John Smith of Comb Hay: who sold it in 1786 to Sir John Hugh Smith of Ashton Court, Somerset. "Cousin John Smith" of Stoney Littleton, died June 26th 1748, in the 68th year of his age. Anne his wife, daughter of Thomas Bennet, Esq., of Steeple Ashton, died January 24th, 1724, in the 88th year of her age. Mary Bennet, another daughter of Thomas Bennet and ultimately heiress of the Family, married Robert Smith, L.L.D., who after the death of her brother, Thomas Bennet, Jun., became owner of Comb Hay, and settled there. The estate has lately been sold by the Representatives of the Smith family,

in attending my Marle Workmen, this being the first Day of Carrying out, Saturday 30th. Afternoon I went to Farley to have spoke with Mr. Webb in Business, but he was not at Home, so return'd immediately to my own Home and Affaires.

Sunday, Oct. 1st. The Text at our Church this Afternoon was 17 V. of y 34. of Proverbs. The Preacher was a Stranger, so know not his Name.

Munday 2nd. I was this Afternoon at Mr. Jacob Selfe's, wth. Mr, Griffen the Proprietor of Woolmore Field, Mr. Awdry of Seend, and his two Nephews of the same Name, and Ambrose Goddard. Our Stay was till after 11, and altho' so late yet without any the least Disorder: and our whole Discourse of comon Matters.

Tuesday 3rd. Early this Morning I went to Heddington to see an Estate belonging to Joseph Marshman that is to be sold, 'twas not for my own use that I made the Enquiry but for my Friend Mrs. Miller, and I think 'twill be to no Purpose, the Estate being not commodious in any Sort: however I could not return before two, and after eating and visitting my Workmen went to Beanacre to Bro. Selfe's, he in my Absence having sent his Servt. to that purpose; there were in Company Mr. Norris, Mr. Methuen, Mr. Griffin, mention'd yesterday, Mr. Jacob Selfe, and Brewer of Bradford the Lawyer. Our Stay was till after Nine.

Wednesday 4th. Having some Business with Mr. Webb I went to Farley, who not being at Home I went to Ford where he was wth, some Workmen, and from thence to Clarken Down where was a Purse of £40 to be run for: and having seen the Race wch, was perform'd at 2 Heats, the same Horse gaining both. I return'd to Monkton Farley with Mr. Webb, and from thence Home about 9 or 10.1

Thursday 5th. After Dinner I was out with my Dog an Hour or two, and in the Evening was at my Neighbour Poulsom's till eight or Nine.

Friday 6th. After Dinner I call'd on Mr. Webb at Farley to go with me to Ford-Farm to see an Horse, and we were there entertain'd by Mr. Godding (who was very pressing with us to tarry longer) till Seven, so came Home by Night. Mr. Earnly of Whetham was here in my Absence.

Saturday 7th. All the Day I was very privately at Home without any Company. Miss Houlton that has been here some time going with Betsy to Broughton and Holt Wells, at the former of weh, places they made out the Day.

Sunday 8th. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on the former part of the 10th Verse of the 9 Psalm, where I and mine attended as we usually do.

Munday 9th. Early in the Morning I took my journy towards Glaston and call'd on my Mother at Bath, where were at Breakfast Mrs. Harvey of Cole Park, her Daughter, and Miss Bennett of Ashton, so after two or 3 Hours Stay, I pass'd on and call'd at Mr. Martin's of Pennard, who not being at Home I went forward for Glaston, and there met my Tenant Palmer.

Tuesday, 10th. At ten I left my Inn, (viz: the Rose and Crown) and went to Norwood, where I well view'd the Premises, and came to Mr. Martin's in the Evening, where I lodg'd, the Lawyer Martin, and Mr. Johnston were with us in y⚫ Evening.

Wednesday, 11th. After Breakfast, and seeing Mr. Martin's long Bill of

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