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wich or ye value of theyme to susteyne ye chargis of ye saide hous, in ye saide cheste under iii keys lokked shalbe kepte and conserved, and ye other halfe of there godes to dispose of as it liketh theyme.

XXXIII. Item. We wull and ordeyne that y Almes and giftes of trewe Cristen men, and y legates [legacies] and bequestes 'whatsoever thei be a monge theyme that be alyve, or by cause of deth lefte, and such other manner thyngis, and all maner Almes of Cristen trewe men to y° saide poremen and woman or to eny of theyme there geven or graunted, or eny other wise in y wey of cherite or other wise disposed or brought unto theyme, hit shall remayne holely to hym or to theyme to whom or to wich such maner thyngis be so geven graunted or disposed withoute clayme or impedyment of eny other what so ever he be to theire propre use to whom they were geven or lefte as before is saide, for to be converted.

XXXIV. And also where as we y saide Margarete, John Cheyne and John Mervyn have graunted y maners of Chyverell Burnell and Chyverell Hales, otherwise called Mochell Chyverell,1 with thappurtenaunces to y saide keper, poremen and woman and to their successours by authorite and power of the kyng is letters patentes; We wull and ordeyne that thissues and profites comyng yerely of yo saide maners with thappurtenaunces be yerely distribute under yo maner and form folluyng.

XXXV. Furste, we wull that the saide keper resceyve yerely to his own propre use of y issues and profites of y' said maners, with xxxiii. iv. wich is assigned to hym in Haytesbury, and with xl. that he shall resceyve yerely in Upton Skidmore, and with xviii. viii. that he shall resceyve yerely in Warmyster, and with xxiiii'. that he shall resceyve yerely at Stockley beside Calne, x"., viii'., viiia. And over ye said x". that he receyve yerely, be allowed for his man, xx"., so that the said keper for ye tyme beyng shall yerely be allowed for hymselfe x". and for his man or servante xx'.

XXXVI. Item. We wull that y° saide poremen and woman have every wike for their brede and ale and victaille duryng y season that a bushel of whete is under y' price and passe not y' price of x. a bushell, vi. and viii. And if y pris of whete be att xa.

1 Michel or Mochel, an old word for "Great."

xii. xiii. or xiiii. y bushell, that thenne we wull that they have wekely vii. ii. And if y' pris of whete be atte xvd. a bushell or above, than we wull that y saide poremen and woman resceyve every wike for their sustynaunce vii". viii. And if it happe whete to be atte ii. a bushell, ii'. iiii., ii'. vid., ii'. viii., or at a gretter pris, as hit hath ben and hereafter may happe to be; than we wull duryng the season of that derth of whete that ye said poremen and woman have wikely in agmentation toward their sustynaunce above such summes as be above specefied, and hit can be thought resonabill by y saide Keper, and by th'advice and oversight of hym that shalbe Hygh Steward of the Lordshippe of Haytesbury for y tyme beyng. The wich monay, if whete be atte an high price, we wull that it shalbe take owte of y' Cofer where that there monay shalbe putte safe to be kepte. And if whete be at iiii., va., via., or viia. a busshell, as monay may be spared wikely of yo forsaide via. viiia., thanne we wull that all such monay that is so spared wikely be putte unto y forsaide Cofer with iii keys safe to be kepte till such tyme as corne or vitaille be dere of price. The wich monay so spared when that corne or vitaille is grete chepe we wull that hit shall helpe y poremen in their lyving when that derthe comyth.

XXXVII. Item. We wull and ordeyne that y' saide keper for y tyme beyng shall purvey or do to be purveyed for ye saide poremen, that is to say, for every poreman yerely, if hit nede, 2 paire of hosyn, 2 paire of shone with lether and hempe to clowte theme, and 2 shertys for every man if hit be nede. And for y woman in like wise. And over thys, onys in 2 yere or 3 yere, we wull that y saide poremen have gownys and hodis of white wollen cloth with "JHU. XRT.," in blak letters sette upon their gownes, apon y breste bifore, and apon ye shulders behynde. And such gownes, hodys, cotys, skertys, hosyn or shone as remayneth after ye deth of eny of y' saide poremen, we wull that hit shalbe distribute as necessite shall requyre to such of y' poremen as shall happe to overlyve. And that y° woman be allowed yerely above her wagis v. to buy her a Cirtull [kirtle].

XXXVIII. Item. We wull that y woman of ye saide hous

have every quarter for hir labour iii. iv. That is to say, a yere xiii. iiii.

XXXIX. Item. We wull that ye saide poremen have every yere for their barbour iii. iva. And that every poreman and woman have yerely for their Offeryng dayes iiii., sum by y yere iiii. iiii.

XL. And furthermore, we wull that ye saide poremen and woman have yerely for y' carriage of xx lodis of wode from y wode called Southley to Haytesbury xiii*. iva.

XLI. Item. We wull that ther be every yere putte in ye forsaide Cheste with iii keys for ther reparacyons of their housynges, vestymentis and bokes xx*.

XLII. And also it shall not be lefull to ye forsaide keper poremen and woman or to their successours, ye saide maners of Chyverell Burnell, and Chyverell Hales to them amorteysed, or ye messuages landes and tenements, medues pastures or rentis, to ye saide maners perteyning, or eny parcell or parte of ye same to theyme as before is graunted and specefied, in eny wise for to geve, graunte, relece, remytte, or to geve in eschaunge, permute, ley to wedde [pawn], or eny otherwise aliene, or to commytte to eny other use in tyme to come than a bove is noted. And if ye saide keper, poremen and woman of ye forsaide hous or their successours do agenste the strenge [force], forme and effect of ye same laste statute, that dede shalbe had for nought, and by the same, y same keper, poremen and woman as meny as therto assenteth, to be utterly ammoved fro the hous and fro y profite of ye same hous. And others to be preferred and admytted in their places.

XLIII. Item. Furthermore we wull that y° 2 parissh prestis of Haytesbury for y° tyme beyng have yerely everych of theyme to pray every Sonday in yo pulpitte for y° soulis of Walter sumtyme Lorde Hungerforde and Kateryne his wiff, and for y soulis of Robard late Lorde Hungerford and Margerete his wiff, everich of theyme vii. And ye parissh clerke, to remember theyme, iiii. And to be paied yerely by y saide keper.

XLIV. Item. We wull that this present ordynaunce be openly redde 2 tymes in y° parissh church of Haytesbury. That is to sey

y Sonday apon All Halowen day and apon y Sonday next after Ester by oone of yo saide parissh prestis. The wich preste we wull shall have atte every tyme for his labour viii. And ye parissh clerk, to remember hit, atte every tyme iiii. paied by yo said keper.

XLV. Item. We wull that there be an Obite yerely kepte in ye Parrish Church of Haytesbury for y° sowles aforesaide: yo Friday nexte afore Whitsonday. And yo 2 parish prestes have everich of theyme vid. The Keper viii. The bretherhede preste via. The parissh clerk, iiii. The 2 Deacons of ye church everych of theyme iiia. And yo belleryngers iii. And xiii. to be distribute in almes the same day to xiii poremen and women of ye same parish, but not of ye Almeshous. And that ther be purveyed yerely by y saide keper as moche brede and ale and chese as to y comfort and relevyng of all thos as shall come to yo Dirige as wull extende to y° some of iiii. And also that ther be allowed yerely to ye prebendaries vid. for wex brennyng apon an herte [wax light burning upon a hearth] in ye tyme of ye saide Obite.

XLVI. Item. We wull also that ye saide poremen and woman and theire successors in their furste admyssion or reception into y° saide house in presens of y saide Margarete duryng her liff, and after hir deth in presens of ye saide John Mervyn duryng his liff, and after his deth in presens of y° forsaide Keper for y° tyme beyng make an othe apon y' holy Evangelies and Gospells as to that that perteyneth to theyme or eny of theyme in this partye as soon as they mow conveniently. The forme of ye wich othe is thus:-" I, A.B., that am named into a poreman to be resceyved into this almeshous after ye forme of ye Statutes and ordynaunces of y saide hous in as moche as they long and touche me, to my power from hens fortheward duryng my liff in y saide house withoute eny fraude will them keep: So help me God and my holydome, and by these holy gospells wich I touche and ley my hande apon." The forme of y same othe be made for a woman, chaunged that is to be chaunged.

XLVII. Furthermore we sette and ordeyne, that this our present foundacyon or ordynaunce and every chapiter of ye same statutes, before y saide poremen and woman for y tyme beyng by y saide keper of y saide hous every quarter of y' yere atte y leste

be radde distinctly and openly and understandyngly be expounded. And that y saide keper, poremen and woman of ye forsaide hous have with them in ther hous a copy of this our presente ordynaunce. And when hit shall please theyme, to rede it, that y chapiters therynne conteyned may be y more effectually conned and ymprynted in ther myndes. And fynyally we requyre, exhorte, pray and hertly desire y saide keper poremen and woman that bith nowe and shalbe in tyme to come, to have togeder contynuell cherite to our Lorde God, Christe Jhu., and ye soulis aforesaide after this present ordynaunce laudably serve, and so lyve and be conversaunte togeder in y° forsaide hous, that they may after this liff transsetory come to ye hous of ye kyngdome of heven. The wich our Lorde God by his mouthe to poremen hath promysed.

XLVIII. And also we sette ordeyne and graunte by thees presentes that hit shalbe lawfull to ye saide Margarete at all tymes while she shall lyve in such thyngis as concerne or in eny wise hereafter may touche or concerne as well ye saide statutes and ordynaunces, as ye persones, to all ye premysses adde or fro theyme mynute or withdraw, and theyme to declare or chaunge. And with all ye forsaide thyngis to dispense, and to make, and ordeyne newe after ye fredome of hir will. Thise our forsaide ordynaunces notwithstondyng. In witnesse, &c.

Diary of Thomas Smith, Esq.,



Thursday, 2nd Aug. 1722. After Dinner I went to Beanacre to see and Welcome home Mr. Lucas Selfe, and Mr. Wallis, who have been abroad for these 14 months past, travelling thro. Holland, the lower part of Germany to Rome and Naples, and several other Places in Italy; they safely came to Beanacre last night, very little as I can see alter'd as to their Looks or Behaviour. My stay was 'till ten, Mr. Norris and S. William Hanham, Mr. Flower and another Gent. being also there, the 2 first only 'till about 5.

Friday 3rd. I din'd at Beanacre wth, the Gent. that have been the Travellers Mr. Methuen and Mr. Jacob Selfe, besides the Family of the House, my Family,

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