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be preferred depute and sette in y' same office of a keper of y same hous.

X. Furthermore we sette and ordeyne that ye saide keper of y saide hous for y tyme beyng syng messe in ye parissh church of Haytesbury dailly when he is disposed, and have specially in his mynde the soulis of Walter sumtyme Lorde Hungerford and Kateryne his wiff, and y° soulis of Robard late Lorde Hungerford, sone and heir to y° saide Walter Lord Hungerford and Kateryne his wiff, and Margarete wiff to ye said Robard, doughter and heir to Wm. late Lord Botreaux, and y° soulis of the saide Wm. Lord Botreaux and Elizabeth his wiff, Fader and Moder to y said Margarete, and all ye soulis that ye saide Walter and Kateryne, Robard and Margarete, be com of: and all the soulis that be come of theyme, and all the soulis thei be bounde to pray for. And also y soulis of John Cheyne and John Mervyn, and all Cristen soulis. Provided alway that y same keper for y tyme beyng every wike, ye Wendesday, Fryday, or Sonday, syng messe wythynne y Chapell of ye forsaide Almeshous, and if it happe atte eny time there be iii poremen sike to geders [sick together], that thanne ye saide keper to say messe 2 tymes a wike within ye saide Chapell. And if God provide for theyme to be hole everych one and may go to ye Parissh Church, that thenne ye saide keper sey messe dailly whenne he is disposed, atte ye saide parissh Church.

XI. And also we wull and ordeyne that ye Chaunceler of ye Cathedrall Church of Salisbury for ye tyme beyng (or yo Deane and Chapiter, he not residenser) shall present an able keper and a sufficient techer of Grammer atte every avoydance, wich shall yerely kepe and be atte all dyvyne servyce done and saide within ye parish church of Haitesbury; that is to say Sondays and all other festfull days atte Matyns, high messe, evensong and complyne, withoute infirmy te or eny other cause resonabill lette hym. And all other days that he entende and do his diligent labour to teche and enforme all such children and other persones that shall come to ye place wich is ordeyned and depute theym to teche in, withyn Haitesbury; And that ye saide keper and Master shall teche from the begynning of lernyng unto such season as they have sufficient

or competent of grammer; no Scholehire takyng of no persone or persones on lesse such as their frendis may spende X li or above,1 or ellis that wull give frely. And that he daily attende to kepe his scole, withoute eny infyrmyte or other cause as is above saide may be reasonably understand; And if so be that none able keper aud techer of grammer cannot be provided within ye space of a moneth after ye discesse or avoydance of any forsaide keper; that thanne we wull that ye forsaide chaunceler putte in a covenabill and an honest preste there to rest and abide and to do in all thyngis as is above reherced unto such season that an able keper and a sufficient techer of grammer may be provyded and according to the willes and ordynances of the founders of ye same.

XII. Item. Ye forsaide keper of the same hous for y tyme beying of his owne stipende and salary shall ordeyne bread wyne wex and light for dyvyne servyces in ye same hous and forsaide parish church to be be song and executed.

XIII. Item. We wull that ye saide keper pay yerely to y° Deane and Chapiter of ye church of Salisbury, for ye reparacion of a Chapell, Vesty mentis and Bokes, made by ye same Margarete, xx'. ye wich we wull shall yerely be putte into a cofer made under ye Auter in the saide Chapell with iii keyes there safly to be kepte after an ordynaunce by us, ther to be made for ye reparacyon of ye saide Chapell, Vestymentis and bokes, till necessite shall requyre.

XIV. Item. We wull and ordeyne that ye defautes and excesses of ye keper of ye forsaid hous for ye tyme beyng by yo forsaide Margarete while she lyveth, and after her deth by ye saide Deane his Officiall or Commyssary for ye tyme beyng, shalbe reformed or corrected and punyshed in this forme: that is to say, as well by subtraction or withdrawing of y pension of that keper by oone wike [one week], or more or lesse after ye qualite and quantite of his cryme, by y discretion of ye saide Margarete, and after her discesse by ye saide Deane and Officiall or Comyssary, to be lymyted and moderated; (the wich money so forfeted we wull it shalbe


1 Meaning, no payment for children to be made, except for those whose friends possessed a yearly income of ten pounds, or more.

putte into ye Cofer with iii keyes, safe to be kept to ye use of yo said hous) as by pryvacyon or ammotion of the saide keper from his office, pension and place, that he had in yo same hous, if his obstynacy and malice hit aske and requyre; the wich pryvacion or ammotion shall utterly be made and done by ye saide Deane his Officiall or Comyssary having power in this parti of ye same Deane, if he cannot lawfully do his purgation of ye said crymes. And furdermore if ye keper of ye same hous for ye tyme beyng fall unto eny sekenesse as it is possible, or become blinde and so contynue in ye same long tyme or evermore so that ye masses and other dyvyne servyces by y same keper during his said infirmyte may not be saide, and also the other thyngis concernyng his office may not be don by y space of a quarter of a yere; we wull and ordeyne that then another Chapeleyn be founde with y expenses of ye aforesaide keper for y tyme beyng and of his porcyon be hired, for to sing masses and other dyvyne servicez that longeth or shulde belong to y keper of y' forsaide hous during such maner Infirmyte, after yo discression of y saide Margarete during her liff, and after her deth after y discression of y saide Deane, his Officiall or Comyssary, on lesse thanne he can finde atte his propre coste a sufficiente deputee to bere his chargis; that is to say, an Ussher to teche grammer and to have ye oversight of ye poremen and woman by thadvise of ye saide Margaret, &c. And furthermore if it so be that that ye saide keper have eny contynuell sykenesse not cureable for ye wich he may not execute the ordynauncez of this premysse, that thanne he to be putte downe and discharged of his saide office, and a nother sufficient Keper be presented to ye same by y' said Margaret whyle she lyveth, and after her dicesse by ye saide Chaunceler for ye tyme beying; and in his absens by ye saide Deane and chapiter. And if ye saide Chapeleyn wull abide in ye place, we wull and ordeyne that he have mete and drynke for his sustynaunce, and have yerely in monay paied by thandis of hym that shalbe keper there, xxvi. and viii.

XV. Item. We wulle that he that shall att all tymes hereafter happe to be hygh Stuard of ye Lordship of Haitesbury for ye tyme beyng, have y oversight of y' said Maners and lordshippes of

Cheverell and Cheverell. And that ther be holden every year 2 cortis. And also that ye Stuard shall yerely oones betwixte Myghelmasse and Martynmasse, take th accountes of the Fermours and Revis of y said Lordshippes. And all the rentis, revenous and casualtees of y' said Maners, to be resceyved and take by y keper of y saide hous, and that the saide keper make and yelde accomptes of ye same resceytes from yere to yere before y saide Stuard, by Seint Andrew's day: so that hit be understood and knowen how the revenous of y said Lordshippes be resceyved and spente. And that such monay as shalbe resceyved be destribute and expended yerely accordyng to this our present ordynaunce. And that therbe yerely a clere boke of accomptes made in dewe forme writen in parchement of the saide resceyving. The wich Stuard we wull shall have yerely for holding of the said Courtis, and for takyng of y' said accomptez. .... And his clerk.... for his labour, wich we wull shall yerely be payed by ye saide keper upon thende and y determynacyon of the saide accomptes, and no rather [sooner]. Provyded alway that atte every audite ye monay that is above th'expens and paymentes be putte in y cheste with the iii keyes aforesaide.

XVI. Item. We wull and ordeyne that all ye Kepers of y forsaide hous in their furste admyssion of the same hous to all and every thyng as is by us above reherced, sette, and ordeyned for to be kepte and observed, they and eche of theyme make an othe upon ye holy Evangelists and Gospels, as to that that perteyneth to theyme or eny of theyme in this partye, before ye saide Deane or his depute in this partye: and also in ye presence of ye saide Margarete during her liff after their admyssion as soon as they shall move convenyently. Of ye wich othe ye forme folueth upon these wordes:-"I-A. B., admytted to be Custos or Keper of ye Almeshous and porefolk in Haitesbury swere and make feith upon these gospellis of God by me bodely touched that I shall, in as much as in me is, observe and kepe the laudabill ordynances writynges and statutes by Margarete that was ye wiff of Robard late Lorde Hungerford, Knight, John Cheyne of Pynne, and John Mervyn Equyers, made and ordeyned: so God me helpe and these holy gospels."


XVII. And furthermore we wull sette and ordeyne that if the said poremen and woman or their successores be wasters or destroyers of ye godes of ye said Almeshous, or openly forsworne for not kepyng of ye statutes or ordynances of ye saide hous: or and thei be open lechours or adoutrers and wullnot be corrected, or and they haunte Tavernes, or be unsufferabill debatefull or brygous1 and namely [i.e. notoriously] in this company of this saide hous, or be noted in any cryme that shulle cause disclaunder or infamye to ye saide Almeshous, and thereof be noted openly and cannot thereof lawfully purge theyme self or otherwise before his ordynary of the same or of eny of ye premyssez convicte shall in the same dede be be removed and depryved of all his title and profite that he hadde in the same hous before.

XVIII. Item. We wull and ordeyn that no poreman admytted in the said house exercise ne use, ne besynesse, ne handwerke, ne foldewerke, after his admyssion, ne do no such works ne to thayme be compelled, but all thing put a parte, study and intende to execute and fulfil y charges expressed in ye foundacion and statutes beforesaide with all his power as a poreman shulde do.

XIX. We wull that every poreman that shalbe provyded and admitted to ye saide hous destitute of temporall goodes wherewith he myght lyve ellis where, be meke in spirite, chaste of body, and of good conversacion. Therfore we pray, desire and requyre, mekely and devoutely theyme to whom of our ordynaunce it shall perteyne after ye deth of ye saide Margarete, for to provyde for eny poreman to ye said hous, and theyme as we may with reverens charge before God as they wull answere atte ye dredefull day of Jugement, that cessyng all inordynat affection and all corruption of pris and prayer? they admytte, and not provyde no poreman to ye saide place, when eny place of a poreman is voyde, but such as be and shalbe named, in no maner wise.3 And therfore we ordeyn that all such persones as have ben ser vauntes, or that shall happe to be servauntes to ye


1 Brygous, quarrelsome: brigoso, Ital: briga, an old Latin word for a dispute. 2 Bribery and private influence. 3i.e. On no account any others than of the degrees and qualities about to be described.

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