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Friday 25th. I was privately at home all the Day, only in the afternoon Mrs. Houlton, her Daugt., and Miss Guppy were to visit Peggy.

Tuesday 29th. The Coach went with Peggy to Mr. Bisses at Coulston, and from thence to a Race which was on Warminster Downs, and Home in the Evening in bad Weather and bad Ways. Peggy, Watty, and Miss Guppy were in it; whilst I was left at Home I discover'd one of my Maides stealing Ale, and for that and not well liking her Service in other Matters, gave her Notice of leaving us at Midsumer; 'tis Mary our upper Maid.

Wednesday 30th. I went with Mr. Methuen, Bro. Selfe and his Son Jacob, to Jaggard's where we din'd, having no other Company then the Mast'. and Parson Kate, besides Women; and after Dinner drank plentifully of Punch, over which the chief talk we had of any Publick Matters was of Mr. Goddard's Interest in the County for Knight of the Shire, Mr. Hyde's Room agst. La. Herbert.

Thursday 31st. I was at Home all the Day without Company, and Betsy taking the Opportunity of Mr. Methuen's Coach coming from Bath to Beanacre, came up in it.

Friday, June 1st. Peggy return'd in the Coach with Miss Selfe (for whom it came) to Bath this Morning, so that I have only chang'd my House-keeper, who was visitted this Afternoon by several Young Ladies from Broughton, and who were conducted by Mr. Horton.

Saturday 2nd. Mr. Webb sending me word yesterday whilst Mr. Horton was wth, me yt. he and Mr. Seymour would be wth, me this Afternoon, 1 asked that Gent. to meet them, and accordingly were all here 'till Evening.

Sunday 3rd. Our Curate preach'd this Afternoon on the 14th Verse of the 119 Psalm; after Sermon I was at ye Vestry-Room some little time, and at Mr. John Guppy's an Hour or more with Bro. Selfe, his Son in Law, and Son, and Mr. Jacob Selfe.

Munday 4th. I rode out in the Morning to Rhoteridge, and after Dinner was at Bro. Selfe's with his Son in Law, Son, Mr. Jacob Selfe and Mr. John Guppy 'till Evening. Tho. Gale was there wth, us some time when I dealt with him for my fat Lambs.

Thurday 7th. After Dinner I went to Mr. Horton's of Broughton where I met Mr. Seymour and Mr. Webb. We tarri'd 'till the Evening, Mr. Seymour going off first by reason of the Water he being forc'd to go over in a Boat from Monkton. We had very little talk of any thing but comon


Friday 8th. The Waters being now fallen and the Weather good, Watty set out again to Marlborough and I and my Housekeeper were very privately at Home all the Day.

Munday 11th. I tarri'd at Home all the Day expecting Mr. John Norris yet fail'd of his Company, the Mr. Methuen and Capt. Selfe came by his own appointment to meet him and were with me 'till between 7 & 8.

Tuesday 12th. In the Evening Peggy return'd from Bath and Mr. Jo. Norris came to make us a Visit.

Wednesday 13th. Mr. John Norris din'd wth. us and on my sending to Beanacre to desire Bro. Selfe, his Son, and Son in Law, to come hither in the Afternoon, we had in Answer that Mr. Thresher was there and therefore they would have

us come to them wch, accordingly was perform'd and we tarri'd 'till after eight.

Thursday 14th. Mr. John Norris left me this Morning afterwards I went to Nonsuch to Dinner, being invited to eat Venison. The Company were Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen, Capt. Jacob Selfe and Sir William Hanham who is indeed at Home there, and the Mast'. of the House and Mr. Selfe of Broomham, I came home by Nine.

Sunday 17th. Mr. Hunter our Curate preach'd this Afternoon, on ye former part of the 17th Verse of the 12 Cap. of the Epistle to the Romans, after Sermon I was an Hour with Mr. Jacob Selfe where was also the Beanacre Family.

Munday 18. My two Girles went to Trowbridge, so that I was left at Home alone, had I not been entertain'd by my Mowers and Mrs. Sheppard came here in Business.

Tuesday 19th. After Dinner I rode to Rhoteridge and call'd on Mr. Mawkes to see a Horse he has to sell, and from thence was at the Vestry concerning the high-Ways, afterwards wth. Mr. Jacob Selfe and Mr. Jeremy Awdry at Jno. Beavens an Hour or more.

Wednesday, 20th. As we were at Dinner Issac Church of Beanacre came to me in Business. Afterwards I went to my Tenant Hillman of......... Thursday 21st. This day I was at Nonsuch when S. Wm. Hanhams 3d. Son was baptiz'd, his Name was Thomas: Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen, and Mrs. Rolt being the Sureties. Mr. Rolt and two strangers with him and Mr. John Norris with Sister Selfe and Capt. Jacob, besides Mr. Selfe the Rector and the Family of the House made up the Company, and we left the place in good order at halfe an hour after eight.

Friday 22nd. After Dinner I went to Mr. Webb's of Farley, the Report being that his House had been search'd for Armes, at my coming there I found one Mr. Gibbs that is Mayor of Westbury and a Farmer that had taken part of Mr. Webb's Estate and Mr. Webb told me the Day before Mr. Ducket had been there with a Warrant sign'd by himself, Mr. Montague, and Mr. Long of Rowdon three Justices and Deputy Lieutenants to search. Mr. Ducket came in a very civil Manner and so behav'd himself whilst there, he is also a Collonel of the Militia. The ground of this Matter was that one Jo. Taylor, a Woolcomber of Melkesham made Oath before Mr. Montague that he heard another Person, viz: one Ealy that is a Cloath worker also in this Parish say that he saw armes enough for 500 Men in Mr. Webb's House. We had some Talk wth. Pleasure of the Matter and I return'd in the Evening. It is to be noted that the Government has had some Notice of Plots or Conspiracies now or lately on Foot and so has ordered all the Forces to encamp in several Places, as in Hide-park, by Salisbury, on Hounslow-heath, near Hungerford, and in our Neighbourhood by Chippenham in several small Encampments.

Munday 25th. In the Afternoon I had wth, me Mr. Alexander Seymour and Mr. Jno. Houlton 'till the Evening.

Tuesday 26th. Until about 3 afternoon I very diligently attended my Haymakers when Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen, Capt. Jacob Selfe and Simon Crane came and tarri'd 'till Evening.

Thursday 28th. After Dinner I went with Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen and Mr.

Norris who was accidentally at Beanacre to Mr. Talbots, Mr. Vesey an Irish Clergyman was with him when we came in, but did not stay long: we were wth, the Gent. about 2 Hours and return'd to our respective Homes.

Saturday 30th. Mr. Simon Crane was the only person y'. was with us this Day, who call'd in the Evening as he came from Bath, and was with us an Hour or two.

Sunday, July 1st. Our Curate preach'd this Afternoon on the last Verse of the 13th of St. Marks Gospel the Sermon ended I with Bro. Selfe, his Son and Son-in-Law went to Mr. Jacob Selfe's, where we tarri'd an Hour or two.

Tuesday 3rd. I went with Peggy and Bet. to dine with Mr. Harrington the Parson of Kington, where we were very civilly entertain'd and had much Musick, our return was in the Evening.

Wednesday 4th. Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen and Mr. Norris and their Spouses being at Cole-Park, I went thither this Morning and din'd wth, them and return'd to my own Home about ten where I found my Tenant Paine from Kinnerly, and heard Mr. Goddard of Swindon had been here, but by reason of my Absence did not stay above two Hours.

Thursday 5th. I was all the Day at Home with my Tenant, having much Discourse with him concerning some Dispute between St. Jo. Bridgeman and him of a piece of comonable Land lying near Kinnerley, whether in that Parish or K....... in which is Sr. Jno's, Manor.

Saturday 7th. After Dinner I rode to Rhoteridge being somewhat disorder'd with a Cold, almost meerly to take the Air, at my Return call'd on Mr. Fox who is lately come from Bath, and as he supposes much better for the Waters there, and Spent about an hour with him.

Sunday 8th. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on the 1st Verse of the 32 Psalm of the reading Translation, where we attended, and at our coming home found there Mrs. Spackman of Bristol, who is now a Widow, her husband Mr. Spackman our Kinsman being lately dead. She din'd wth, us & tarri'd 'till the Evening.

Tuesday 10th. Mr. Harrington the Minister of Kington, his Bro. the Doctr., Mr. Harrison of Bath, and Mr. Harrington's Wife din'd with us, afterwards Bro. Selfe was here and Ladies of his Family, and Priest the Organist of Bath came in; all but the last left us in the Evening.

Wednesday 11th. I made a visit to my Mother at Bath and in my Return call'd at Mr. Norris's at Bath Easton, who not being at Home, did not alight no more y1. I din'd at Monkton Farley.

Thursday 12th. Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen, Capt. Jacob and the Ladies of that Family din'd with us, and Priest the Organist: we sat together all the Afternoon and had Musick with which the Company seem'd to be well pleas'd.

Friday 13th I din'd this Day at Jno. Beavens by Appointmt. with Mr. Seymour, his Bro. Alexander, Mr. Talbot, Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen and Mr. Norris, afterwards came in Mr. Horton of Broughton, Mr. Ambrose Awdry of Chippenham and Mr. Jacob Selfe, we all tarried 'till Evening and drank too much Punch, &c. Saturday 14th. My Coz. Nicholas's Son and Daugh". came just before Dinner, the latter is to stay some time with us, but he went hence about five.

Sunday 15th. Mr. Hunter preach'd this Afternoon on the latter part of the 14 Verse of the 14 of Proverbs.

Munday 16th. Notwithstanding the Fair I had no Company save Mr. Sadlier of the Devizes, that din'd wth. us My Mother's Tenant at Somerford also call'd here in the Evening,

Wednesday 18th. After Dinner I went to Chippenham in Business, which having dispatch'd with Mr. Warne and Mr. Johnson and coming to take my Horse at the white-heart, Mr. Rolt came to me and had me up into a Room where was his Ladie and some others. My stay was not more then a q". of an Hour and I made the best of my Way Home. Mary Baker came to us in yo place of Mary our upper Maid who went off this Day. She is to have £3 5s. pr. an.

Thursday 19th. Will Smith of Froome call'd here in the Morning as he was going to Whetham to speak wth, a Gent there who came back with him, and both an Hour or more, the Person that came with Smith his Name is Needham: After they went away which was about 4 I went to Beanacre and was there in Company with Bro. Selfe, his Son-in-Law and Son Jacob, and Mr. Jacob Selfe of Melkesham 'till ten.

Saturday 21st. Priest the Organist was the only person with us of Strangers besides Miss Nicholas yt. has been here some time.

Sunday 22nd. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on the 19 Verse of the 18th of Genesis. We all attended there.

Munday 23rd. Miss Nicholas's Bro. came and din'd with us, and in the Evening both went home together.

Tuesday 24th. My Coach went to Bath for my Mother who came to us about 5 in pretty good Health.

Wednesday 25th. S. Wm. Hanham, Mr. Jacob Selfe of Melkesham, Mr. Fox and his Curate din'd with us on Venison wch, my Mother brought with her from Doctr. Cheyne as a Presant, we all sat together 'till the Evening very soberly, by mistake in not mentioning Mundays Transactions the above mention'd Scrawl was made I being somwhat out of order and trobled with a Boil on my Cheeke, was but little in this Place where I usually set down these Notes the Morning following the first thing I do.

Thursday 26th. I din'd at Jno. Beavens with the Gent. mention'd the 13th Instant, and was also with us Mr. Lewis the Solicitor, and S. Wm. Hanham and Mr. Jacob Selfe after Dinner this being now an Establish'd Club. I came away with S. W. Hanham and Mr. Norris whose Wives din'd at my House, and they call'd on them there in there Way to Bath-Easton.

Saturday 28th, Mr. Lewis the Solicitor and Priest the Organist of Bath din'd with us, afterwards Bro. Selfe was here to see my Mother, left us in the Evening and Mr. Rolt sent me a Piece of Venison.

Sunday 29th. Mr. Fox preach'd this Afternoon on the 5th Comandment taken out of the 20th Chapt. of Exodus.

Wednesday, August 1st. My Mother being very much offended with me went to Beanacre before Dinner, but as I think her Anger does not proceed from any just Cause I cannot but be the less concern'd for my Actings, tho I cannot but be very much trobled to have such Discontents arise with a Person whose Happiness I heartily desire. In the Afternoon again I went out a setting, but as yet have found no sport.

(To be continued.)


The Flora of Wiltshire,


Flowering Plants and Ferns indigenous to the County;
No. XI.

Linn. Cl. v. Ord. i.

Name. Iasione is a Greek word, signifying some kind of wild potherb; derived from (iaomai), to cure. Pliny uses the word Jasione, which should be written Iasione.

1. J. montana, (Linn.) mountain Sheep's Scabious, growing in exposed situations. Engl. Bot. t. 882.

Locality. Dry heathy or gravelly pastures. B. Fl. July. Area, 1.2.

South Division.

1. South-east District, "Hamptworth on light sandy ground," Rev. E. Simms. "Neighbourhood of Salisbury," Mr. James Hussey. 2. South Middle District, "Warminster Downs," Mr. Wheeler. Not common in Wilts. Flowers bright blue, in terminal, dense, hemispherical heads. Jasione is closely related to the next species (Phyteuma), but the partitions of the capsule, and its terminal entire orifice added to the combined anthers, afford perhaps good marks of generic distinction. In its general appearance it very much resembles a Scabious, as it does also starved specimens of the exotic "Gilia capitata." It varies much in size, and on the sea-coast of Cornwall it is only about an inch high when full grown, and the whole plant is very hairy.


Linn. Cl. v. Ord. i,

Name. From (pheuteuo), I plant or sow, from its great increase and growth.

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