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Friday 15th. Staying at Newbury 'till after Dinner, I with the Gent. before mention'd and the Clergyman whom I am to present, (viz. Mr. White now Vicar of Ramsbury) took Places in the Coach going for London, and had our Quarters at the Bear in Reading.

Saturday 16th. Before it was Day we were in the Coach for London, din'd at Slow and came to the Bell Savage on Ludgate Hill about six, having no bad journey had my hearing and head been as usual; but truly quite contrary for my hearing has for some Months past fail'd me at certain times, and especially of late and in one Ear, one Side of my Head being much disorder'd, sometimes wth. Deafness and sometimes the tooth-ach-after some little time with the Company, I went to my Lodging at the Cheshire-cheese in Arundel Street, the House of our late Neighbour Jno. Breach his Son.

Sunday 17th. In the Morning I attended the Service and Sermon at St. Clement's, and din'd wth, my Land-lord who keeps a publick house; in the Afternoon was at St. Paul's all ye Service, and in yo Even for want of a proper Retirem1. at a Tavern some little time.

Munday 18th. I din'd with my fellow Travellers at an Ale-House, the Sign of the Dolphin on Ludgate Hill, after I had call'd on Mrs. Tuck in the Morning in Business, and after Dinner was at Selfe Norris's, on the like Even. was at ye Mitre Tavern in Fleet Street with my Travellers.

Tuesday 19th. After going to Mrs. Tuck's, I din'd at my Lodging alone, and afterwards was at Selfe Norris's, but could not perfect what intended.

Wednesday 20th. I din'd at Selfe Norris's and made an end of my Business with them, and was in the Evening at the Play House.

Thursday 21st. I din'd again with my Travellers at the same place as mention'd, and in the Evening was with Mr. Lewis, Mr. Selfe Norris and Greenway the Lawyer, at the Tavern.

Friday 22nd. I was good part of the Day free from Company; however in the Evening sign'd the Presentation (which was the Business that call'd me from Home) at the Mitre-Tavern. So having taken place in the Newbury Coach, prepar'd for my journy.

Saturday 23rd. At two this Morning was call'd up, where at my coming down Staires I found Mr. Webb, Nephew to him of Farley of the same Name, in an extream necessitous Condition, having spent his whole Substance and is in want of all Necessarys of Life perfectly, not being now above 6 or 7 and twenty, a great Exaple of a profligate base Temper, he now coming in a begging Manner: but could have but little time wth. him ye Coach being ready; baited at Windsor, din'd at Reading, and came safe to Newbury at 7.

Sunday 24th. About 9, I with Mr. Smith of Alton, who came down in the same Coach, took Horse for Home. We call'd at Froxfield, and soon after our Roades parted; from which time I had very hard Rain good part of my Way Home, so that was thro.' Wet in many Parts: yet to the Almighty be the Praise I came safe Home at 7, tho.' much tir'd and in a low Condition through the illness that I have had almost ever since I went hence, for weh. Reason also I was the more induced to break the Rest of this Day that I might at any Rate be at Home, where I already find myself in much better Condition.

Wednesday 27th. We were at the publick Service of the Church, and at our

coming Home found Mr. Brook of Heddington here, who stay,d an hour or two, in the Evening Jno. Edmond was to offer his Son to my Servce.

Thursday 28th. I din'd at Nonsuch having Business with Mr. Norris and Mr. Brook, mention'd Yesterday, who by Appointment came to us about 4. This Matter has been of some standing between us.

Friday, March 1st. The Morning was spent about my own Home. After Dinner was with Bro. Selfe, his Son Jacob, and Ladies, two or three Hours. Saturday 2nd. My Tenant Brookman came in ye afternoon from Somers*., and wth him and Tho. Little was all ye Converion I had all Day, except my Family and Workmen.

Sunday 3rd. We were at the Church where Mr. Hunter preach'd this Morning, on the latter part of 2d. Verse of the 6 of 24. of Corinthians, and this Morning I recevd. a Letter from my Mother-Law at Bath of a very angry Nature, which I little expected at this time.

Munday 4th. Brookman went hence this Morning, and in the Afternoon Mr. Horton of Broughton was here till near ten; whilst he was here we had a Maid come to our Service in the place of Mary Beeker, whose name is Elizabeth Harford, at ye Wages of £4 p'. an.

Tuesday 5th. All the Day was at Home, and had in the afternoon the Company of Bro. Selfe, the Capt. and Lady's. Mary Beeker left us this Day. Wednesday 6th. I was about my own affaires in the Morning and din'd at Home; afterwards went to Mr. Webb of Farley to speak to him of his Kinsman Rob1., who having squander'd away all his Fortune, is in London in a very necessitous Condition.

Thursday 7th. I din'd at Jn°. Beaven's, being the Day of meeting of the Gent., there were ten besides myself, all stay'd till between 8 and 10. We had but little Speech of any publick Matters, nor very hard drinking before I left the Company, where about 5 were behind.

Friday 8th. My Tenant Hillman was here at Dinner time and stay'd about an hour or two after, and besides him I had no Company, only attended Workmen in planting Ashes in my Coppice.

Sunday 10th. Mr. Hunter's Sermon this Morning was on the 4 Verse of the 5th of St. Mathews Gospel, where we attended.

Tuesday 12th, After Dinner I rode to Seend to Mrs. Houlton's in some Business, who not being at Home I immediately return'd.

Wednesday 13th. In the Morning I was wth, my Workmen and had Far. Briant wth. me in Business about Dinner, afterwards to see how Matters were there and speak wth. my Tenant.

Sunday 17th. Mr. Hunter preach'd this Morning on the 21 Verse of the 7 of St. Matthew's Gospel, I and my Family being at Church.

Munday 18th. After Dinner I was at Mr. Jacob Selfe's with Bro. Selfe. Mr. Horton, and Mr. Hunter our Curate. Mr. Horton left us in the Evening; but the two other Gent. with my selfe tarri'd 'till near ten, having several newsPapers we had some Discourse of the Bishop of Rochester, who is now to be punished by a Bill in Parliament; as also Mr. Kelly, another State Person.

Tuesday 19th. In the Morning I went to Heddington to Mr. Brookes in Business, when Mr. Crook took the opportunity to propose my Kinsman Ed. Nicholas (he being so desir'd by the Family) for my Daughter. This now was

done after a serious manner, of which I heard somthing jestingly when last at Nonsuch, but cannot say I approve it. I return'd to Dinner and bargain'd with one Joseph Pierce to serve me in Jacob's Place, (who leaves me at our Lady-day) at £3 10s. p. an.; afterwards went to the Vicaridge to visit Mr. Hunter, being his Request to us last Night. Mr. Long, Mr. Jacob Selfe and Jer. Awdry, were the Companions 'till near ten.

Thursday 21st. I din'd at Beavens being the Club Day, wth. five other Gent., the publick News was the Bills in Parliament brought to inflict certain Penalties and Paines on the Bishop of Rochester and Mr. Pluncker, and what will be the case of others now in Custody as its said. Whilst at Beavens, a Fellow on Purpose sent as he said, came to me to offer the Money I gave Pierce when I bargain'd with him Tuesday last. I came home about Nine, having drunk too much. Friday 22nd. In the Morning was at Daniels Wood, and Afternoon at Rhoteridge, and sent Ed. Gibbs to Pierce's House to know the Reason of his Change of Mind.

Sunday 24th. Mr. Hunter's Sermon this afternoon was on ye last Verse of the 42a. Psalm, new Translation, where as usually my small Family


Wednesday, 11th April. In the Morning I made Visits to Mr. Hele, Doctr. Wyat, &c., and likewise paid off several old Debts of my Sons to Tradesmen, afterwards eat with Sr. Wm. Hanham, Mr. Methuen. Bro. Selfe, and Mr. Norris before: The Gent. first mention'd went all together into Dorsetshire with S'. Wm. Hanham, and set out only with my Servant homeward, and after I had rode about five Miles, one Smith a Surgeon at yo Devizes, came up wth, me and told me Doott. Merewether and Mr. Horton were just behind, and that they desir'd I would call at one Mr. Crisps, a Farmer near Shrewton, when they would come to me, which accordingly I did, yet they never came, so went forward with my Namesake as far as our Ways lay together and came Home about eight.

Thursday 12th. Robt. Hulbert was here in the Morn., and in the Afternoon I went wth. Peggy to Mr. Long's of the Farm, where we met Mr. Long, my Tent. and his elder Bro the Oxonian, and return'd in ye Evening.

Friday 13th. Edward Gibbs was wth, me in the Afternoon to make up a long Act. between us; and in ye Evening our Butcher Jo. Tayler, and my Tenant Little, both in Business.

Saturday 14th. I had little more then comon, only attended my Men in carrying Marle, of which I have been prevented all this Winter by the wet Seasons, and have yet as much as we shall carry out in two Days more. We also bargain'd wth. a Servant in Jane's place, (who is shortly to be married) her Wages is £4 p'. an., and Name Edith.

Sunday 15th. Mr. Fox preach'd on the 7 Chapt. of St. Mat., and former part of the 13th Verse, this Afternoon.

Munday 16th. I diligently attended my Workmen, and in the Afternoon had the Company of ye Beanacre Females.

Friday 20th. After Dinner I went to Mr. Jacob Selfe's of Melksham, and so to ye Vestry, where was to be a Meeting of the Parish to make Rates for the Poor; many poor persons were there to ask for Relief, and I think some pretty hardly dealt with: afterwards I was again with Mr. Selfe, having Mr. Kington one of the Overseers wth, us till after Nine.

Sunday 22nd. Mr. Pierce preach'd this Morning on 27 and 28 Verses of 18th of Ezekiel, where we attended as usual.

Munday 23rd. Mr. Norris din'd wth. us, and afterwards Bro. Selfe, his Son Jacob, and Mr. Jacob Selfe of Melkesham, were with us 'till ten, so yt. ye first nam'd Gent. took his lodging here.

Tuesday 24th. Mr. Norris left us about 7 this Morning, and after Dinner I was again at the Vestry to recve. Church Wardens Acts., viz., Isaac Poulsom and Jo. Glass, whose disbursments were very much dislik'd, and something was done. Bro. Selfe, Mr. Jacob Selfe, and I went to Mr. Foxe's, where we stay'd an hour or more.

Wednesday 25th. In the Afternoon I went to Rhoteridge, Peggy being gone in the Morning to Mr. Guppy's of Pickwick; in ye Evening Chas. Brindon was wth, me to sign a Paper relating to the putting in new C. Wardens.

Friday 27th. In the Evening I was wth, my Tenant Mr. Long, in Business ; Mr. Godwin of Atford was there at the same time.

Munday 30th. Peggy went this Morning to Bath to see her Grandmother, and return'd in the Evening. After Dinner I walk'd to Beanacre and was wth. Bro. Selfe, his Son Jacob, and Jno, Rutty the Quaker, and Glass the Maulster, 'till Evening: the two latter came in Business to Mr. Selfe after I was there. Wednesday 2nd. Mrs. Jenkins, Sister of the Parson of Froome din'd with us, and whilst we were at Dinner one Greenway that lives with Mr. Goddard of Swindon, came to bring Letters and speak with me concerning his Friend Mr. Goddard's being chosen to represent the County in this Parliamt., in the place of Mr. Hyde lately dead, but the Gent. would not come in; after my Dinner I was with him, and Mr. Talbot of Laycock, at the George at Melkesham, the last nam'd Gent. din'd with the Clergy of this Neighbourhood there as they do once a Month, so that the opportunity happen'd well for Mr. Greenway's Purpose. I tarry'd wth. them about 2 Hours when all went. Watty came from Marlborough.

Thursday 3rd. After Dinner I with Peggy, went to see Mr. Seymour and his Ladie at Seend and whilst there Mr. Ambrose Awdry and Greenway, mention'd in ye last Article came in, and were with us some time. We came Home in the Evening.

Friday 4th. I was in the Morning at Rhoteridge with my Workmen, and after Dinner went to Mr. Hardings of Broughton (to speak to him of and consult him about making some Interest for Mr. Goddard's Election for this County, where I met Mr. Clark, Minister of Whaddon, and Farmer Lewis. My stay there was till ye Evening.

Sunday 6th. Mr. Fox preach'd on the 29th and 30th Verses of the 11th of St. Matthew's Gospel this Morning, when all my Family attended.

Munday 7th. Mr. Selfe's Son of Broomham, Isaac, dined with us; and afterwards I went to his Father's House, but finding him not at Home, return'd immediately, and in the Evening we had the Company of two other of Watty's Schoolfellows Mr. Bayliff's Sons of Seagree.

Tuesday 8th. In ye Morning another Schoolfellow of Watty's came to see him, viz., J. Scott of Chippenham; and just as we had din'd, Mr, Bisse and his Daughter made us a Visit and return'd in the Evening.

Wednesday 9th. The Young Gent. went hence this Morning to their own

Homes, Watty going with them. In the Evening Mrs. Harvey's Serv'. was here to know how we did, she being just come to Beanacre. Edith Jones came to our Service this Day in the Place of our now cook-maid that is to leave us to morrow. She is to have £4 p'. an.

Thursday 10th. In the Evening I walk'd to Bro. Selfe's to meet Mrs. Harvey at her return from seeing Mrs. Crane at Bradford, who came Back between 7 and 8, and I tarry'd wth, them an hour afterwards. At my going from Home I left several Persons, our Cook-maid Jane having her Wedding Dinner this Day at our House.

Saturday 12th. Watty went to Bath to see his Grand-mother this Morning, and return'd at Night. I had very little Disturbance all the Day.

Sunday 13th. Mr. Fox not being well, Mr. Pierce preach'd the 11, 12, and 13 Verses of the 11 of St. Luke's Gospel, and also perform'd the other holy Offices of the Day.

Munday 14th. I walk'd to see my Neighbour Mr. Kington this afternoon and Bro. Selfe wth, his Son Jacob coming in the mean time to see me, they follow'd to Whitly, where we stay'd 'till Evening.

Wednesday 16th. After Dinner I went to see Mr. Earnley of Whetham, who had wth, him one Foreman of Calne, and one Rich that is I think a Lawyer of Swindon or Highworth, and somwhat related to Mr. Earnley, the former soon left us. We past our time partly at the Cascades 'till about 7, when I came Homeward and call'd at Nonsuch in the Way.

Thursday 17th. My old Tenant Robt. Gale was wth, me in ye Morn., and in ye Afternoon Mr. Talbot, Bro. Selfe and his Son Jacob; Peggy and Watty rode to Farley.

Sunday 20th. Mr. Foxe's new Curate who is lately come from Oxon, preach'd his first Sermon on 39 V. of 5 of St. John's Gospel this Morning, his Name I know not as yet.

Munday 21st. My Bro. Selfe sending to me by ye foot- Post, as soon as I had din'd I went to his House and met there Mr. Methuen, Mr. Simon Crane, Mr. Jacob Selfe and one Bennet, a Young-man that lives near Warminster, the latter being a Courtier to Miss Houlton who is at Bro. Selfe's wth, her Mother. I stay'd there 'till about ten but wthout the least Irregularity.

Tuesday 22nd. Mr. Simon Crane din'd wth. us as did also Mr. Johnson the Apothecary of Chippenham; as soon as Dinner was ended, I left them to goe to Melkesham in some Business, and was at the Vestry to make Rates for the Poor, and afterwards at Mr. Jacob Selfe's wth. Bro. Selfe, his Son Jacob, Mr. Methuen, and Mr. John Guppy, 'till ten.

Wednesday 23rd. Farmer Briant was wth, me in ye Morning, and Watty went to Bath again to see his Grand-mother, and we heard that my Bro, Selfe's Washhouse was plunder'd of all the Clothes of their Wash this last Night, the same being wet and left there as is usual after washing; 'twas privately done and without any disturbance or knowledge of the Family, 'till perceiv'd in yo morning. Thursday 24th. After Dinner I had Bro. Selfe, Mr. Methuen, and two Mr. Jacob Selfe's wth, me 'till after ten, in wch, time some of us were too free with the Glass. Joseph Webb that was late of Melkesham, and another Person with him said to (be) a Sea Captain, coming to speak wth. Mr. Selfe were wth, us some little time.

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