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Diary of Thomas Smith, Esq.,



Sunday 10th. Mr. Fox preach'd on the latter part of the 6 Verse of 4th Chapt. to ye Philippians this Morning; for yet we continue to have our Church Service in ye Morning, viz. to begin at a qt. after 11.

Munday 11th. After Dinner Colbourn of Chippenham was with me some little time in Business; and in the Evening Bro. Selfe and his Son Jacob came and tarri'd till about Nine. Also my poor Watty came well from Marlborough.

Wednesday 13th. I walk'd out with Watty about 12, and we tarrid an Hour or two; then being beaten from our Intention of Shooting by the Rain. My Mother came hither from Bath this Evening, having wth, her Sister Selfe and Peggy, both which went hence in the Coach in the Morning. Jacky also came this even. from Sarum.

Thursday 14th. After Dinner I made an attempt to visit Mr, Long of the Farm, but calling on Mr. Long my Tenant, heard he had Company wth. him, so I return'd Home and found Bro. Selfe and his Son Jacob to visit my Mother; they tarry'd wth. us till about Eight.

Friday 15th. After Dinner I went to Rhoteridge, and on the Road met Mr. Fox who was coming to see my Mother; he tarri'd till I return'd, and then imediately went away.

Saturday 16th. After Dinner I made a Visit to Mr. Talbot the Minist. of Laycock, was wth, him and one Nesus an Irish Clergyman.

Tuesday 19th. This Morning I call'd on Mr. Horton of Broughton, who also was invited to the Funeral of my Coz. Smith, heretofore Wife of my late Coz. Smith of Foscot. We came to Foscot about one, there was but a very small Numb. of Gent", and few of meaner Condition, so that the Solemnity was perform'd with little Shew and Charge. She was a Woman of a very close penurious Temper, a very strict Presbyterian, and spent much time at her Devotions; and during the time of her Widowhood, kept one of their Teachers in the House. She was a Sister to Mr. Campny's of Orchardly, and about the 70th Year of her Age. The Intermt. being perform'd, I return'd to my Coz. Smith's of Littleton with Mr. Bennet his Father in Law; his Son; and Mr. Horton of Broughton where lodg'd.

Friday 22nd. All the Day I was privately at Home, only Edmond Lewis of Broughton was wth, me an Hour in the afternoon.

*Dorothy, daughter of John Champneys of Orchardleigh, died 15th December, 1721, in her 70th year. She was widow of Robert Smith, Esq., of Foxcote, who died 9th May, 1714, in his 60th year. Both buried there.

Saturday 23rd. Mr. Selfe the Clergyman of Broomham was to see my Mother this afternoon, and besides him we had no Company.

Sunday 24th. Mr. Fox preach'd this Morning on the latter part of the 8th Verse of 3rd Chapt. of the general Epistle of St. John.

Munday 25th. Xmas Day. I with my Family attended the Publick Devotions, where Mr. Fox preach'd on the same Text as Yesterday.

Tuesday 26th. Several of our Neighbours din'd with us (they always have done since I have been a House-keeper), and I think we had no disorder, but only cheerfulness.

Thursday 28th. Whilst I was at Dinner, I had a Servant from Bro. Selfe to speak to me to come to his Masts. house, there being Mr Selfe, Norris, his Bro. the Clergyman (who should have been first mention'd), so at 3 or after I walk'd over, and we all tarry'd 'till late on the Act. of Mr. Norris's, who waited for the Moon, and were oblig'd to be at Nonsuch this Night. We had also Mr. Jno. Guppy with us some time and had little Discourse of publick Matters, more then of the new Parliament that is expected and the South Sea Company.

Friday 29th. At Eleven I rode to Rhoteridge, Jacky being with me, and having viewed the Hedges and Grounds wch, was my Business, Jacky having his Grey hound wth. him we had my Tenant Gibbs with us and tarry'd out till Night.

Saturday 30th. At Home without Company all the Day; two Days past about two in the afternoon I have had a Dimness in my Eys and as it were wavering Clouds before them, which continu'd the Space of a qt, of an Hour and then went off. But I give God thanks this Day I have been Free. Munday, Jan. 1st, 1722. By Invitation I din'd with Bro. Selfe, where were Mr. Methuen, Mr. John Thresher, one Mr. Bickham, Mr. Brewer a Lawyer of Bradford, and old Mr. Norris and Mr. Fox. My whole Family were there, and the Young People danc'd, and all stay'd till Eleven, and I think with very little Disorder.

Wednesday 3rd. All the Company abovemention'd din'd with me and also Doct'. Avery, Mr. Norris the Clergyman, Mr. Webb of Farley, and Mr. Jacob

The Dr. Avery here mentioned, was Benjamin Avery, L.L.D., a Presbyterian Divine, of whom a few particulars can be supplied. He was no doubt well acquainted with the Smith family from their known connection with the cause of Nonconformity in Frome. Robert Smith, Clothier of Frome, the Purchaser of Norwood in 1654, is stated (though the fact does not appear in the Nonconformist Memorial) to have received his family the Rev. Alleine, ejected Minister of Batcombe, Somerset, and to have set apart a room in his house for Divine Service, in which Mr, Alleine (when driven into Frome by the Five Mile Act), officiated till his death in 1681. Dr. Avery was one of a family so named, living at Newbury and Marlborough at the dates here referred to; they seem to have been contributors to the Presbyterian Meeting erected at Newbury in the year 1697. He took an active part in the Salter's Hall controversy in 1719, and sided with the non-subscribers. At that date and up to 1720, he was assistant to Mr. Munckley of Bartholomew Close, in a Presbyterian congregation now extinct. Though he laid aside the character of a Minister, he was appointed 1732, "Secretary to the Deputies of the three Denominations," and conducted the extensive correspondence of that association. After 1720 he studied Physic, and practiced in Charter-house Square; was then chosen one of the Physicians of Guy's Hospital, and Treasurer to that Institution; he died 1764, at an advanced age, and was buried in the Treasurer's vault. Mr. Bowden, the Presbyterian Minister at Frome, seems to have been well acquainted with Dr. Avery, as he dedicated to him a Sermon preached on the death of Geo. I., in which he expresses his obligations to Dr. Avery, and commends his zeal for the Hanoverian succession. Dr. Avery was one of the writers in "the Occasional Papers 1716," and editor of some posthumous works of Mr. James Pierce of Exeter. He published a single Sermon preached November 4th, 1713, when ministering in Bartholomew Close. He died possessed of a handsome fortune, the principal part of which passed to his niece, married to Mr. Warner of Marlborough.

Selfe; the dancing went on again and all stay'd till after one, Mr. Webbe and Mr. Thresher all Night: I hope nothing was done but what will find pardon through the Merits of our Blessed Redemer.

Thursday 4th. Bro. Selfe having some Venison sent him I was again invited to dine there, where were Doct'. Avery, Mr. Wm. Norris, Mr. Methuen, and Mr. Jacob Selfe, also Mr. Brewer of Bradford ye Lawyer, and Harris the Apothecary. I stay'd with them 'till near ten.

Tuesday, Janry. 1st, 1722. S. Wm. Hanham, Mr. Norris, Bro. Selfe, his Son-in-Law Methuen, and Son Jacob, Mr. Jno. Thresher, Mr. Hunter, and Mr. Jn. Guppy din'd wth, us besides many of the Female Sex, so our House was fill'd; all tarry'd till about 11; the Younger Sort danced and the elder Drank Punch, &c., I fear a little too much, however all went on smoothly and parted I think in good Humour.

Wednesday 2nd. S. Wm. Hanham, Mr. Norris and Mr. Thresher took Beds wth. us last Night, the two former went hence this Morning, but the other is yet here and spent the Day wth, us very gravely.

Thursday 3rd. I din'd at Bro. Selfe's wth, ye same Company as mention'd in Tuesday's Article except old Mr. Norris, and besides them were there old Mr. Thresher, and Brewer of Bradford the Lawyer, and Mr. Jacob Selfe, the same Course was taken as at my House, and 'twas near twelve before the Company parted; during the whole time we had but little Discourse of any publick Matters.

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Friday 4th. Mr. Jn°. Thresher left us this Morning, after whose going no Company was wth. us more then our Family.

Munday 7th. In the Evening Mr. Jacob Selfe was with me and his Nephew Tho. they both stay'd 'till late yet had pleasant walking Home the Weather being Frosty.

Tuesday 8th. Mr. Harris ye Apothecary din'd wth. us and in ye Evening, Mr. Webb of Farley was wth, us about an Hour.

Thursday 10th, I din'd at Jn°. Beavens wth, eight Gent. besides this being the Day appointed for that Purpose. Som Talk we had of the Proceedings of the Parliament and of the Election that is now to be at Chippenham in the Place of Mr. Rolt of Spy-Park who lately died at the Bath of the small-Pox.* Some little jarring there was between Mr. Norris and Bro. Selfe as the Harmony did not seem to be so pleasant between Beanacre and Lucknam as usually, the two Gent. of that Place going to Nonsuch all tarri'd till ten.

Saturday 12th. In the Evening I walked to Broughton to see Mr. Horton, who I heard had been much out of Order with a Cold: after staying wth, him two or three Hours I had a pleasant walk Home in ye Frost.

Sunday 13th. Our Service this Day was in ye Afternoon, when Mr. Hunter preach'd on 2d. Tim. 2 and 19 Verse, where all my Family were excepting my Mother who is not well in Health.

Edward Rolt, son and heir of Sir Thomas Rolt, Kt., of Sacombe Park, Herts, married Anne, only surviving child of Henry Bayntun of Bromham, her brother John Bayntun (who married Catherine daughter and coheiress of Dauntsey Brouncker, Esq., of Earl Stoke), having died S.P. 1716. Edward Rolt, second son of Edward and Ann, succeeded to his mother's estates as heiress of the Bayntuns; assumed the name of Bayntun in addition and before Rolt; and was created a Baronet 1762, as Sir Edward Bayntun Rolt of Spye Park.

Munday 14th. I had no Company, only some Ladies of Bro. Selfe's Family were here to see my Mother and Daught.

Wednesday 16th. I was within the whole Day having a great Cold and Paine in one side of my Head and teeth as I have for some Days past. Wm. Cundick was here in the Evening.

Thursday 17th. After Dinner being better then I had been some Days, I went to Mr. Webb's of Farley in Business, tarried there an Hour or two and return'd to my Family.

Friday 18th. Watty went off to School this Morning, and we had again some Feemale Visitants of Bro. Selfe's Family in the Afternoon.

Sunday 20th. Mr. Hunter preach'd on the latter part of the 22nd Verse of ye 5th of y 1st of Timothy this Morning.

Munday 21st. Mr. Brooke of Heddington and my Coz. Edw. Nicholas came this Morning in Business and din'd wth. us, afterwards was here Bro. Selfe and the Capt. Mr. Jacob Selfe of Melkesham, and Mr. Hunter; and in the Evening my Coz. Jno. Smith and his Nephew Robt. and Mr. Merewether the Clergy-man, also Coz. Smith's Wife came unexpectedly. Bro. Selfe and his Family left us before supper, Mr. Selfe and Mr. Hunter after, and the Somerset-Shire Friends all Night.

Tuesday 22nd. The Persons mention'd to come out of Somerset-Shire Yesterday din'd with us, but in the Evening Mr. Mereweather left us, the rest yet here.

Wednesday 23rd. By a Messenger from Bradford this Morn. we had Notice that Doct. Cheyne, his Wife, Mr. Heyland and his Wife and some others, would dine with us, accordingly about 12 they came, and Mr. Rogers the Clergyman with them, Mr. Horton of Broughton and Harris the Apothecary also din'd here; they all left us in the Evening, and my Kinsman Mr. Jno. Smith made a Visit his Father-in-Law at Ashton, but return'd at night. Thursday 24th. After Breakfast, I, my two Kinsmen and Son rode to Farley to see the Buildings, &c., there Mr. Webb not being at Home after Viewing all Parts and taking a Glass of Liquor, we return'd to Dinner and had no other Company all the Day, so spent the Evening at Cards, &c.

Friday 25th. Mr. Horton of Broughton din'd with us, and in the Evening we had the Ladies from Beanacre and dancing 'till near One. Miss Horton took her lodging here.

Sunday 27th. Mr. Hunter preach'd this Afternoon on the same Text as last is mention'd, and he was indifferently well spent.

Tuesday 29th. Immediately after Dinner, Harris the Apothecary of Bradford came here wth, his Daugtr, whom he left here for some time, himself going away about five.

Thursday 31st. This Morning Jno, set out for Oxford, and in the Afternoon I visitted Mr. Fox who was not out of his Chamber, and is indeed in a low Condition, which, unless some Alteration for the better speedily happen to him, must soon carry him off the Stage of y. World.

Friday, Feby. 1st. I was in or about my own Home all the Day, and nothing to interrupt me but the Ladies from Beanacre to visit my Family.

Saturday 2nd. Neither Company or Business. In ye Even. Tho. return'd from Oxford.

Sunday 3rd. Mr. Hunter preach'd this Morn. on 31st of 1 Cor. 7 Verse, the rest of the Day spent without any disturbance.

Munday 4th. I was at Bro. Selfe's this Evening 'till near ten, in Company with Mr. Jacob Selfe and Mr. John Guppy, besides the Mast. of the House and his Son. My Mother went to Bath.

Thursday 7th. I din'd at John Beavens, 11 Gent. being there besides; two of which were strangers that came wth. Mr. Talbot,* viz., his Bro.-in-Law Mr. Mansell 2nd. Son to Ld. Mansel, the Name of the other I know not; we were not very irregular and had very little Talk of any publick Matters; came home about Nine.

Friday 8th. In the Afternoon Mr. Horton was here with his Daug", and Miss Bennet some Hours, the rest of the Day privately.

Saturday 9th. About 11 a Servant from Mr. Goddard of Swindon came wth. a Letter to request me to come to Swindon, and from thence to go with him to London, I being appointed a Trustee in some Matter that cannot be perform'd without my taking that journy; so having dispatch'd the Messenger, the remainder of the Day past wthout Company and in providing for my journey.

Sunday 10th. Our Sermon this Afternoon was by Mr. Hunter, preach'd on the 1 Ver. of 13 of the Epistle to the Hebrews, besides which attendance I was in privacy at Home all the Day.

Munday 11th. My young family went to Breakfast at Broughton, where they stay'd 'till the Evening: however after Dinner Mr. Methuen, Bro. Selfe and his Son came to see me in the Afternoon and tarri'd till Even.

Tuesday 12th. After my Breakfast, just as I was taking Horse for Swindon, Mr. Methuen, his Lady, Mrs. Crane, and Miss Pontin, came in their way from Beanacre; however I pursued my journy and came to Mr. Goddard's about 3, where I took my Lodging.

Wednesday 13th. After our Breakfast, the Gent. of the House being afflicted wth, the Gout, I with the Lawyer Greenway, took the Air wthout him in the Coach, when I had dispatch'd my Servant and Horses Home: we had with us at Dinner Mr. Anthony Goddard and Mr. Hipsley, as also Yesterday, the latter indeed being out of the House; we spent our time together truly sober enough, one Horne a Lawyer being wth, us some part of the time in the Evening.

Thursday 14th. After Breakfast and dispatching some Matters relating to the Business of my journy, I with the Lawyer beforementio'nd, took our journy towards Newbury in Mr. Goddard's Chariot, where we came about 5, and met there one White a Clergyman, and one Popplewell of the same Function, the one being to resign a Living in Mr. Goddard's Gift, but purchased by him in my Name, and which I am by Mr. Goddard's Direction, to present to the other. The Person to resign seem'd to be in much Confusion and Disturbance, the Reason I know not; so the Evening past not very pleasantly. One, of whom Mr. Goddard purchas'd the Perpetuity of the Living, which is the occasion of my journy, being wth, us good part of the time.+

John Ivory Talbot of Lacock Abbey, M.P. for Ludgershall 1714, and for Wilts in two first Parliaments of Geo. II., married Mary, daughter of Thomas Lord Mansel of Margam, in Glamorganshire.

+ In 1711, Robert Popplewell succeeded to the Rectory of Draycott Foliot : he resigned it 1722, and Thomas White was presented to it; patron Thomas Smith, Esq. The patron by whom Robert Popplewell was presented, is stated as William Bryan of Hodson, in the parish of Chiseldon, Gent. Wilts Institutions sub ann.

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