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History of the Parish of All Cannings."

Compiled from materials furnished principally by the Rev. H. H. METHUEN,
Curate of All Cannings,

By the Rev. W. H. JONES, M.A., F.S,A.,

Vicar of Bradford on Avon,

HE parish of ALL CANNINGS is situated in North Wilts, though close upon the border-line that separates the two divisions of the county. It comprises not only ALL CANNINGS proper, but also the hamlet of ALLINGTON, and the chapelry of ETCHILHAMPTON. Each of these places is separately accounted for in Domesday Book; and, though component parts of one and the same ecclesiastical benefice, they still continue to be distinct manors. In the following pages we will endeavour to keep the accounts of each of these parochial divisions separate the one from the other; but in some few respects their histories are so intermixed that we can hardly avoid in the first section which relates specially to ALL CANNINGS, anticipating one or two matters which would more strictly belong to the accounts of ALLINGTON, or ETCHILHAMPTON. All the three portions of All Cannings are in the Hundred of

'The materials from which this account of the parish of All Cannings has been prepared, were furnished some time ago by the Rev. H. H. Methuen, in reply to the questions circulated, under the sanction of the Bishop of Salisbury, with the view of encouraging the compilation of Parochial Histories for Wilts and Dorset. The Secretaries, with the consent of the Rev. H. H. Methuen, placed his manuscript in the hands of the Rev. W. H. Jones, Vicar of Bradford on Avon, and their thanks are due to that gentleman for the trouble he has taken in revising and arranging the materials, and preparing them, with considerable additions, for publication in this Magazine.



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