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Monumental Effigies, Pembrokeshire

3-29 “Siamber Wen," Ground Plans

34, 37 Prehistoric Remains, Uplands, N. Carnarvonshire

42-59 Certain Fixed Points in the Pre-History of Wales

64, 104 Abergele Meeting : Dy serth Castle

114 Rhuddlan Castle .

118 Incised Slab, Archbishop of Rages

123 Incised Slab, Bridelton

124, 125 Efligy of a Knight

126 Pen y Corddyn

128 Effigy, Bettws y Coed, Llanuwchllyn

133 “Levelinus Stone," Camden's reading and Photograph 135, 137 Effigies : Rhys Fawr, Lowry and Robert

141 Brohomagli Stone

142, 143 St. Tudno's Church, Ground Plan

147 “ Sanctanus” Stone

149 Braich y Ddinas and Plan

160, 161 Prehistoric Remains on Penmaenmawr: Plan of Summit and North Western Portion

170 Plan and Section .

172 Iron Ring

174 Pin of Bronze Brooch

175 Plan of Lower Face

176 Pottery found in Hut-Dwelling

177 Spindle Whorls

179 Excavations at the Prætorium, Castell Collen, 1911 : Plan of Head-Quarters.

184 Fragments of Stone Mouldings

185 Prætorium

187 Base of Pillar

190 Inscribed Stone

192 Castell Collen



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Prehistoric Remains, Uplands, North Carnarvonshire :


Circular Encampment
Site of Prehistoric Flint Factory, Aberystwyth
Roman Roads in North Wales : Two Maps

Hadrian's Milestone
Prehistoric Remains, Llanbedr: Circles

Bwlch y Cae

212, 213 220, 221




Celt found in Gop Cave

24+ Examples of Spiral Ornament

251-257 Dyserth Castle

264-277 The Welsh Museum of Natural History, Arts and Antiquities,

Cardiff :
Group of Welsh Rush-light Holders

301 “ Betrothal” Spoons

303 Group of Swansea Porcelain (Plate) )

305 Group of Nantgarw Porcelain (Plate)

306 Roman Roads in North Wales : Roman Road from Kanovium

314, 315 Roman Milestone--Septimius Severus

318, 319 Ancient Bowl from Caergwrle, Flintshire

331 Price Families of Plas Iolyn and Gilar

365-376 The Castle of Senghenydd

385, 386

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Original Documents.-I.


ADD. ROLL 26,596., Brit. Mus. The account of Sir Edward Stradelynge, Chamberlain of South Wales, for the years 1431-3. 10 membranes, defective in parts, and the first part missing. It contains :1. His account for the County of Cardigan, 10 and 11

Hen. VI., with the names of officials (prepositus, provost, bedell, bailiff, auditor) of the several comotes, districts and towns (Kerwereres, Iscoid Issher Weryn, Gwynnyon Uchkere, Llampadern, Abberistrut, Cardigan, Maynorsulyn, Talsarun, Trephilian, Generglyn, İskereyn, Dyhewed, Eruthyn, Hannyuyoti, Perveth, Mabwynn', Mevenneth, Gwasheynyt), the Bailiffs itinerant of Cardigan, and their predecessors, the

farm of the two water-mills. 2. Fines of sessions for Counties of Carmarthen and

Cardigan, 8 Hen. VI. 3. Subsidy of 400 marks each, granted by Carm. and Card.,

8 Henry VI. 4. Fines for the same two Counties, 9 Hen. VI. The names

of the bailiffs, Reginald Roger and John Willy (Carmarthen town); Richard Vaughan ap Ris (Llam

padern). 5. Fines, 10 and 11 Hen. VI. Bailiffs, William Tanke,

Lewis Goldsmyth (Carmarthen town); Res ap David ap Thomas (Cardigan).

Total receipts 10 and 11 Henry VI., £2,188 12s. 7d.

DISBURSEMENTS 6. Salaries of officials in Carmarthen Co. :

Sir John Skidmore, Constable of Carmarthen Castle, £10

p.a. His predecessor, Thomas Bradeston, 32 Ed. III. Res ap Thomas, Seneschall of Cantremaur, £6 13s. 4d.,

pred. David Vaughan.


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Sir John Skidmore, Seneschall Walstot of Widigada

and Elvet, £3 6s. 8d. p.a., pred. William Oweyn. Griff.' Don.', Sheriff of Carmarthen Co., £2 108. p.a.,

pred. Lowys Dhy, 20 Ric. II.
Ris ap David ap Eignon Penkes' of Widigada and

Elvet, 40s. p.a.
Lewis Gethyn, Clerk Carm. Co., 40s. p.a., pred. John

Hancok, 22. Ric. II. -1 Hen. IV., and William


ар Ll. Tewe,“ proclamator" Carmarthen Sessions,
6s. 8d. p.a., pred. Ieuan Coly, 22 Ric. II.
Thomas Walter, King's Attorney, Carm. and Card. Co,

£6 138. 4d. p.a., pred. Walter Jordan, 22 Ric. II. Rowland Standish, Constable of Dynevor Castle, 4

Henry VI., £5 p.a., in succession to his father

Christopber and Hugh Standish his uncle.
John Kendale, King's Armourer in all S. Wales Castles,

6d. a day, pred. John Sparowe.
John Rous, King's Head Carpenter in Castles and Mills,

S. Wales, 6d. a day.
John Salesbury, King's Plumber, 6d. a day, 4d. when

not at work.
Sir Edward Stradelynge, Chamberlain S. Wales. His

predecessors, John Wodehill, 32 Ed. III.; John

Merbury, 7 Hen. IV. ; William Boteler, 2 Hen. VI. 7. Salaries of Officials, Cardigan Co.:-

John Burghop, Esq., Constable of Cardigan Casile,
Res ap Thomas, Seneschall of Cardigan Co., £10 p.a.,

pred. William Assh and Ll. Vaughan.
John Wodehous, Fermor of Dryslwyn.
Henry Slak, Sheriff Cardigan Co., 50s. p.a., pred. Res

ap Thomas, 1 Hen. IV. William Gyles, “ Proclamator" Sessions, 6s. 8d. p.a.,

pred. Hoell ap Myst.' Cieoffrey Porter, Janitor, Cardigan Castle (“ Porter

wich"), 2d. a day, pred. William Dyer. John Griffith, Chevr., Constable Aberystwyth Castle,

to provide one man-at-arms, 12d. and 12 archers 4l.

a day. 8. Annuities :

Res ap Thomas, Esq., £10 p.a.
John Mathew, Chaplain of King's Chantry in Car-

marthen Castle, £5 p.a., pred. Thomas ap Eignion.

£40 p.a.

John Neth and Elena his wife, £10 p.a. out of lands in

Nicholas Holland of Lancaster, £13 68. 8d.
Thomas Lichbarowe,“ Servitor Regis,” £5.

Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, £166 13s. 4d. 9. Morgan ap Eignion, King's Pleader in Howel Dda's Laws,

40s. p.a., pred. Thomas Vaughan. Ieuan ap Jankyn Lloit, Clerk of Roll, Card., 6s. 8d.,

pred. Rob, ap Gwill. ap Ph. Robyn Gila ap Ph., Clerk of Rolls, Issherweryn, 6s. 8d.,

pred. William Dyer. Lli ap Mered' and Ph. ap Lli ap Mered', Clerk of Widi

' gada and Elvet, pred. Roger ap Atha. James Lord de Audeley, Chief Justice of S. Wales,

pred. E. Duke of York. 10. Repairs, Carmarthen Castle :-

William John, helping plumber to repair Tower

John Shipman and Ieuan Dany, bringing sand.
Others employed, David Sayr, William Brankere,
Hoell ap Sander, Res ap Dd.


ap Tharum, etc. Payments 18d., 12d., 6d. a day, pro labore et cibo. Barth. Ducheman, Lewis Goldsmith, Steph. ap Griffith,

for lead. Geoffrey Pewter for tin to make “Soudor.” Pointing the great stable of the Exchequer Hall. 2 Towers, “super Dayrde” and “super le Middil Gate,” “Sclatston" for rooting.

Total £6 3s. 6.1. 11. Repairing King's Barge at Carmarthen, £13 Os. 9d. 12. Chapel in Carmarthen Castle:

Chasuble of fustian with orphreys of blue worsted

powdered with stars and crowns of gold ; stole, maniple; 7 yards of braban linen to make an alb. Towels of " Irisshcloth." Paid Messenger taking

vestments to Bishop for consecration. 13. Repairs, Cardigan Castle. 119s. 1}d. 14. Repairs of Mills, Higher and Lower, Cardigan. Timber

from Forest of Gylgaran. Total Disbursements, £1,656 4s.

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