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Hickes's Thesaurus, Contents, &c.-Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon MSS.
for it compiled by Wanley-Plan of studying Saxon-Wotton's Conspectus
-Hickes the great promoter of Saxon Learning-Wanley, value of his Ca-
talogue; he projects an Anglo-Saxon Bible, Bishop Nicolson's encourage-
ment; offers assistance to Miss Elstob in her Edition of the Psalter; Libra-

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We live in an age and country in which a vast system of centralization seems likely, if persisted in, to annihilate every local power hitherto employed for the keeping society in a well ordered condition. It appears desirable before the complete extinction of what has been sanctioned by the practice of centuries, and therefore of importance to us, that we should ❝enquire for the old way, and if it be the good and right way, then to walk therein." Without knowing the language of a people we cannot become thoroughly acquainted with their social state. The study of the Anglo-Saxon language, therefore, comes to us recommended by the additional inducement that it was the speech of our forefathers, in which are recorded the laws which governed them, and the faith in which they believed.

There appears to be something truly patriotic in the revival of this language by the Reformers of the sixteenth century; and, although personal might have intermixed with purer motives, in their promotion of this new and comparatively barren study, we owe them a lasting debt of gratitude, which we can best repay by encouraging and promoting what they so zealously began. If their knowledge was less critical than ours,


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