Archaeologia Cantiana, Volume 22

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Kent Archaeological Society., 1897

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Page 274 - By thine Agony and bloody Sweat ; by thy Cross and Passion ; by thy precious Death and Burial ; by thy glorious Resurrection and Ascension ; and by the coming of the Holy Ghost, Good Lord, deliver us.
Page 341 - By this means it will be seen that the year 1891 is treated as the commencing year for the Index and that all transactions published in and since that year will find their place in the series. To make...
Page 43 - TABLE OF CONTENTS. List No. 1. — Parish Registers printed as separate works. ,, No. 2. — Parish Registers printed in other works. ,, No. 3. — Original Registers and Bishops' Transcripts in the British Museum Library. ,, No. 4. — Registers of other Churches in all classes. ,, No. 5. — Parish Registers transcribed in MS. No. 1 —A List of Parish Registers that have been printed as separate works. Extracted by permission...
Page 341 - Index to archaeologists is now" recognised. Every effort is made to keep its contents up to date and continuous, but it is obvious that the difficulties are great unless the assistance of the societies is obtained. If for any reason the papers of a society are not indexed in the year to which they properly belong the plan is to include them in the following year ; and whenever the papers of societies are brought into the Index for the first time they are then indexed from the year 1891. By this...
Page 23 - Soc.) RALPH NEVILL, FSA (Hon. Sec.) The Congress trust that the following paper of Suggestions drawn up by the Committee may prove useful to those anxious to assist in the preservation, transcription and, where possible, publication of the documents referred to.
Page 24 - There can be no doubt that a verbatim et literatim transcription is of far more value than any other form ; it is otherwise impossible to be sure that some point of interest and importance has not been overlooked ; the extra trouble of making a complete transcript is small, and the result much more satisfactory. In any case the names should be given literatim and all remarks carefully copied, with some indication, where possible, as to the date of the remark. Other records, such as Churchwardens'...
Page 41 - BA (Harpenden, Herts.), is printing in the " Herts. Genealogist" a useful series of Bishops' Transcripts for the periods for which the Parish Registers are lost. It is gratifying to find that, at the instance of the Diocesan Conferences of St. Alban's and Worcester, Committees have been formed to obtain from all Incumbents in the Dioceses returns of the Registers existing iu their Parishes, their exact dates and condition.
Page 110 - On the east of Kent is the large Isle of Thanet containing according to the English way of reckoning, six hundred families, divided from the other land by the river Wantsum, which is about three furlongs over, and fordable only in two places, for both ends of it run into the sea.
Page 41 - Sec. is EA Fry, Esq., of 172, Edmund Street, Birmingham, who will be happy to give any information on the subject. The Society has already issued five Registers in return for the annual guinea subscription, and in the event of an increase in the number of subscribers will be able to print more Registers annually. In cases where some local help can be guaranteed, special arrangements can be made for printing Registers. Mr. WPW Phillimore (124, Chancery Lane') is also printing a series of complete...
Page 43 - Bishops' transcripts. KIRK OSWALD, 1577-1609, Canon Thornley 1895, 8vo PENRITH, 1556-1601, G. Watson ' 1893, 8vo DORSETS. BERE HACKETT, 1549-1745, EA Fry, Par. Reg. Soc. 1896, 8vo CAUNDLE BISHOP, 1570-1814, Rev. Canon CH Mayo (Dorset Records) 1895, 8vo HOLNEST, 1589-1812, EA Fry (Dorset Records) 1894, 8vo LONG BURTON, 1580-1812, EA Fry (Dorset Records) 1894, 8vo DURHAM. DURHAM CATHEDRAL, 1609-1896, Harl. Soc. (in press). ESSEX. FYFIELD, 1538-1700, FA Crisp, FSA, pr.

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