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Report of the Parish Register
Committee, 1896.

The Committee in issuing the present supplement to their Report and Lists of 1892 have great pleasure in calling attention to the large increase in the number of Transcripts made; many of these, there is reason to believe, owe their existence to the help and stimulus given by the former report.

It is to be noted that a large number of the Transcripts have been made for the use of the various Parishes, and will therefore be accessible to the public.

It appears to the Committee that the evidence supplied by this supplemental List shows that the supposed impossibility of ever transcribing the whole of the Parish Registers of the Kingdom is imaginary, and that by enlisting and encouraging local effort, the very desirable object may be obtained at no great distance of time.

The list of Transcribers' names shows how much may be done by individual workers, and much more might easily be done by some organised effort by Diocesan authorities.

The Committee hail with satisfaction the successful formation of a Society for printing Parish Registers, under the patronage of the Archbishops and many of the Bishops. The Hon. Sec, is E. A. Fry, Esq., of 172, Edmund Street, Birmingham, who will be happy to give any information on the subject. The Society has already issued five Registers in return for the annual guinea subscription, and in the event of an increase in the number of subscribers will be able to print more Registers annually. In cases where some local help can be guaranteed, special arrangements can be made for printing Registers.

Mr. W. P. W. Phillimore (124, Chancery Lane) is also printing a series of complete Marriage Registers of Counties. Those of Gloucestershire are now being printed, and others for Hants, Kent, Northants, Notts, and Somerset are in active preparation. It is intended to arrange for other Counties.

Mr. Wm. Brigg, B.A. (Harpenden, Herts.), is printing in the "Herts. Genealogist" a useful series of Bishops' Transcripts for the periods for which the Parish Registers are lost.

It is gratifying to find that, at the instance of the Diocesan Conferences of St. Alban's and Worcester, Committees have been formed to obtain from all Incumbents in the Dioceses returns of the Registers existing in their Parishes, their exact dates and condition.

An effort will then be made to get the books put into proper repair.

The Rev. O. W. Tancock, of Little Waltham Rectory, Chelmsford, is Hon. Sec. of the St. Alban's Committee, and E. A. Fry, Esq., of the Worcester, and either of these gentlemen will be glad to answer enquiries as to their method of work, so that a uniform plan may be adopted in other Dioceses.

The St. Alban's "Diocesan Quarterly" for the past quarter (No. 15, price 3d. post free, W. Root, Halstead, Essex) contains an account of what has been done in the St. Alban's Diocese.*

It is to be hoped that an effort will afterwards be made to get all the Registers transcribed and indexed, and copies kept in the Parish for reference. A small fee should be agreed upon as to be charged for consultation of the Transcript for purposes of Genealogical research, the charge for certified extracts from the original Registers remaining, of course, as at present.

The Committee are again indebted to Geo. W. Marshall, LL.D. (Rouge Croix) for his revision of the list of Printed Registers. The somewhat arduous labour of compiling and editing the Calendar has been undertaken by Ralph Nevill, F.S.A. the Hon. Sec. of the Committee, and E. A. Fry, the Hon. Sec. of the Parish Register Society.

All who may publish to transcribe Registers in future are invited to send particulars to either of the above named gentlemen, who have undertaken to compile the next List.


13, Addison Crescent, Kensington.

The particulars obtained of the Registers of Herts. will be printed in Middlesex and Herts. Notes and Queries, commencing January, 1897 (Messrs. Hardy & Page, 44, Chancery Lane, W.C.).

*The Worcester Diocesan Mag. for December, 1896 (Midland Education Co., Corporation Street, Birmingham, price 24d. post free), contains a similar Report for the Worcester Diocese.

The First Report of the Committee, issued in 1892, contains advice as to the transcription and publication of Registers, and a specimen alphabet of the characters chiefly used.

There are also Calendars of all Registers known to have been transcribed or printed up to the date of issue. The Calendars here given are supplementary to those in the First Report.


List No. 1.-Parish Registers printed as separate works.

No. 2.-Parish Registers printed in other works.

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No. 4.-Registers of other Churches in all classes.

No. 5.-Sundry Records of allied character.

No. 1.-List of Parish Registers that have been printed as separate works.


READING, St. Giles, 1518-1546, Walter L. Nash.

CHESHIRE. BIDSTONE, 1581-1700, W. F. Irvine.

STOCKPORT, St. Mary, 1584-1620, E. W. Bulkely 1889 CORNWALL. REDRUTH, 1560-1716, J. C. Peter, Redruth 1894, 4to CUMBERLAND. DALSTON, vol. i. 1570-1678, vol. ii. 1679-1812, Rev. J. Wilson, M.A., 1893 and 1896. Indexed, with

corrections from Bishops' transcripts.

KIRK OSWALD, 1577-1609, Canou Thornley
PENRITH, 1556-1601, G. Watson

1895, 8vo

1893, 8vo

DORSETS. BERE HACKETT, 1549-1745, E. A. Fry, Par. Reg. Soc.

1896, 8vo

CAUNDLE BISHOP, 1570-1814, Rev. Canon C. H. Mayo

(Dorset Records)

1895, 8vo

HOLNEST, 1589-1812, E. A. Fry (Dorset Records)

1894, 8vo

LONG BURTON, 1580-1812, E. A. Fry (Dorset Records)

1894, 8vo




DURHAM CATHEDRAL, 1609-1896, Harl. Soc. (in press). FYFIELD, 1538-1700, F. A. Crisp, F.S.A., pr. GLOSTERS. MARSHFIELD, 1558–1793, F. A. Crisp, F.S.A., pr. BEAKESBOURNE, 1558-1812, Rev. C. H. Wilkie, pr.

1896, fol.

dmy. 8vo

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CHARTERHOUSE CHAPEL, Bap. 1696–1836, Mar. 1671–1754 and 1837-1890, Bur. 1695-1854, Francis Collins, M.D., Harl. Soc., vol. xviii.

CHRISTCHURCH, Newgate Street, 1538-1754, W. A. Littledale, M.A., Harl. Soc., vol. xxi.

ST. GEORGE'S CHAPEL, Mayfair, Bap. 1740

and Mar. 1735-1754 (wrongly entered in last list), George J. Armytage, F.S.A., Harl. Soc., vol. xv.

ST. GEORGE'S, Hanover Square, Mar. 1810-1836 (in press),
Harl. Soc.

ST. JAMES', Clerkenwell, Bur. 1551-1754, Robt. Hovenden,
F.S.A., Harl. Soc., vol. xvii., xix., and xx.

NORFOLK. NORWICH, St. George's Tombland, 1538-1707.


MAXEY, 1538-1712, Rev. W. D. Sweeting, M.A. (Mitchell & Hughes)

WELLOW, 1703-1812, Geo. W. Marshall, LL.D.

1892, 8vo

Exeter, 1896, 8vo

WORKSOP, 1558-1771, Geo. W. Marshall, LL.D.

Guildford, 1894, 8vo

RUTLAND. NORTH LUFFENHAM, 1572-1812, Rev. P. J. Dennis, Par.

Reg. Soc.

SOMERSET. BRUTON, 1826-1890, Rev. T. A. Strong.

1896, 8vo

SUFFOLK. BARDWELL, 1538-1650, Rev. F. E. Warren, F.S.A. (Mitchell & Hughes).

BRAMFIELD, 1539-1889, Rev. T. S. Hill (Mitchell &

SURREY. BANSTEAD, 1547-1789, F. H. Lambert, F.S.A., Par. Reg.


1896, 8vo

WARWICKS. FILLONGLEY, 1538-1653, Rev. A. B. Stevenson. WESTMORELAND. ASBY, 1657-1798, T. R. Rivington 1894, 8vo RAVENSTONEDALE, 1570-1812, Rev. R. W. Metcalfe

1893, 8vo

WORCESTERS. KNIGHTWICK WITH DODDENHAM, 1538-1812, Rev. J. Bowstead-Wilson, F.S.A.

1891, small fol.

WORCESTER, St. Alban's, 1630-1812, Rev. J. Bowstead-
Wilson, Par. Reg. Soc.

YORKS. BATLEY, 1559-1800, M. Sheard.

BOLTON ABBEY, 1689-1812, Rev. A. P. Howes, M.A.

1896, 8vo

Skipton, 1895, 8vo

Skipton, 1893, 8vo

Skipton, 1894, 8vo

BURNSALL, vol. i. 1559–1700, vol. ii. 1701-1739 and 1783-1812, Rev. W. J. Stavert, M.A.

CONISTONE, 1567-1812, Rev. W. J. Stavert, M.A.

FELKIRK, 1701-1812, A. N. J. Royds, Rochdale, 1894, 8vo
MONK FRYSTON, 1538-1678, Par. Reg. Soc. 1896, 8vo


RYLSTONE, Vol. i. 1559-1723, vol. ii. 1724-1812, Rev.
C. H. Lowe, M.A.
Leeds, 1895-6, 8vo

SADDLEWORTH, 1613-1751, J. Radcliffe
1887, 8vo
SKIPTON-IN-CRAVEN, vol. i. 1592-1680, vol. ii. 1680-1745,
vol. iii. 1745-1812, Rev. W. J. Stavert, M.A.

Skipton, 1894-6, 8vo

YORK, Holy Trinity, 1586-1760, Rev. E. Bulmer (in

YORK, St. Martin-cum-Gregory, 1538-1745, Rev. E.
Bulmer (in progress).

No. 2.-List of Parish Registers printed in books and periodicals.


DIDCOT, Bap. 1562-1647, Berks Notes and Queries, Oct. 1890, to April 1891.

CAMBRIDGES. CAMBRIDGE, St. Michael, 1538-1837, J. Venn, Camb. Antiqu. Soc., vol. xxv. (complete part)



1891, 8vo

Cheshire Notes and Queries.

Pro. Soc. Antiqu., Newcastle-on-Tyne.

*GLO'STERS. FORTHAMPTON, Mar. 1678-1812, Rev. E. R. Dowdeswell,

Glouc. Mar. Reg.

FROCESTER, Mar. 1559-1799, Rev. W. Symonds, Glouc.
Notes and Queries.

KING STANLEY, Mar. 1573-1812, Rev. T. W. Cattell and
Rev. R. H. Clutterbuck, G. M. R.

MAISEMORE, Bap. 1600-1663, Mar. 1557-1590, Bur.
1538-1599, G. N. & Q.

NYMPSFIELD, Mar. 1679-1812, Rev. J. Silvester, G. M. R.
OWLPEN, Mar. 1677-1895, W. P. W. Phillimore and Rev.
W. B. Benison, G. M. R.

PEBWORTH, Mar. 1595-1700, Rev. T. P. Wadley,
G. N. & Q.

QUEDGELY, Mar. 1559-1836, Rev. E. L. Bryan and Rev.
W. Symonds, G. M. R.

RENDCOMBE, Mar. 1566-1812, Rev. G. E. A. Kempson,
G. M. R.

SLIMBRIDGE, Mar. 1635–1812, Rev. W. Symonds, G. M. R
SWINDON, Mar. 1638-1838, Sidney Madge, F.R.H.S.,
G. M. R.

WHADDON, Mar. 1674-1711, G. N. & Q.

The Glo'ster Marriage Registers are being printed in Glo'ster Notes and Queries, and will be issued in volumes, the first of which is now complete. See Preface.

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