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one.) William Whalley was thirteenth in descent from Wyamarus Whalley, lord of Whalley, co. Lancaster; was lord of the manors of Norton and Cossington, co. Leicester; and one of the intended Knights of the Royal Oak in 1660, his estate being then at least £2000 a year.

(6) Katherine, baptized in June and buried 18 August 1637 at Chiddingstone.

(7) Elizabeth, baptized at Bore Place 29 September 1643; married in 1664 Stanhope Whalley of Norton, Gent. (first-cousin of the above William Whalley). Marriage Licence, Faculty Office, 13 June 1664. They had issue two sons and two daughters.

v. Humfrey Hyde of St. Ann's, Westminster, and of the Middle Temple, Gent.; baptized at Chiddingstone 1 October 1636; was one of the intended Knights of the Royal Oak 1660, his estate being worth £600 per annum; he died 16 and was buried 22 May 1719 at Sundridge; M.I. there. He left a charity of £6 yearly for the education of ten poor children of Sundridge, payable out of his estate or farm called Gatton's, in the parish of Cliff, co. Kent (Benefaction Board in Sundridge Church). His will is dated 9 August 1718, and was proved with a codicil in P.C.C., 8 June 1719, by John Hyde, William Hyde, Edward Hyde, Elizabeth wife of James King, and Margaret Stephens alias Reynolds, wife of John Stephens, the executors, sons and daughters of the deceased (107 Browning). Admon. de bonis non was granted by P.C.C., 6 April 1741, 22 October 1743, 29 April 1769, and 19 May 1772.

By his will he directs that he be buried in Sundridge Churchyard, near the back of the wall of his uncle Hyde's monument, 10 feet deep; he devises Milbrook's Farm in Kent to his son John Hyde for life, with remainder to his grandsons John Hyde and Strode Hyde successively in tail male; his estate at Hammersmith to his son Edward Hyde; Gatton's Farm in Kent to his grandson Strode Hyde for life, remainder to his grandson Savill Hyde; and Darland Farm in Gillingham, Kent, to his grandsons Savill, Strode, and John for life, remainder to his son William Hyde in fee; and he directs that the communion plate belonging to his chapel at Boar Place be continued there for the use of the said chapel.

He married at Little Ilford about 1662 (Marriage Licence, Faculty Office, 31 January 1661-2) Elizabeth daughter of Francis (so on her M.I., but Henry in Marriage Licence, and see also Visitation of Essex) Osbaston of Aldersbrook Hall, Little Ilford,

co. Essex (she was born 1645, and died 13 and was buried 20 July 1713 at Sundridge; M.I. there):

"To the Memory of Mrs. ELIZABETH HYDE (wife of HUMFREY HYDE, Esq.), who was married 51 years, and died the 13th of July 1713 in the 69th year of her age. She was Daughter of Francis Osbaston, Esq', of Aldersbrook Hall in Essex."

He had issue five sons and five daughters:

(1) John Hyde, of whom next.

(2) Bernard Hyde, baptized at Sundridge 17 November 1665; probably died young.

(3) William Hyde of the parish of St. George, Hanover Square; married 1703 (Settlement dated 20 December 1703, and confirmed by his father's will, which settled Wigon's Key Wharf in Thames Street upon his issue) Margaret daughter of . . . . ; and died in 1740. Administration granted by P.C.C., 26 January 1741, to his daughter Elizabeth; and Admon. de bonis non granted in April


(4) Henry Hyde, M.A. and Fellow of Clare Hall, Cambridge; born 1681; died 4 and buried 6 February 1706 at Sundridge.

(5) Edward Hyde of New Inn, London; born 1687; died unmarried 29 March 1726; buried 4 April 1726 at Sundridge; M.I. there:

"Humphry Hyde, Esq., died 16 May 1719, aged 83.

Edward Hyde, his son, died 29 March 1736, aged 39.”

His will is dated 1 March 1725, and was proved P.C.C., 29 March 1726, by William Hyde, the executor and brother of deceased (51 Plymouth). Admon. de bonis non granted 17 December 1774 to Thomas Sibthorpe. He devises his copyholds in Hammersmith to his nephew Strode Hyde for life, with remainder to his two sons Bernard Hyde and Edward Hyde in fee. He had two daughters, Margaret, who died young, and Elizabeth, who was married, first, to . . . . Harrison, and, secondly, to William Payne King, and died before October 1743.

(6) Esther, buried at Sundridge 19 October 1677.

(7) Margaret, buried at Sundridge 29 October 1678.

(8) Anne, born 1669; buried 2 February 1696-7 at Sundridge; married 1690 (Marriage Licence, Faculty Office, 8 July 1690, to marry at St. Mary Abchurch) to John Chaplin of the parish of St. John the Evangelist, London; and had issue three children, Anne, Anne, and Thomas Christi Chaplin, all buried at Sundridge 1691-3.

(9) Elizabeth, born 1670; married, first, 1688, to George Copley of St. John the Evangelist, London (Marriage Licence, Faculty Office, 7 June 1688); and, secondly, to the Rev. Dr. James King; and died before 1741.

(10) Margaret, married, first, to .... Reynolds, by whom she had issue a son John Reynolds, and, secondly, to John Stephens ; and died before 1741.

VI. John Hyde of Sundridge, Esq., lord of the manors of Sundridge, Wield, and Milbrooks, co. Kent, and of one-third of the manor of Otford; devisee of Whitley Woods and of the manor of Oateford under the will of Lady Katherine Strode in 1710; born 1663; died 21 and was buried 28 August 1729 at Sundridge; M.I. there :

Arms Hyde impaling Strode.

"Under this Pew lies the Body of JOHN HYDE, Esq', Lord of the Manors of SUNDRISH, WIELD, and MILLBROOKS. He was a true Lover of his Country; a Tender Husband; an affectionate Father; a sincere Friend; and his hand of Charity ever Stretched to the Poor. He died August 21, 1729, Aged 66."

His will is dated 8 July 1723, and was proved P.C.C., 1 September 1729, by Mary Hyde, his widow and executrix (247 Abbott). Admon. de bonis non granted by P.C.C., 19 May 1772, to Thomas Fallowfield; and again in August 1781. He gives £5 each to the poor of Chiddingstone and Sundridge; devises to his youngest son Savile Hyde his third part of the manor of Otford and Whitley Woods in Sevenoaks containing 120 acres; to his eldest son John Hyde his pictures at Bore Place and Sundrish, and library of books; and directs that his body be buried in his chancel, under his seat or pew in the church of Sundrish, where he desires a monument may be placed to cost £10. He married Mary daughter and coheir of Sir Nicholas Strode of Chevening, co. Kent, Knight and Barrister-at-Law (son of Sir George Strode of Westerham, Knight, and grandson of William Strode of Shepton Mallett), by Catharine his wife, third daughter of John Savile, Esq., of Methley, co. York, and widow of Sir William Cholmondeley, Bart. ; and by her (who was born 1669, and was buried at Sundridge 2 September 1754; see Pedigrees of Strode in Visitation of Somerset, and Harleian MSS. 1445 and 1559; Arms: Ermine, on a canton sable a crescent argent) he had issue seven sons and five daughters:

(1) John Hyde of Bore Place, Esq.; died unmarried, and was buried in the chancel of Sundridge Church 26 May 1740. His will

is dated 27 May 1738, and was proved P.C.C., 20 May 1740, by Savil Hyde, his brother and executor (144 Browne). He bequeathed £3000 to his three natural children, all born of the body of Elizabeth Payne; devises to his brother Savil Hyde, Edlows, Sleighters otherwise Theobalds, and Sharp's Place, in co. Kent; and to his brother Strode Hyde for his life, Bore Place in the parish of Chiddingstone, the manor of Milbrooke and messuages there, with remainder to his nephew Bernard Hyde in tail male; and gives the residue to his brother Savil Hyde, whom he appoints executor.

By Elizabeth Payne he left three natural children:

[1] John Hyde alias Payne of Cornhill and of Upper Clapton, merchant; born 1724; died 30 July, and buried 8 August 1776 at Sundridge; M.I. there:

"John Hyde of Cornhill, London, merchant, died 30 July 1776, æt. 52. Humphry Hyde his brother died in April 1743, æt. 10. Both were sons of John Hyde of Bore Place, who died in May 1740, and is interred in this Chancel. Katherine, wife of above John Hyde, died Feb. 14, 1807, aged 79."

He married Katherine . . . . (who was born 1728, and died 14 and was buried 22 February 1807 at Sundridge; her Arms: Three escallops, are carved on an escutcheon of pretence on her husband's tomb), and had issue a son John Hyde. His will is dated 29 June 1776, and was proved P.C.C., 21 August 1776, by Catherine Hyde and John Baker, Esq., the executors (360 Bellas). He directs his body to be buried at Sundridge, in the churchyard, near the chancel door; and bequeaths £200 to the minister and churchwardens of Sundridge, the interest to be given to twelve poor families; to his wife his chariot and coach-horses, £20,000, and an annuity of £400, payable out of certain estates in the island of St. Christopher, and of £200 out of estates in the island of Granada; and the residue to his son John Hyde.

[2] Humphrey Hyde alias Payne, baptized at Chiddingstone. 10 December 1734; buried at Sundridge 15 April 1743; M.I. there. [3] Savilla.

(2) Humphry Hyde, baptized at Sundridge 22 June 1691; buried there 13 January 1716.

(3) Strode Hyde, of whom next.

(4) Francis Hyde, born 6 and baptized 16 August 1698 at Sundridge.

(5) Bernard Hyde, buried at Sundridge 9 May 1701.

(6) Nicholas Hyde, buried at Sundridge 8 December 1701.

(7) Savill Hyde of Sundridge, Gent.; devisee of Edlows, Sleighters otherwise Theobalds, and Sharp's Place, all in co. Kent, under his brother John Hyde's will 1740; he seems to have inherited Sundridge, probably under marriage settlement; privately baptized at Sundridge 9 July 1704; buried there 18 April 1741. His will is dated 5 December 1740, and was proved in P.C.C., 14 April 1741, by Sarah Hyde, his widow and executrix (93 Spurway). He devised his real estate, and his leaseholds in Albemarle Street, Clerkenwell, to his wife for life, remainder to his son John in fee; bequeaths 40s. to the poor of Sundridge; and directs that he be buried at Sundridge in a grave 10 feet deep. He married 1730 (the Marriage Settlement is dated 19 February 1730) Sarah Adamson of Goodman's Fields, Whitechapel, by whom (who was born 1706, and died 22 February 1751-2, and was buried at Quorndon, co. Leicester), he had issue a son:

John Hyde of Sundridge and of Quorndon, co Leicester, Esq. He pulled down Sundridge Place, and erected a new house there in 1772. Born 1733; died 8 January 1789, and was buried at Quorndon; M.I. He married Mary Wild, by whom (who was born 1735, and died 3 and was buried 8 September 1787 at Quorndon; M.I. there) he had a large family, of whom was Savile John Hyde, who will be noticed hereafter. Soon after his decease Sundridge Place was sold.

(8) Elizabeth, died unmarried.

(9) Savilla, baptized at Sundridge 23 June 1695; married to Thomas Fallowfield, and died s.p.

(10) Mary, born 23 and baptized 30 January 1696-7 at Sundridge.

(11) Frances, born 1700; died 7 and buried 19 January 1767-8 at Sundridge; M.I. there; married, first, to Richard Tidmarsh, by whom she had a son Richard Tidmarsh, baptized at Sundridge 31 December 1721; and, secondly, to Peter Shaw, M.D., by whom she had a daughter Jane, born 1735; died 7 and buried 17 May 1750 at Sundridge; M.I. there. (Arms of Shaw, engraved on tomb: A chevron between three fusils.)

(12) Margaret, married, first, to .... Edgson; secondly, to .. Woodhouse; and thirdly, to John Cupp.


VII. Strode Hyde of Bore Place, Esq.; devisee for life of Bore Place under the will of his eldest brother John Hyde 1740; lord of the manor of Milbrooks, co. Kent; owned lands in Chiddingstone, Penshurst, Surrendon, Gillingham, Chatham, and Hammer

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