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It'm iiijor lynnen bodyes for chyldren.

It'm one lynnen Towell.

It'm iiijor lynnen Towells.

It'm one olde towell.

It'm three carpetts not solde. (i harnden. i the towne. i bennet.) It'm iij latten candlestycks and other lyeke stuff of latten whyche cometh to the wayte of ccc save xli. . liiijs iiija.

Remayning in thands and custodye of Wyllm Collet these thyngs next ensuing.

ffyrst viij peces of lynnan cloth. (i stollen in ye church.)

It'm iij vestments of Redd velvet ymbrothered sutable for prest, deken, or subdeken. (one barret. i collet.)

It'm one vestment of blue sylke.
It'm one vestment of Redd sylke.
It'm one vestment of whyte sylke.
It'm iij vestments of whyte Damaske.
It'm one vestment of whyte Dornyx.

It'm ij coosshens & one pyllow covered wt sylke.

It'm ij peces of whyte sylke for one Alter.

It'm ij twoo curteynes to the same.

It'm ij peces of blew sylke and curtenes to the same for one

alter. (Collett.)

It'm one cope of blew velvet ymbrothered. (baret.)

It'm one cope of whyt Damaske ymbrothered.

It'm ij copes of Redd sylke. (The other stollen.)

It'm ij great peces of lynnen for lent clothes th'one of them served before the Rood th'other caled the ye vaile. (Collet. Gore.)

It'm one handbell. (ye church.)

It'm ij copes of Redd velvet. (baret.)

It'm one cope of blue sylke.

It'm iiijor old copes of Redd sylke.

It'm one black cope wt knobs of golde. (Collett.)

It'm one hersse clothe of blacke velvet. (ye church.)

It'm ij hersse clothes of sylke.

It'm ij peces of Redd and blue say ymbrothered for the hygh alter. (Collett.)

It'm iij alter clothes of lynnen and one pece of heare. (Chirchw.)

It'm twoo olde vestments of

It'm ij curtenes of



It'm in the steple ffyve bells, and one lytell bell called the morrowmas bell. (ye towne.)

Certayne of the Church plate of Maydston Reed of Wyllm Collet, sextyne. By the Churchwardens & thenhabytants of the same. The xvij daye of September A° 1548.


ffyrst the great pycks of sylvar and gylt weyeng vj li. v once.
It'm ij basones of sylver and gylt weyeng together vj li. ij once.
It'm twoo sensers of sylver and gylt weyeng iij li. iij once di once.
It'm one crosse of sylver and gylt weyeng v li. i once.
It'm the lesser pycks gylt weyeng i li. di li. ij once.

It'm one payre of sylvar candelstycks, v li. xj once.

It'm one shype of sylvar wt a lytyll spone weyeng i li. xv once.
It'm ij lytyll paxes of sylvar weyeng xiij once di once.

It'm one lytyll bell of sylvar weyeng viij once di once.

It'm twoo lytyll payer of cruatts & one senser ryng of sylvar

xiij once.

It'm one Chalyse gylt weyeng i li. di li. di qr. li.

It'm one other challesse gylt weyeng i li. i qr. li. i once.

It'm one challise p'cell gylt, i li. vij once.

It'm one other challise gylt, i li. iij once di once.

It'm one pounsed challise dooble gylted weyeng i li. di li. i once. It'm iij pypes and ij knobbs of sylvar weyeng iij li. ix once.

All this abovesayd was delyvered by the sayd Wyll'm Collet unto the Churchwardens & others of the said enhabytants in the presence of Wyll'm Grene Constable, Nicholas Mells, Thomas Edmunds, Alexander fyssher, James barret, John Smyth, Thomas baker, John lylly, Wyll'm Kemp, and Rye Rock ye wryter thereof.

Certayne of the sayd Churche plate havyng the founders arms wth Remayneth in thands and custody of the same Wyll'm Collet. ffryst one crosse wt a fote beyng gylted weyeng vj li. xij once di once. (barret.)

It'm ij great candelstycks of sylvar gylt weyeng ix li. vij once. (ye schole. goare ye crosse.)

It'm the payre of great sensers of sylvar and gylt weyeng vj li. vij once. (one goar, yo other barrett.)

It'm one great paxe gylt. If li. v once di once. (barrett.)


ylt weyong xiiij once. (barrett.)

And also Remayneth in the hands and custody of the sayd Wyll'm Collet of the sayd Church plate the Crismatorye of sylver, and ij challyses. (Goare ye Crismatorie. one Challys stollen.) Also one holiwater stock of sylver weyeng ij li. di li., di qrt. li. lack, di q't once. (tylden.)

Of all which goodes, plate, jewelles, belles, and ornaments aforesaid certene of them were solde to the use and purchasing off the Corporation off the towne an p'ishe off All Saincts of Maidstone aforesaid the brothered haule the fraternitie and landes of Corpus Christi and off Sainct ffaithes Church and churchyard wt all and singuler theire app'tenances to the value and sum of ce li.

The more part of the residue off the saide goods, plate, jewells, bells [pen through] and ornaments were delivered into the handes and custodie of Will'm Collet as by the Inventorie aforesaid thereof made more playnlye doth appere, and the saide Will'm Collet delivered part of the saide goodes, plate, jewells, and ornaments unto Walter heronden, gent. [pen through] James barrett, Will'm tylden, Thom's goare, Robert balfe, and Thomas bennett [pen through], and to other as he saith he wyll more playnlye declare for his dischardge before yow the Kinges Maties Com'issioners.

Also there Remaineth in the custodie of Tom's haggard, and James Callett for a certayne pece of lynen called a vayle and other thinges xxs xd.

Also there was stollen owt of the saide Churche of Maidstone by night in the vth yere of the King's Maties Reigne that now is off the goods, plate, jewells, and ornaments aforesaide one challis, one cope and other thinges whiche the aforesaide Will'm Collett can more playnlye declare.







FIFTY years ago, or more, the late Mr. George Austin, senior, Architect and Surveyor to the Dean and Chapter, made careful sketches of various frescoes and paintings on wood in Canterbury Cathedral, which have since become wholly or partially defaced. By the kindly courtesy of Miss Austin and her brother Captain Geoffry Austin I have been permitted to reproduce, for Archeologia Cantiana, some of the drawings made by their father, and also a drawing and a photograph made by their late brother Captain George Austin.




On the interior, the circular building called "Becket's Crown" has its outer, or eastern, wall divided into seven compartments. Five of these contain windows; two others at the western portion of the "corona " are now blank walls, one on the north and the other on the south of the arch of entrance from the main building. In each of these compartments the wall, now blank, was formerly decorated with frescoes, which Mr. George Austin's sketches enable us to illustrate.

Edward Wedlake Brayley published, in 1808, his Beauties of England and Wales. In vol. viii., on p. 850, he says, of the Corona, "The walls have been ornamented with paintings of which the legends of St. Christopher and St. George are yet visible; and beneath the latter has been a repre

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