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Curacy of Addington he remained there till 1872, in which year he received priest's orders, and removed to Dartford, where he continued till 1875, when he became curate of St. Peter's, Thanet, till preferred in 1880 to the Vicarage of Crockenhill, Kent. Archbishop Benson appointed Mr. Style to Pluckley upon the death of Mr. Selwyn. Mr. Style is the son of the Rev. Frederick Style, M.A., St. John's, Oxford. He married a Miss Kean at St. Peter's, Thanet, August 26, 1880.

They have no family.



THE Documents known as "Comperta and Detecta" in the Cathedral Library at Canterbury have been carefully searched for entries relating to Pluckley.



1561-62. Pluckley. It ys p'nted that o' p'son (John Pickard) hath besyde Pluckley the Vycaredge of Charyng, and he ys also Chapleine to the Archdeacon of Canterbury (Comperta et Detecta, lib. iv., f. 66, A.D. 1561-62).

1551. Will'mus quidler de Pluckley detectus qd duas het uxores viventes (Archdeacon's Visitations, 1550-55, Cant.).

1576. Pluckley. Detectu est that the church yarde lacketh repayringe xxix Novembris 1576 (Comperta, Canterbury).

1569. Detectu est that the mi‍ster dothe mi'ster the holye communion in fyne comon breade.

Detectu est that the p'sonage house is in greate Decaye.

Willim hethe aparte from his wyfe.

1576. xiij Decembris 1576, compt Robtus Hudson, xvj April 1577, pronounced contumacious.

xxj May 1577, Mr Pycker, Rector of Pluckly, reported the cherch yard is repayred et tunc dns. absolvit dom' Hudson a Snia. excoiacois, et restituit, etc., unde d'n's e'u dimisit.

1563-4. Rector dns. Will'mus Lancaster, Comperta, f. 2.

It is presented all things is well saving onelie bet the sepacon betweene the church and the Chauncell.

D'n's Will'mus Lancaster clicus. Presentments made in ecelia parochiali Tenterden 3 Oct. 1564.

1577-1582. Or book of com'on prayer is not as it ought to be, our churche is not suffycentlye repayred.

We p'sent Josua Benett and Agnes felles for lyvynge unlawfully in adulterye (C) icious, excom sted, f. 70).


Thomas Syxeweeks of or paryshe hath not come unto the church this xij monethes and more, and what the lett is you have to demaunde, he being at home and havyng his healthe, we thinck not well of it (Contumacious, f. 86).

1582-90. Our churchyarde is not well fenced by cause the walles be some what be gonne to reparacons. Nov. 18, 1585 (f. 3).

1590. Or churche is at reparatyons by reason of the winde. 2 July 1590 (f. 17).

1591. Our olde surples is almoste done, wherefore wee request to have a tyme to make a lardger one. 20 Jan. (f. 97).

We p'sente unto you that the church is very much decayed and g'v'n to reparatyons and the lyke dayly more to doe yf it be not loked unto in tyme, But we do mynde and intende to make a Sesse to amende it (f. 87).

1600-3. We p'nte unto you George Barton for a com'on Dronkard (f. 16).

1608-1610. It'm we p'nte further that one Daniell of Pluckley using land in our p'ishe refuseth to pay his cesse to our poore for the yeare past (Comperta, f. 51).

1609. We p'nte Thomas Moater refuseth to pay ij viij (f. 58). 1603-1606. To the Rt Worshipful Mr doctor Newman, Commissary of Canterbury.

May it please you to understand that the borer hereof John Mersface being often moving by us to reconcile himself (as christian duty binding him) to the church is now thereof most willing, and hartily sory for the delaing of time so longe, we therfore whose names be here subscribing do intreat you to restore him again from his excom'nication: he is in truth a very poor man greatly chargng with a lame, impotent, and sensles child and in part releving by our contributing. Thus we leve you to the lordes good keping. Pluckly the xxiiij of Janury 1607.

Yo' loving frenes,


(Pinned on to folio 77.)

We doe also present John Merffas of our sayde p'rishe for yt he had his mayd servant wth childe before he married with her as the forme & speech in owre p'rishe. 13 Decembris 1604.

1608. 7mo Aprilis 1608 compuit d'nus Mofras a s'nia excois pred absolvit.

P'nted frome Smareden. We p'nte Thomas Wills of Pluckley for not paying his cesse or churche scott made for the repareing of the p'rish Church of Smarden, his cesse being ijs vjd. This cesse is pd to ye churche (same vol., f. 90).

1607. There was controversie as it is knowen by Mrs Anne Betenham, wife of John Betenham, gent., by pulling or shoving out a mayden sitting in one of the seates wch have benn and yett are in controversye betweene the sayd John Bettenham, gent., and Sir Anthony Deering, knight, the 26 of July last past, and therefore not yt due reverence in time of divine service as ought to have benn. 3 Dec. 1607 (Comperta, 1606–1608, f. 189).



1610-1615. Plucklie. Item wee present John Tayler and Thomas Hugget for a crime for playeinge at cailes upon Whitsonday in the eveninge prayer time. 5 July 1610 (f. 20).

Wee heare that there was a quarrelling in our churchyard Dec. 6, 1611, by one Mark Davye of our P'ishe & one Thomas Pell of Smarden wch is dead, but the saide Mark hath had the lawe for yt att the last Assises houlden att Maidstone, but here of noe blowes strucke in the churchyarde (f. 66).

Comperta et detecta exta in Visitaco & te'nt apud Ashforde. 24 Aprilis 1612 (f. 125).

Pluckley. All is sufficientlie maynteyned except in St Anthonye Deering's Chauncell where some hath byne buried, it ys not paved as yett.



1615-1620. 10. Wee knowe none of that age wch are fitteing, but have receaved this laste Easter: except Sr Anthonye Deering and his Ladye, and Mrs Harnden wch doe purpose to receave shortlye: Thomas Motter ye yownger was wth ye minister for a token to receave but hath not receaved yett, neither hath Mrs Marye Bell recd the Co'ion yett, & George Gadbies wyffe, wch hath not recd yett. 4 Junij 1618 (f. 155).

Sr Anthonye Deering and his Ladye p'nted. 4 Junij 1618 (f. 156).

Sentenced to communicate by Michaelmas 1618. 3 Dec. 1618 he produced evidence he had communicated. Dismissed.

The next day after our faire beinge Sonday we found some disordered in the ale house, wch we carried before a Justice of the Peace, wch took a fyne of x of the Alewife for suffering such disorders in her house, and the other which we brought before him paid fynes. The name of her weh doth kepe victuallinge is Joane Nepeckar, widowe. 1 July 1618 (f. 164).

1615-1620. Samuel Greenstreete et Johannes Wolton, Ch'war


Informations concerning Plucklye.

1. The Steeple of Plucklye Churche is much ruinated and decayed, and hath beene thease many years.

2. One of the bells allsoe is broken, and ye mending thereof hath beene this twelve monthe neglected.

3. There is noe silver plate to minister ye breade upone yt, at the Comunion.

4. There hath beene a greate neglecte of moste of my p'ishioneres in receaving thrice a yeare, according to the Cannons in that beehalffe.

5. Manye of my p'ishioners have often gone to other p'ishes when I have p'ched and reade service: and some receaved allsoe at other p'ishes, neglecting thereowne.

6. Manye of my p'ishioners never or very seldome come to service in the afternones one the Sabothe dayes, of wch omissions I desire the Churchwardens may bee admonished to observe and examine the reasons of them, and to note whoe they are.

15 June 1620 (f. 267).


1626-7. Mr Copley. Our Chauncell doth want paveinge where some hath been buried, and the windowes do want glaseinge, but our minister doth promise to have it repaired in shorte tyme. 9 June 1624 (f. 150).

Wee p'nt James Maylam, for he hath not received the Comunion this last Easter. 26 May 1624 (f. 145).

9 June 1624. Allegavit that indeed he did not receave the holy comunion at Easter last by reason he was so much indebted that he

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