Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland: Comp. from the Original Records and Mss., with Historical Illustrations, &c, Volume 1, Part 2

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Maitland Club, 1833

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Page 213 - Newes from Scotland : Declaring the damnable Life of Doctor Fian a notable Sorcerer...
Page 217 - ... all they together went to Sea, each one in a riddle or cive, and went into the same very substantially, with flaggons of wine, making merrie and drinking by the way, in the same riddles or cives...
Page 50 - Iron collars, or witches' bridles, are still preserved in various parts of Scotland, which had been used for such iniquitous purposes. These instruments were so constructed that, by means of a hoop which passed over the head, a piece of iron having four points or prongs was forcibly thrust into the mouth; two of these being directed to the tongue and palate, the others pointing outward to each cheek.
Page 317 - Mylne fcribae,' a well-known Collector of Tracts, illustrative of the History of Scotland, who died Dec. 21, 1747, at the very advanced age of 105 ; having ' enjoyed his sight, and the exercise of his understanding, till a little before his death.'1 The fame Tract was reprinted under the direction of Queen Elizabeth's Council ; but unluckily, it is ' done into English,' and is otherwise inaccurately edited.
Page 217 - Thefe confefllons made the King in a wonderfull admiration, and fent for the faide Geillis Duncane, who upon the like trump did play the faide daunce before the Kinges Majeftie, who in refpect of the ftrangenes of thefe matters, tooke great delight to be prefent at their examinations.
Page 214 - Kirke to a number of notorious Witches. With the true examinations of the said Doctor and witches, as they uttered them in the presence of the Scottish king. Discovering how they pretended to bewitch and drowne his...
Page 220 - Majefties chamber, fuddenly hee gave a great fcritch, and fell into madnefle, fometime bending himfelf, and fometime capring fo directly up, that his heade did touch the feeling of the chamber, to the great admiration of his Majeftie and others then prefent ; fo that all the gentlemen in the chamber were not able to holde him, untill they called in more helpe, who together bound him hand and foot ; and fufFering the faide gentleman to lie ftill untill his furie were paft, he within an hower came...
Page 240 - Deuell bad endit his admonitions, he cam down out of the pulpit, and caufed all the company to com and kifs his ers, quhilk they faid was cauld lyk yce ; his body was hard lyk yrn, as they thocht that handled him...
Page 219 - This horrid instrument extended from the ankles to the knee, and at each, stroke of a large hammer, (which forced the wedges closer,) the question was repeated. In many instances, the bones and flesh of the leg were crushed and lacerated in a shocking manner before confession was made.
Page 237 - ... the twa nebbis of the fingaris meting togidder ; than thay patt the catt thryis throw the linkis of the cruik, and paffit itt thryis vnder the chimnay.

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