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Robert de Bruis.


In Burnous 6 (Kirkburn) and in Tipetorp (Tibthorpe), thirtytwo carucates and two bovates; but part of this land is of the fief of Robert Fossart.

In Brentingeha' (Brantingham) and in Caua (North Cave) and in Hodhu' (Hotham), nine carucates and one bovate.


In Cliue (South Cliff), two bovates. In Chelingewic (Kilnwick Percy), sixteen carucates. In Milletona (Millington), six bovates. In Brideshala (Birdsall), two carucates. In Geruezbi (Garrowby), six carucates. In Eduardestorp (Eddlethorpe), four carucates. Torgrimestorp (Thornthorpe, near Langton. Depopulated), one carucate and six bovates. In Friebia (Firby), two carucates. Grimetona (North Grimston), four carucates and two bovates. Berguetorp (Burythorpe), three carucates.





In Westredinc (the West Riding), the same Robert holds in Aluretona (Allerton Mauleverer) six carucates of land. In Widetona (Widdington), one carucate. In Usebruna (Little Ouseburn), twelve carucates. In Hopretone (Hopperton), four carnIn Doneforde (Duusforth), two carucates and a half. Brantona (Branton Green), three carucates and three bovates. In Graftona (Grafton), four carucates and six bovates. In Torp (Thorpe, near Scotton), two carucates. In Scotona (Scotton), two carucates. In Sotesac (South Acres House, par. Ripley, detached), one carucate. In Lauretona (Laverton), four carucates and a half. In Haserlai (Azerley), six carucates of land.


six bovates.


In "9 Ledelai (Leathley), two carucates. In Rodum (Rawdon), In Hoseforde (Horsforth), two carucates. In Torp ), two carucates. In Carletona (Carlton, par. Snaith), In Gamesford (Camblesforth), one carucate.

six carucates.

In Nortreding (the North Riding), the same Robert holds in Apeltona (Appleton-upon-Wiske) six carucates of land. In Hornebia (Hornby, par. Great Smeaton), two carucates. In Wercheshala (Low Worsall), three carucates. In Gerou (Yarm), three carucates. In Otrintona (North Ottrington), six carucates. In Herlesia (East Harlsey), six carucates. In Welberga (Welbury), six carucates. In Leuetona (Kirk Levington), six carucates. In another Leuetona (Castle Levington), four carucates. In Mortona (Morton), three carucates. In Bordelbia (site of Mount Grace priory), two carucates. In Ernecliue (Arncliffe), two carucates. In Englebia (Ingleby Arncliffe), six 70 carucates. In Buschebia (Great? Busby), two carucates. In Cratorna (Crathorne) and in Foxtun (Foxton), nine carucates. In Hiltona (Hilton), three carucates. In Tormozbia (Thornaby), one carucate and a half. In Martona (Marton), four In Niueham (Newham), two carucates and two bovates. In Tolesbi (Tolesby), three carucates. In Achelu' (Acklam), two carucates. In Foitesbi (Faceby), eight carucates. In Tametona (Tanton), two carucates and a half. In Goltona (Goulton), one caru


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Robert de Bruis.


In Bergolbi "1 ( ), one carucate. In Torp (Nunthorpe), six carucates. In Mortona (Morton, par. Ormesby), three carucates. In Nietona (Newton), four carucates and six bovates. In Upesale (Upsall), three carucates. In Oustorp (Pinchinthorpe ?), three carucates. In Childala (Kildale), six carucates. In Ormesbia (Ormesby), twelve carucates. In Laisinbia (Lazenby), one carucate and a half. In Giseborne (Guisbrough), one carucate. In Esteintona (Stainton), one bovate. In Morhusu' (Great Moorsholme), half a carucate. In Caltorna (Cawthorne, par. Middleton), one carucate. In Crambun (Crambe), four carucates. In Niehusu' (Newsham, par. Appleton-le-Street), ten bovates. In Edmundrebia (Amotherby), two carucates and a half. In Hotun (Hutton ["Muirton"]. Lost), three carucates. In Galmetona (Ganton), half a carucate. In Brunetona (Potter Brompton), fourteen 2 bovates. In Torentona (Thornton, near Pickering), eleven bovates. In Wicam (Wykeham), half a carucate. In Caimtona (Cayton, par. Seamer),

two carucates of land.

In Harpein (Harpham), Rotbert de Bruis holds eight carucates of land which he exchanged with the King. And in Grentesmora (Gransmoor), two carucates. And in Eschedala (Eskedale), twelve carucates and two bovates, namely, in Danebia (Danby), six carucates, and in Cru'becliva (Crunkley Gill), three carucates, and in two Hanechetonis ( ), two carucates, and in Laclum (Acklam), ten bovates.

71 See "Berguluesbi," vol. xiii., page 336.

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In Langeberge (Langbargh) wapentake, Earl Hugh claims of William de Perci one carucate of land in Figelinge (Fyling-dales), saying it belongs to Witebi (Whitby), but he has no proof.

In Maneshou ( ) wapentake, Ralph Pagenel claims. six bovates of land in Stainegrif (Stonegrave) of the land of Ulf; but the men who have sworn say it belongs to St. Peter of York.

They declare that William Malet held the land of Hauuard in Euruicscyre (Yorkshire) before the castle was taken.

They say that William Malet bought seven carucates of the land of Sprot in Hotone (Sand Hutton, par. Bossall) for ten marks of silver. The land of Turulf and Turchil and Tursten in Hotune (Sheriff Hutton), that is, three manors of four carucates of land, Nigel Fossard held unjustly; but he has given [them] up, and they are in the King's hand.

Estreding (THE EAST RIDING).

Two carucates of land (one manor) in Cliue (South Cliff), which were Basin's, the same Nigel has relinquished.

Two carucates of land in Elretone (Ellerton), which were Bar's and Ulf's, Nigel has relinquished.

In Middeltun (Middleton-on-the-Wolds), the same Nigel held one carucate of land which was Mulegrim's, but now he has given it up.

The soke of half a carucate and the third part of one bovate of land in the same vill, and it belongs to the King's manor of Drifeld (Driffield), the same Nigel has retained by force until now.

In like manner, Hamelin has detained until now, by force, two carucates and five bovates of land in the same vill, with soke belonging to Drifeld (Driffield).

In the same vill, Richard de Surdeval holds three carucates and five bovates of land which were Eldid's, whose land was not released to Count Robert [of Mortain].

In the same vill, also, the same Richard holds six bovates of land, the soke of which belongs to Drifelt (Driffield), but it is not restored

even now.

In Dalton (North Dalton), the same Nigel held two carucates and one bovate of land, which land was Norman's. This he has also now given up.

In Naborne (Naburn), Robert Malet has given up two carucates of land which were Turchil's, and which Goisfrid de Belcampo held of the same Robert.

In Crogun (Croom), Nigel Fossard has given up two carucates of land which were Milnegrim's. This is in Toreshou ( wapentake. Now, it is in the King's hands.


In Burtun (Cherry, or North, Burton), a manor belonging to St.

73 Orig., fo. 373, col. 1.-Facsimile Edit., page lxxvii.

John of Beureli (Beverley), Nigel (Fossard, superlined) held one carucate of land which was Morcar's, and the soke is in Welletone (Welton). Now, he has relinquished [it].

In Ballebi (Belby) there are four bovates of land which were Orme's and Basin's, and they had halls there. The Bishop of Durham held [them] until now, but no one claims [them] at present, neither the Sheriff nor the Bishop.

[Concerning] the land of Norman son of Ulf in Brentingha' (Brantingham), which Nigel (Fossard, superlined) has, the men who have sworn say that William Malet had it in demesne. In like manner they say concerning the land of Ulf the deacon, which he had in Caue (South Cave), [that] Nigel has it, but William Malet had [it].

[Concerning] three bovates and a half of land which Ralph de Mortemer claims in Lont (Lund), the testimony of the men who have sworn is, that they were Aluuin's, the predecessor of Gislebert Tison, not of Eddiva, whose land Ralph de Mortemer has.

Concerning all the land of Asa, they testify that it ought to belong to Robert Malet, because she had her land separate and free from the rule and control of Bernulf, her husband, even when they were together, so that he could neither make a gift nor sale of it, nor forfeit it; but, after their separation, she retired with all her land, and possessed it as lady [or, owner]. But the men of the county have seen William Malet seized as well of that [land] as of the whole of her land, until the castle was besieged. This they affirm of all the land of Asa which she had in Euruicscire (Yorkshire).

The soke which Gislebert Tison claims in Birland (Burland), they say ought to belong to the Bishop of Durham in Houeden (Howden). Fourteen bovates of land which the Bishop of Durham claims of Robert Malet in Bellebi (Belby), they say belonged to Mule and Egbrand and Basin and Orm, with sac and soke, and [that] William Malet had this land.

The land which Ernuin the priest claims in Actun (Aughton), they say ought to be his; but Nigel Fossard calls upon the King as his voucher, concerning this land, to the use of Robert, Count [of Mortain].

Concerning seven carucates of land in Nortdufelt (North Duffield), which Nigel has, they declare William Malet to have been seized of them, and to have had the land and service until the castle was destroyed.

Two carucates of land which Nigel has in Suddufelt (South Puffield), they say belong to the King's demesne in Poclinton (Pocklington). But the remaining six carucates there, William Malet had so long as he held the castle of Euruic (York), and the homagers rendered service to him.

Three carucates of land in Cliue (Long Cliff) and three carucates in Ansgotebi (Osgodby). Nigel holds them; but they say, who have sworn, because William Malet had this land in demesne so long as he held land in Euruicscire (Yorkshire).

In Santune (Sancton), seven carucates and a half of land, that is

74 See vol. xiii., page 517, note 54.

75 Orig., fo. 373, col. 2.-Facsimile Edit., page lxxviib.

half the vill, William Malet is affirmed to have had in demesne, and to have been seized thereof.

All the land of Norman son of Malcolumbe, which he had in Estreding (the East Riding), the whole county (or jurors) affirms to have been held by William Malet in his demesne, so long as he held land in Euruicscire (Yorkshire).

The soke, which the Bishop of Durham claims, of five carucates and two bovates of land, they say truly to have laid in Welletone (Welton); but the canons of Beureli (Beverley), claim it as the gift and confirmation of King William. In like manner concerning (the soke, superlined) of one carucate of land in Neutone (Newton), which the Bishop of Durham claims [as belonging] to Welletone (Welton), they say that it was so in the time of King Edward; but the clerks, in the same manner, claim it of the King.

The soke of two bovates in Ianulfestorp (Owsthorpe), which William de Perci has, they say ought to belong to the Archbishop.

The whole vill of Scornesbi (Scoreby), that is, six carucates of land, is affirmed to have been William Malet's; and [they say that] he possessed it in demesne.

In like manner, fourteen bovates of land in Ianulfestorp (Owsthorpe) and in Donniton (Dunnington), the land of Norman and Alden, are affirmed to have been William Malet's, and [they say that] he held them in demesne.

Concerning the land of Sonulf in Grimeston (Grimston, par. Dunnington) which Nigel holds, and William de Perci claims, they know not which of them ought to have it. Ernuin the priest claims the same land.

Six 76 bovates of land in Rudetorp (Rudston ?), which the Archbishop claims, they affirm ought to be Gislebert Tison's.

Six carucates of the land of Ulchil in Aluuintone (Elvington), which William de Perci has, are affirmed to the use of Robert Malet, because his father had them as well as the above lands.

Land, [containing] four carucates, in Coldrid (Wheldrake), which William de Perci holds, of which the soke belongs to Cliftune (Clifton, near York), they, who have sworn, affirm, not only those four carucates, but also the whole vill of Coldrid (Wheldrake), to have been held by William Malet in demesne, and that he was seized of it.

In Logetorp (Lowthorpe), Richard de Surdeval claims the land of Norman and Asa, but they who have sworn say it ought to be the King's.

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In Scarpinberg (Skirpenbeck) and Scardiztorp ( Odo Balistarius has the land of Orm and Bunde; but the men who have sworn affirm that it ought to be the King's.

In Risbi (Risby), Gam had four carucates of land which he sold to Archbishop Eldred in the time of King William. Of this land, the soke formerly belonged to Welleton (Welton); but Archbishop Thomas has the writ of King William, by which he granted the same soke quit [from geld] to St. John of Beverley.

In like manner, the soke of four carucates of land in Walchinton (Walkington) belonged to Welleton (Welton); but King William

76 Orig., fo. 373b, col. 1.-Facsimile Edit., page lxxviii.

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