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1735. Dec. 6, Mary Dickinson, Gentlewoman.

1736. Mar. 29, Monsieur Fajon, a French Man. Oct. 1, Thomas Peacock, Gentl.

Nov. 11, Wm Watts, Gentl.

1737. Jan. 2, Charles Pool, Gentl.

Mar. 31, Nathaniel Rogers, Sen. Esq.

July 5, Timothy Portington.

1743. Aug. 3, Martha Berry, Gent.

1745. Nov. 2, Robert Cecil.

1748. Sep. 28, Isaac Thompson Discent: Preacher

1749. Dec. 17, John Midgley, Surgeon.

1751. May 4, Apphia d. of Wm Waller.

1760. Feb. 20, William Earthcoates.




With Notes by the Rev. C. B. NORCLIFFE, M.A.


Richard Nellis and Ann Hurthouse, of Danby-at Danby.

Thomas Robinson,66 of Thornton Pickering, and Jehodan Hunter, of Guiseley, at Guiseley.

John Hart, of Almondbury, and Susan Duxbury, of Elland—at either place.

Thomas Smith, of Egton, and Averil Constable, of Carlton Husthwaite-at either place.

James Marshall, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Walker, of Baildon-at either place. George Wigfall, of Eckington [co. Derby], and Rosamond Long, of Kirklington, Notts, dioc. York-at Kirklington.

Roger Butterfield and Ann Butterfield, Wid., of Gisburn-at Gisburn.

George Mack, of St. Mary, Castlegate, York, and Grace Eske, of Rascall (Raskelfe)—at Rascall.

Richard Radford, of Wath, and Elizabeth Hird, of Darfield-at either place.

Henry Skelton, of Harewood, and Ann Arthington, of Featherstone-at Featherstone.

Richard Taylor, of Spofforth, and Barbara Ripley, of Knaresborough—at either place. Richard Fewler, of Bishop Wilton, and Dionis Stilburne, of Wharram Percy, Wid. -at Wharram Percy.

Thomas Hanson, of Darfield, and Joan Wade, of Wath-at either place.

Richard Longbotham, of Bradford, and Isabel Bycroft, of Bingley—at either place. Roger Geldart and Jane Watson, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York—at Holy Trinity, King's Court, York.

Robert Fentiman and Catherine Bickerdike, of Spofforth-at Spofforth.

Ralph Watters, of Crathorne, and Elizabeth Warde, of West Runcton-at West

William Dewhirst, of Marton, and Isabel Colthurst, of Burnley-at Marton.
James Linskill, of Hull, and Ann Bonwick, of Cottingham-at Cottingham.
Henry Rhodes, of Featherstone, and Alice Rogers, of Pontefract—at either place.
Anthony Pattinson, of Bulmer, and Elizabeth Gibson, of Catton, Wid.-at Catton.
Christopher Constable, of Ross, and Agnes Artles, of Owthorne—at Owthorne,

66 Qu. Gisborough ? Jehodan Robinson was buried 29 March, 1623; Jehodan, daughter

of John Robinson, was baptized 1 Aug ust, 1641, at Thornton in Pickering Lithe.


Edward Wright and Elizabeth Wilkinson, of Ackworth—at Ackworth.

Richard Birkhead and Dorothy Williamson, of Holy Trinity, Hull-at Holy Trinity, Hull.

John Fenner and Isabel Hoyland, of Hoyland-at Wentworth.

Richard Bilbrough, of Wetherby, and Cecily Annesley, of Ryther—at either place. Thomas Cawood and Ann Popplewell, of Newton Kyme-at Newton Kyme.

Francis Power, of Sheriff Hutton, and Ann Bentley, of St. Martin's, Coney St., York -at either place.

Robert Young, of Linton, and Margaret Wigglesworth, of Hampsthwaite, Wid.—at either place.

Richard Shippen, of Barwick-in-Elmet, and Elizabeth Green, of Ledsham-at either place.

Edward Raw, of Holy Trinity, Hull, and Sarah Hartus, of St. Mary's, Beverley-at either place.

John Sutcliffe and Hesther Halstead, Wid., of Heptonstall-at Heptonstall.

Peter Acklam and Elizabeth Harrison, of Nafferton-at Nafferton.

John Marston, of Edlington, and Judith Cockson, of Wadworth-at either place.

William Wintringham, of Kirk Sandall, and Ann Rushby, of Barnby Dun-at either place.

Gervase Hanson of Tankersley, and Elizabeth Castleford, of Darfield, Wid.—at either place.

John Hammond, of Wighill, and Alice Barker, of Walton-at either place.

Thomas Robinson, of Wakefield, and Janet Hargrave, of Leeds-at Leeds.

Robert Foster and Ann Morris, of Halifax-at Halifax.

Thomas Sparrow, of Wressel, and Grace Biscarr (sic), of Eastrington-at either place.

John Ellis and Gertrude Fox, of Sheffield-at Sheffield.

Gervase Knipe, of Cundall, and Ann Ruddock, of All Saints', Pavement, York—at either place.

Christopher Kirke, of Addle, and Susan Lister, of Ilkley-at Ilkley.

Thomas Hayes and Margory Trimingham, of Campsall—at Campsall.

John Arthur, of Laughton-le-Morthen, and Mary Hayes, of Cuckwold-at either place.

William Worfolk, of Pickering, and Elizabeth Dudding, of New Malton-at New

Thomas Smith and Elizabeth Hayton, of Hessle-[either Hessle, or] at Wressel.
William Lockwood and Isabel Parkin, of High Hoyland—at High Hoyland.
Richard Richardie? and Elizabeth Brathell? of Ripon at Ripon.

Caleb Bailey and Susan Grave of Birstall—at Birstall.

William Lotherington and Agnes Hick, of Nunnington—at Nunnington.
Richard Pipps and Mary Watts, of Wortley-at Wortley, par. Tankersley.

Adam Blackburn and Margaret Wilson, of Wakefield-at Wakefield.

William Walker, of Harwood, and Margaret Moorhouse, of Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York—at Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York.


Thomas Leyland, of Linton, and Elizabeth Batty, of Burnsall-at Burnsall.
John Bentley, of Fewston, and Dorothy Bradley, of Leathley-at Leathley.
Lionel Rayner, of Wakefield, and Elizabeth Spragen, of Tong—at either place.
Robert Exley, of Halifax, and Sibel Ramsden, of St. Michael-le-Belfrey, York—at
either place.

Robert Bradford, of Awsterfield, and Elizabeth Southwood, of Clareborough [co.
Notts] at either place.

Henry Graver, of Fewston, and Ellen Dickenson, of Bishopton-at Bishopton.

Thomas Oxenard 67 and Ann Ashley, of Calverley-at Calverley.

John Richardson, and Eleanor Bute, Wid., of Thorne-at Thorne.

Francis Dodsworth and Margaret Normanville, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York -at Holy Trinity, King's Court, York.

Robert Bradley, of Kildwick, and Eleanor Baxter, of Carlton-at either place. Matthew Hall, of St. Lawrence, York, and Alice Dent, of St. Dennis', York-at St. Dennis', York.

John Pease and Agnes Westerman, of Kippax-at Kippax.

Richard Doughty and Dorothy Doughty, of Campsall-at Campsall.

William Taylor, of Snaith, and Frances Green, of St. Mary, Bishophill, Senr., Wid. -at either place.

John Atkinson, of Hampsthwaite, and Joan Wind, of Pateley Bridge, Wid.-at either place.

Amos Wardman and Margaret Browne, of Gargrave—at Gargrave.

John Wisk, dioc. Durham, and Mary Ryder, of Holy Trinity, King's Court, York— at Holy Trinity, King's Court, York.

Alan Ridiall [qu. Ridsdale, or Riddell ?], and Alice Furniss, of Pontefract-at Pontefract.

John Mease and Bridget Turner, of Ripon-at Ripon.

John Haigh, of Barwick-in-Elmet, and Mary Collett, of Featherstone, Wid.-at either place.

Sampson Skelton, of Shepshede, co. Leicester, Gent., and Dorothy Beaumont, of Kirk Heaton-at Kirk Heaton.


Thomas Eastwood and Mary Hutchinson, of Almondbury—at Almondbury.
John Wigglesworth, of Coniston, and Ellen Brecks, of Fewston-at either place.
Edward Dunning, of Sigston, and Magdalen Outhwaite of Ingleby-Arncliffe-at

William Clark and Elizabeth Dawson, of St. Mary's, Hull-at St. Mary's, Hull
Roger Gregory, of Felixkirk, and Jane Gee, of Poppleton-at Poppleton.

Anthony Wrightson and Mary Aldburgh68 (as asserted), of St. Sampson's. York-at
St. Sampson's, York.

67 Thomas Oxnard had Mary baptized 20 April, 1617; Robert baptized 8 (qu. 28) December, 1619; Isabel baptized 19 March,

1621-2, buried 24 August, 1643. (See Mar
gerison's Calverley Registers, 1880.)
68 She was daughter of William Aldburgh of


Richard Bubwith and Ann Scholefield, of Rothwell, at Rothwell.

John Redshaw, of Coxwold, and Catherine Fairfax, of All Saints', Pavement, Yorkat All Saints', Pavement, York.

Thomas Hodgson,69 of Cowesby, and Mary Todd, of Hawnby-at Hawnby.

Thomas Lickbarrow and Dorothy Barton, Wid., of St. Mary's, Beverley-at St. Mary's, Beverley.

Andrew Grime, of Hampsthwaite, and Ellen Addy, of Pateley Bridge, Wid.—at Pateley Bridge.

Robert Pearson, of Lockton, and Judith Rogers, of Ellerburn-at Lockton.

Richard Kell, of Penistone, and Elizabeth Leigh, of Cheadle, dioc. Chester-at either place.

Matthew Bracken, Gen., of Kirkby Wharf, and Agnes Litton, of Arncliffe-of


Francis Barraick and Margaret Wyeth, of Braywell [Braithwell]—at Braywell.

Gabriel Halliday, of Bilsdale, and Mary Preston, of Egton-at Egton.

Henry Robinson, of All Saints', Pavement, York, and Elizabeth Sandys, of St. John's, Micklegate, York-at either place.

William Barugh, of Garforth, and Mary Gill, of Acomb-at either place.

Robert Armytage, and Maud Walker, of Birstall-at Birstall.

John Robinson, of Burlewick,70 and Janet Livesey, of Waddington-at Mitton.
John Rhodes, of Horbury, Esq., and Margaret Neville,"1 of Royston-at Royston.
Francis Lambert, of Holme in Spaldingmore, and Isabel Brooke, of Eastrington,
Wid.-at either place.

Thomas Trainham, of East Harlsey, and Mary Pearson, of Sockburn (dioc. Durham) -at East Harlsey.

William Hill, alias Vincent, and Elizabeth Moore, of Castleford, Wid.-at Castle ford.

William Ingleby,72 of Ripley, Esq., and Ann Bellingham, of Heversham [co. Westm.] -at either place.

Denis Jackson, of Helmsley, and Margery Thompson, of Kilburn-at either place.

Humphrey Topham, of Kirby-Malzeard, and Margaret Newsome, of Sessay-at Sessay.

Alverey Copley, of Batley, Esq., and Elizabeth Saville,73 of Woodkirk-at either place.

Geoffrey Brigg and Frances Greaves, of Barnsley—at Barnsley.

Thomas Fowler and Eleanor Wilkinson, of Bingley—at Addingham, or Bingley.

William Savage, of St. Olave's, York, and Ann Tippin, of St. Lawrence, York-at either place.

Aldborough, Esq., baptized 14 March, 1556-7, (by Ann, daughter Arthur Kaye of Woodsome, buried 15 July, 1595), and was baptized there 16 May, 1590.

Took place 3 April, 1616.

70 Probably Barnoldswick, a parish within eleven miles of Waddington.

71 Daughter of Henry Nevile, of Chevet. by Eleanor, d. Henry Sandford, of Thorpe Salvin.

72 Took place 15 May, 1616, at Heversham, co. Westmorland. I descend from his aunt, Katherine Ingleby, wife of William Arthington of Arthington, Esq. See Foster's Visitation, 1585, p. 283.

73 She was daughter of Sir John Savile, Knight, Baron Savile of Howley, by his second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Carey, of Hunslet, by Catherine Knyvett.

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