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Cathedrall and metropolitan Church of St Peteers of Yorke by Indent dated 22th daye of Maye Ann Dni 1634 Et Anno Regi Caroli x Demised to Thomas Dolman in Pocklington in the County of Yorke gent, All that the water milne and mill howse called the White Milne als hoggs (sic) on mill and the water and water course to the Saine belonginge withe the garthe or yeard called the milne garthe or milne Close withe the appurtennes Sett lyeing and beinge at the South west side of Pocklington aforesaid and all that the howse or Tenement in the markett steade (sic) in Pocklington aforesaid now or late in the Tenure or occupacon of Henry Turner or his assignes, And the Garthe and all other Grounds Ediffices and buildings to the same howse or Tenem belonginge with all and Singular the appurtennes And all that the Chamber and Garthe or Garden in Pocklington aforesaid now or late in the occupacon of John Hide or his assignes, And all other howses buildings and grounds to the said Chamber garthe or garden belonginge or that doth or ought of Right belonge to ye said Deane or his Successo, and was of late in the occupacon of John Hide or his assignes, And all that ye Tithes of Corne and haye of East Givingdale and parcell of and belonginge to the parish Church of great Givingdale in the said Countye Yorke, And the parcell of ground in Millington aforesaid whereon in tymes past the Tithe Barne or Lathe did stand, And all the Tithes of the winde mill late builded bye Mr. George Hall beinge in Allerthorpe in ye Countye of Yorke, And alsoe the pasturage herbage and Agistemt of East Givindale and Millington aforesaid, To Hold from the Daye of the Date unto the end of Twentye and one yeares next Followeinge Payeinge therefore yearly unto the said Deane and his Successors For the said Water Mill and other the p'misses to the same belonging iiili. vis. viiid. For the said howse or Tenemt in ye occupacon of Henry Turner or his Assignes and other the premis to the same belonginge xiiiis. iiiid. And fore the said Chamber garthe or garden and other the premises to the Same belonginge iiiis. id.* In all iiiii. iiiis. id. at pentecost and Martinmas by equall portons within the Church pish of Pocklington, And alsoe Payeinge yearlye for the said Tithes of East Givindale and Millington ixli. And for the Tithes of the said Windemill iiiis.† at Lammas and purifir by equall portons within the said pishe Church of Pocklington but they are worth upon Improvemt over and above their said Rent p Ann as they are distinguished in the pticculars.

For non payment of the said severall Rents iiili. vis. viiid. for the said water mill, or of xiiis. iiiid. (sic) for the said howse or Tenement, or of iiiis. and id. for the said Chamber garthe or Garden to bee behinde bye the Space of Tenn dayes after either of the said Feasts on wch the same ought to bee paid Or for non payment of ye said severall Rents ixli. for ye Tithes of East Givandale and Millington or of iiiis. for the Tithes of the said Winde-mill to bee behinde by ye space of two dayes after either of the said Feasts on wch the same ought to bee paid the Lease to bee void. The Tenn' to repaire the Water mill and howses and the Hedges and Fences and soe to Leave them.

There was 6 yeares in this Lease to Come the xxijth of May last past.

* The Lessee hath noe right of Herbage and Agistmt

There is noe Winde mill in Allerthorpe

nor hath the Lessee the Tithes of any though shee pay the rent of iiiis. yearly for ye same dureing her Terme.

The Viccaridge of Pocklington

The Viccar hath the Easter Booke and
all small Tithes in Pocklington Owstropp
Yapham and Meltonbye wch wee estimate
to bee Altogether worthe Coibs Annis


Mr James Hudson is Present Incumbent. The Deane hath ye Gift

of pšentacon.

Returned amoungst other things the 21the of Sept 1649. By

Henry Barker
Ralphe Hasell
Rob White
Richa Croxall

An Abstract of John Lunds Lease


John Scott Docr of Divinity Deane of the Cathedrall and Metropolitticall Church of St Peeters of Yorke by Indenture dated tho 2a Novembris Anne Regs Caroli ijmo Anno Dni 1633. Demised unto John Lund of Pocklington in the County of Yorke Silkweaver, His Executors or assignes All the Tithe Corne and Sheaves of all kinde of Corne and graine, And the Tithes of Haye yearely comeinge groweinge and reneweinge within the Towne feilds and Territories of Givindale ats Geldale comonly called great Givindale, within the said County of Yorke, To Holde from the daye of the date, unto ye ende of Twentye and one yeares next following Payeing therefore yearly unto the said Deane and his Successor the Rent of xlvis. viiid, At purificaton and michas bye equall porcons.

For non payment of the said Rent bye the Space of thirtye
dayes at or uppon Haxey ats Haxby Tombe within the said
Cathedrall and Metropoliticall Church (it beinge Lawfully
demaunded to Reenter and repossese

There were five years to Come and unexpired in this
Lease the second of November 1649

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This ancient place of burial, now closed by an Order in Council (5) April, 1857), has been in use for over 600 years, and it is calculated about 20,000 interments have been made therein. It is commonly said that this churchyard has been encroached on in times past. No old stones remain. There is the head of an incised cross built into the outer wall of the north aisle. It has most likely belonged to some early priest, and cannot be dated later than 1100.

The inscriptions commence at the west end, along the north, east and

south sides to the west end again. They are as near as possible given row by row, and are all shortened. Many are much weatherworn. Novos amicos dum paras veteres cole. Interred here in contiguous graves are the remains of Thomas Brown, clerk, vicar of Blacktoft in East Yorkshire, the respected Curate of this parish above 25 years, and for 23 years Usher of Pocklington Free Grammar School*, Died 28 Feb. 1838, aged 78. Elizabeth, his wife, died 10 Jan. 1836, aged 76. Requiescant in pace. (*Appointed Usher 1811, became stone-deaf in 1817.)

William Hornby, surgeon, Pocklington, died Feb. 19. 1820, aged 66. Also 5 children. William died in infancy. John died March 30. 1800, aged 12. William died June 23. 1801, aged 9. Ann died April 29. 1819, aged 17. John died July 31. 1819 aged 19. Elizabeth, his wife, died August 25. 1833 aged 78.

Thomas Cook died Aug. 7. 1836, aged 67. Ellen, his daughter, died Feb. 15. 1836, aged 28. Rachael, his daughter, died May 13. 1836, aged 11. Rachael, wife of Thomas Cook jun died July 28. 1848, aged 28.

Elizabeth aged 80.

grandmother of Elizabeth Robinson died Nov. 14 1790,

John Todd, butcher, died Dec. 31. 1838, aged 66. Ann, his wife, died Jan. 8. 1835, aged 58. Henry, their son, died Feb. 10. 1836, aged 18. Robert Todd, shoemaker died Sept. 30. 1836, aged 69.

Robert Todd died Oct. 18. 1802, aged 66. Mary, his wife, died Oct. 27. 1808, aged 69. Henry, Son of John and Ann Todd, died Aug. 18. 1815, aged 6 months. William, son of Robert and Mary Todd died July 5. 1827, aged 68.

Robert Todd died Sept. 30. 1836, aged 69. Mary, his wife, died March 27. 1854, aged 77.

Eliza Barr died March 14. 1818, aged 11 months.

James Scaife died May 23. 1840, aged 75. John Scaife died April 4. 1817 aged 22. Jane wife of James Scaife, and aunt to John, died March 1. 1819, aged 49.

Edward Dans n died Aug. 27. 1849, aged 67. Mary, bis wife, and daughter of Robert Dolman Esq of Pocklington Manor, died Jan. 5. 1860, aged 84. Juliana Teresa, their second daughter, died Dec. 28. 1844, aged 37. Matilda Maria died Feb. 17. 1856, aged 40.

William Hudson died April 26. 1819, aged 62.

William Hudson, butterfactor, died Dec. 20. 1804, aged 79. Mary, his wife, died March 10. 1814, aged 79. Mary, wife of Henry Hudson, butterfactor, died April 13. 1814, aged 50.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Fife, died Sept. 20. 1820 aged 48.

Mary, wife of Thomas Fife, died Nov. 11. 1843, aged 50. Mary, their daughter, died in infancy. Thomas Fife died Jan 1851, aged 70.

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Daniel Harland died Feb. 18. 1825, aged 44. Jane, his wife, died April 24 1821, aged 26. Also their infant child.

William Johnson died Dec. 24. 1847, aged 74. Ann, his wife, died Sept 10. 1850, aged 84. William, their son, died in America Oct. 28. 1849, aged 49.

William Smith died Sept. 24. 1780, aged 35. Mary, his wife, died March 30. 1804, aged 59.

Thomas Young died Oct. 6, 1821, aged 80.

William Richardson died Sept. 4. 1834, aged 74. Ann, His wife, died May 21. 1826, aged 56. Harriet, their daughter, died April 17. 1826, aged 15.

Hannah, daughter of William and Ann Richardson, died May 11. 1821, aged 19.

Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Collinson, common brewer, died Aug. 21. 1824, aged 83. Sarah, his daughter and wife of James Tindale died Dec. 30. 1838, aged 50.

Wm, son of Elisha and Helen Collinson, died Aug. 16. 1818, aged 19.

Wm Collinson, common brewer, died May 1. 1820, aged 70.

Helen, wife of Elisha Collinson, malster and brewer of Focklington, died May 21. 1837, aged 68. John, their youngest son, died Feb. 18. 1839, aged 36. Elisha Collinson died June 20. 1840, aged 65. (mural tablet.)

Wm. Balk, of Kilnwick Percy, died Oct 1. 1852, aged 35.

Two headstones-inscriptions gone.

Ralph Green of Kilnwick Percy died June 1, 1814, aged 51.

James Cook died Feb. 13. 1847, aged 78. Mary, his wife, died Dec 10. 1818, aged 79.

Wm., son of Wm and Jane Little died July 22. 1820, aged 19.

Jane, daughter of Wm and Jane Little of Yapham, died June 22. 1813, aged 17. Wm. Flint died Dec 30. 1769 aged 63. (rest all worn)

An elaborately carved headstone-inscription gone.

On the Chancel East Wall.

In the memory of Thos. Pelling, Burton Stather in Lincolnshire, commonly call'd the flying man, who was killed against the battlement of the choir when coming down the rope from the steeple of this church. This fatal accident happened on the 14th and he was buried on the 16th of April 1733, exactly under the place where he died.20

Restored by public subscription 1889.

John Thompson, inkeeper of Pocklington, died March 27. 1850, aged 33. John Wm, his son, died Sept. 18. 1850.

John Thompson died May 1. 1843, aged 32. Margaret, his wife, died Oct. 19. 1846, aged 59.

Mark Swann died June 6. 1850, aged 60.

Mary, daughter of Stephen and Frances Walsh, died May 8. 1840, aged 10 months. Elizabeth, their daughter, died Sept. 29. 1848, aged 3 years and 7 months.

Roger Wilson died.........

20 Thomas Pelling was a travelling adventurer, his last performance before this being at Knaresborough. Amid a great company the rope was fixed to one of the pinnacles of the tower, the other end being attached to a windlass placed close to the Star Inn. Two iron rings were on the rope in which were inserted strong straps, one going round the chest and another round one leg, thus leaving;

both arms and one leg free to pose with as he descended. He was assisted into these straps, and began to descend, when to his dismay he found the rope slacken. He called out to the men, but they unfortunately turned the windlass the wrong way, causing the poor man to come in violent contact with the east end of the chancel, fracturing his skull and causing instant death.

George, son of Thomas and Mary Wilson, died Feb. 28. 1827. aged 18. Jane, their daughter, died Aug. 12. 1820, aged 9. Thomas Wilson died March 7. 1837, aged 56. Richard Codd, gent, formerly of Hull, died Sept. 30, 1835, aged 72.

Ann, wife of Richard Simpson Cook, and daughter of Thomas and Mary Wilson died Sept. 22. 1844, aged 21.

Wm. Stubbs died Oct. 9. 1853, aged 80. Elizabeth, his wife, died Dec. 3. 1856, aged 76. Richard, their son, died Aug. 25. 1879, aged 52, and was interred in St. James' Cemetery, Toronto.

Margaret Hodgson died Aug. 27. 1828, aged 21.

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Emily, wife of George Winter of Kilnwick Percy, and youngest daughter of the Rev. H. Ingilby, Kirkleatham, Cleveland, died July 21, 1832, aged 29.

George Brown died Feb. 11. 1827, aged 26.

Mary, wife of Wm. Rispin, died May 30. 1794, age 63. Wm. Rispin died May 20. 1821, aged 81. Wm. their son, died Nov. 18. 1822, aged 55. Also 4 children died in infancy.

John Haxby Wright, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Wright, died March 5. 1818. aged 3 years. Jane, their daughter, died Sept. 15. 1821, aged 9 weeks.

James Stathers, nearly 30 years a faithful servant to Robert Denison Esq, died Jan. 16. 1821, aged 65.

Sarah, wife of James Powell of Pocklington, attorney-at-law, died Nov. 1. 1803 aged 26. Mr. James Powell, father of the above James Powell, died July 3, 1802 aged 72. Christiana, daughter of the first-named James Powell, died May 10. 1826, aged 84.

Isabella Bell died Dec. 14. 1809, aged 79.

Jane, wife of Henry Powell, attorney-at-law, died Jan. 5. 1851, aged 46. Henry Powell died Sept. 8. 1862, aged 59. James Powell, attorney-at-law, died Nov. 11, 1848, aged 75.

Robert Judson died Aug. 30. 1842, aged 68.

Here lieth the body of William Rogerson, a Church Methodist, and at bis right hand lie his two wives, who were of the same persuasion. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. W.R died Dec. 10, 1819.

Ann Rogerson died Sept. 6. 1811, aged 74.

Ruth Rogerson, wife of Wm Rogerson, druggist of this town, died of a consumption Feb 27. 1805, aged 32. Thomas, their second son, died March 23. 1820, aged 17.

Wm. Elliot died Feb. 9. 1840, aged 80. Isabella, his wife, died Oct. 29. 1849, aged 76.

Mary Ann, wife of John Singleton Esq. of Teresa Cottage, Pocklington died Nov.......

Eliza Silburn, daughter of James Powell, attorney-at-law, died Sept. 7. 1849, aged 49. James Silburn died April 17. 1852, aged 26. John Silburn, husband of Eliza, died May 28. 1867, aged 71.

John Burkin died May 7. 1850, aged 77. Elizabeth, his wife, died March 20. 1814 aged 41. James, their son, died Oct. 12. 1801, aged 6. William died June 11. 1810 aged 10.

Joseph Robinson, youngest son of Wm and Ann Rogerson, died of Confluent Small-pox Sept 6. 1820, aged 3.

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