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of the pediment, eleven inches; on the south face of which are extended the arms of a figure, representing the crucified Saviour; and on the opposite side, facing the church, on the shaft of the Cross is a carving of the Virgin and Child.

That in this part of the country there have been abundant erections similar to the one under consideration, cannot be doubted, since almost every village exhibits, at the present period, fragments, at least, of such; but no other specimen remains to shew us the style and`perfect finish of these subjects; and the first sentiment rising in the mind is, how has it escaped the ravages of time, and how has it been shielded from the mischiefs of fanaticism? That it escaped the latter is most extraordinary, since the fury of the puritans was especially pointed against all sculptures of such subjects.

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Published for the Proprietors, by Waarke, New Bond Sere, and J. Carpenter, Old Bond So April 2.2.

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