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THIS Church is dedicated to All Saints, and consists of a body, north and south aisle, and chancel, leaded. On the north side of the chancel is a chauntry chapel. At the west end of the Church is an embattled tower, in which are four bells. The Church and chancel are seventy-one feet in length; the body and aisles, in breadth, thirty-eight feet four inches; the tower thirteen feet in length, and eleven feet in breadth. In the east window of the south aisle is the portrait of the Virgin Mary, with our Saviour in her arms, and beneath is an imperfect inscription. In 1254 this Church, deducting 16s. the annual portion of the abbot of Thorney, was valued at twelve marks. In 1535 it was rated at £12, out of which was deducted, in a pension to the abbot of Croyland, 10s. to the abbot of Thorney 6s. 8d. in procurations and synodals 10s. 7d.

In this Church of Addington Magna, was a chauntry, founded and endowed with lands to the yearly value of £6, by Henry Veer, for a priest, to sing, for ever, for himself and his ancestors; and by his last will


sold, and with the produce to purchase as much as his executors could for his chauntry.

The south porch of this Church is ancient; the arch is circular, and ornamented with the zigzag moulding; the columns were three on each side, but their capitals only remain, which bear some faint resemblance to the Corinthian.


Engravd by J.Storer from a Drawing by J. Roe, for the Antiquarian & Topographical Cabine.

East Gate Marwick.

Published for the Proprietors by W.Clarke. New Bond S& Carpet, Old Bond 5: April118.

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