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West Bridge, Lucester.

Published for the Propriators by Wark, New Bond Sand Carport, Bond March

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THE West Bridge is erected over the river Soar, and has four high arches. It is forty yards long, six wide, on both sides the centre; but at the centre five yards six inches: its parapet wall is also unequal, yet, on an average, may be four feet high above the pavement. One arch is pointed, the other three are round. From this Bridge to Braunston Gate Bridge is 204 yards, inclining to the south.

On the south side of the West Bridge is a dwellinghouse, resting on its edge, the water passing under it through the arch nearest the town, and the back part continuing above the water on the stone-work, that was once a chapel with a bell on the south-west side without, near the top, the frame of which still remains, though the window through which it might play is stopped up. Here two mendicant friars asked alms for the benefit of the neighbouring priory of the Black Friars.

There was also, till very lately, a foot-bridge, covered over wholly with ivy, and called Bow Bridge, because it consisted of one large arch, like a bow, striding from the friary near the West Bridge, over a back

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