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which was a plain oblong room, running parallel with the chapel, being somewhat longer, but not so wide. On the south side of the altar is another window; and below it is a tomb, having three figures cut in the rock. The principal figure is a lady, reclining; at her feet is a warrior, erect; the third probably represented an angel hovering over; but this, as well as the second, is much defaced. At the lady's feet, likewise, is an ox's head. This was the crest of the Widdrington family, whose castle is but five miles from this Hermitage. It is also the crest of the Nevilles, and two other ancient families in the north.

On the outward face of the rock, near a small vestibule, in which it is supposed the Hermit frequently meditated, is a winding staircase, cut also in the living stone, leading through an arched door to the top of the cliff. Here was formerly an orchard: some straggling flowers, and a solitary gooseberry-bush, which grow near the foot of the hill, point out where formerly was the Hermit's garden. A small building, at the foot of the cliff, now nearly destroyed, was his dwelling.

The Hermitage of Warkworth has been celebrated by many; but by none, in so pleasing a manner, as by Dr. Percy, in his ballad entituled the "Hermit of Warkworth."

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