The Mechanic's, Machinist's, and Engineer's Practical Book of Reference: Containing Tables and FormulŠ for Use in ... Mensuration ... Together with the Engineer's Field Book ...

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J.G. Gregor, 1855 - 504 pages

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Page 235 - SOLDERS. For Lead, melt 1 part of Block tin ; and when in a state of fusion, add 2 parts of Lead. Resin should be used with this solder. For Tin, Pewter 4 parts, Tin I, and Bismuth 1 ; melt them together.
Page 53 - Multiply the weight of the several particles by the squares of their distances from the centre of motion, and divide the sum of the products by the weight of the whole mass...
Page 43 - The areas of circles are to each other as the squares of their diameters, or of their radii.
Page 42 - NOTE. — 1. As 7 is to 22, so is the diameter to the circumference; or, as 22 is to 7, so is the circumference to the diameter.
Page 93 - ... water to cover it; then take a piece of white flannel, lay it over a piece of cork or rubber, and proceed to polish the varnish, always wetting it with the tripoli and water. It will be known when the process is finished by wiping a part of the work with a sponge, and observing whether there is a fair even gloss. When this is the case, take a bit of mutton suet and fine flour and clean the work.
Page 138 - To find the absolute strength of a rectangular beam, when fixed at one end and loaded at the other. RULE. Multiply the value of S by the depth of the beam, and by the area of its section, both in inches: divide the product by the leverage in inches, and the quotient equal the absolute strength of the beam in Ibs.
Page 226 - Find the first three figures in the left-hand column of the page under N, in which the number is situated, and the fourth figure, at the top or bottom of the page ; then the logarithm directly under the fourth figure, and in a line with the three figures in the column on the left, with its proper index, is the logarithm required. Thus, the log. of 450 is 2-653213, and the log. of 7464 is 3-872972. Or, the log. of 378-5 is 2-578066, and that of -7854 is— 1-895091.
Page 47 - To find the convex surface, solidity, or capacity of a cone or pyramid. Rule 1 . — Multiply the circumference of the base by the slant height, and half the product is the slant surface.
Page 137 - The distance between the supports of a beam of Riga fir is 16 feet, and the weight it must be capable of sustaining in the middle of its length is 8000 Ibs., with a deflection of not more than...
Page 141 - When the length of a cast iron column with flat ends equals about thirty times its diameter, fracture will be produced wholly by bending of the material ; — when of less length, fracture takes place partly by crushing and partly by bending : but, when the column is enlarged in the middle of its length from one and a half to twice its diameter at the ends, by being cast hollow, the strength is greater by ^-th than in a solid column containing the same quantity of material.

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