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For notice of this brass, I am indebted to Mr. A. N. Clapham, who, when visiting the church, noticed the brass and finding no mention of it in The Journal, kindly made and gave to me the rubbing from which the accompanying illustration has been made. The slab containing the brass lies on the floor of the chancel; but the brass itself has been sadly mutilated. The head of the figure, the centre of the body, one shield, and two scrolls are missing. The upper part of the body, the legs below the knees, the inscription and one shield still remain, and the pieces are of interest as adding one more example to the work of the local school of engravers. The figure represents Robert Constable, esq., chancellor of Durham, who died 2 October, 1454, and is in armour. Judging from the outline he appears to have worn a livery collar over the gorget. The shoulder and elbow-pieces are, respectively, similar in shape. The breastplate is strengthened by an overlapping plate and the gauntlets have long cuffs. The feet, which are encased in long pointed sollerets, with rowel spurs strapped over the insteps, rest on a mound covered with flowering plants. Below is a black letter inscription in four lines :

Hic iacet Bob'tus Conestable Armig’
quod' Cancellarius dunelm qui obiit
sec do die mens' Octobr' Anno dñi Mo

cccco liiiio Cui' die p'piciet ds Ame One shield, the upper dexter, still remains, it bears the arms of Constable of Everingham, quarterly (gu.) and (vair) a bend (or), charged with an annulet for difference.

The sinister shield and two scrolls below the inscription are lost. In the illustration the shields and scrolls are closed up in order to save space. On the slab the former are 8 inches above the apex of the outline of the helmet; the latter 18 inches below the inscription plate. The figure, when complete, measured 20 inches in height, the inscription plate 19 by 7 inches, the shields 61 by 5 inches, and the scrolls 3} inches. The will of Robert Constable, dated 25 September and proved 10 November, 1454, an interesting document in English, is printed in Test. Ebor., ii, 174.



The following miscellaneous notices of Yorkshire clergy have been kindly communicated by Colonel Parker, C.B., F.S.A., and will doubtless be found useful by those who are interested in compiling lists of the incumbents of their parish churches. All are from the De Banco Roll, No. 700.

St. Hilary, 14 Henry VI (13th January, 1436). m. 54. John Storme, parson of the parish church of Erghom

(near Skipsea), defendant in an action for debt. m. 56. Master Robert Gilbert, Dean of the Cathedral Church of

S. Peter, York, v. William Monkton, Vicar of the church

of Topclyff, re debt 16 li. m. 57d. Master Roger Dokwra, clerk, plaintiff, his trees at Burton

in Kendal cut by defendants. m. 88d. Richard de Sherburne and Robert de Wodrofe, chaplain,

v. Thomas de Colthurst, of Mitton, yeoman, debt 20

marks. m. 178. Prior of Nostell v. Thomas Woderofe, vicar of the church of

Thikehill, debt 20 li. m. 179. Adam de Overend v. William Wade, parson of the church

of Ellyngton, debt 47s. m. 179d. John Wenesley, of Lemyng com. Ebor., chaplain, defendant

in an action for debt. Ibid. Thos. Marshall v. Thomas de Reynton, of Thresk, chaplain,

breaking his close at Thresk. Ibid. Executors of Richard Semer, late sub-treasurer of the

Cathedral Church of York, v. Executors of William

Bamburgh, late parson of the church of Goldesburgh. Ibid.

Richard Hyde, parson of the church of Wynestede, and

John Robynson, vicar of the church of Swyn, executors

of will of Rob. Hilton, Knt., plaintiffs. m. 193. William Anderby, John Marshall, clerk, John Wynter,

and William Lamson, executors of the will of William Pelleson alias Pelson, Archdeacon of Clyveland, and Canon Residentiary of York, plaintiffs, v. Abbot of

S. Mary's, York, debt 40 li. m. 195. Master Robert Wyot, parson of the church of Baynton,

v. William Estyby, parson of the church of Blaketoryngton, debt 6 li. 135. 11 d.

m. 1950. Thomas Hoderod, chaplain of the chantry in the Chapel of

B. Mary V. in the parish church of Acworth, plaintiff, re

his chattels at Thorpanderby. m. 1960. Master William Fylham, John Stevenys, John Welston,

chaplains, and Thomas Waryn, executors of the will of the Reverend Master William Pilton, clerk, late Prebendary of the Prebend of Dryffeld, plaintiffs in an

action for debt. m. 197d. Abbot of Byland v. Robert Habram, vicar of the parish

church of Scardburgh, debt 4os. m. 206d. Richard Dryffeld, parson of the church of Lofthous, execu

tor of the will of Thomas Scott, late parson of a moiety of the church of Hoton Bussell in Pykeringlyth, v.

Thomas Fyscher of Kyllom, chaplain, debt 40s. m. 212. Thomas Hemelsay, of York, clerk, plaintiff. Ibid. John Kyng, vicar of the church of Halyfax, plaintiff,

debt 405.

m. 213d. John Murchall, clerk, Nicholas Keld, parson in the choir

(p'sona in choro) of the Cathedral Church of York, Richard Sprunt, chaplain, and Thomas de Mynskyp, late Registrar of John Wodham, late Archdeacon of the Estrydyng in the metropolitan church of York and of the churches of York aforesaid and of the collegiate church of Beverley, York Diocese, late Canon Residentiary of the Prebendary of Stenelyngton and of the Altar of S. Andrew, late Prebend in the same, executors of the will of John Wodham, late Archdeacon (etc. etc., as before) alias

John Wodham, clerk, plaintiffs. m. 234. Thomas Howelot or Hughlot, vicar of the parish church

of Kildeswyke, plaintiff, debt ro li. m. 237. John Clerk, parson of the church of Spofforth, plaintiff. m. 296. William White, vicar of the church of Ilkesley, defendant,

debt 40s.

m. 341d. John Orwen, vicar of the church of Thornton Steward,

John Plungar of Watlous, chaplain, and Thomas
Sutton of Hunton, yeoman, executors of the will of
William Plungar, late parson of the church of Watlous,
to answer the executors of Henry Fitz Hugh, Knt.,

late Lord of Ravensworth, for debts of 16s. and gs. Ibid. William Elleslake, parson of the church of Cheryburton,

defendant in an action for debt. m. 343. John Mounkton, vicar of the church of Wartre, defendant m. 369d. John Hoton, vicar of the church of Holym (near Hull)

in an action for debt.

defendant, debt 40s. New Numbers. Octave of Purification B.V.M., 14 Hen. VI

(9th February, 1436). m. 2od. Nicholas Clerk, parson of the church of Spofford, defendant,

debt 18 li. m. 21d. Thomas Wilton, parson of the parish church of Seszay, v.

William Monkton, vicar of the church of Topclyff, debt

9 li. 13s. 4d. m. 4.d. Robert Bery and Richard Pollard, executors of the will

of John Prikloue, late parson of the parish church of

magna leghis,” London Diocese, deceased, alias John Prikeloue, late Canon and Prebend of Bugthorp, plaintiffs, v. John Alott of Bugthorp, clerk, and Thomas

Alott of Skirpenbek, yeoman, debt. m. 43. Thomas Tod, vicar of the church of Staynton in Cleveland,



THE PARTICULARITEES OF PLAITE.1 Wyrksope. Fyrste a paire of syluer candlestickes. Item one sensour of syluer. Item one shyp of syluer. Item fyve chalyces. Item ij cuppes wt couers, gilt. Item ij saltes wt j couere. Item xij siluer spones. Item iiij aile cuppes.

Thaugustine Freers of Tikhill. Item ij little chalices.
Gray Freers at Doncastre. Item iij chalices. Item ij crewettes.

Monckbretton. Item j crosse of wodd, plated wt siluer. Item an oder wodd crosse, plated wt siluer, having the iiij evangelistes enameled. Item fyve chalices. Item j little pixe gylt. Item ij crewettes. Item j gret squair salt wt couer, parcell gilt. Item j oder squair salt wtout couer, parcel gilt. Item xij spoones. Item j standing piece wt couer, gylt. Item j pounced piece. Item ij little flat pieces. Item iij masors. Item j goblet wt couer, parcell gilt.

Thaugustine Freers of Pountfret. Item one little chalice.

The whyte Freers of Yorke. Item iij chalices. Item j crosse, gilt. Item j flatt piece. Item iij masors. Item j salt. Item xij spones. Item j pixe of y(vor)ie.

Graye Freers in Yorke. Item iij chalices. Item ij crewettes. Item x spones. Item ij masors. Item j round salt, parcell gilt.


were surrendered

Henry VIII State Papers, xiii (2), no. 1172. This inventory is attached to a valuation of the properties of the diffe

rent priories which
30 Henry VIII.

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