The Beauties of England and Wales, Or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County, Volume 5

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Page 261 - With one sole pen I writ this book, Made of a grey goose quill ; A pen it was when it I took, And a pen I leave it still.
Page 241 - Where, thro' a shapeless breach, his stream resounds; As high in air the bursting torrents flow, As deep recoiling surges foam below, Prone down the rock the whitening sheet descends, And viewless Echo's ear, astonished, rends. Dim-seen, thro' rising mists, and ceaseless show'rs, The hoary cavern, wide-surrounding, low'rs. Still, thro...
Page 486 - Chapter, apparelled in copes and proper vestments, with garlands of roses on their heads, sent the body of the buck to be baked, and had the head and horns fixed on a pole before the cross, in their procession round about the church, till they issued at the west door, where the keeper that brought it blowed the death of the buck, and then the horns that were about the city answered him in like manner ; for which they had each...
Page 37 - Latin, and the seven arts, which were all but the teachings of the natural man, was not the way to make them ministers of Christ. For the languages began at Babel; and to the Greeks, that spake Greek as their...
Page 369 - It may please your grace, that were not for mine ease. They are most of them my retainers, that are come to do me service at such a time as this, and chiefly to see your grace.
Page 164 - The stems are segments of a circle, with considerable rakes. The bottom section, to the floor-heads is a curve fore and aft, with the sweep of the keel. The floor timber has a small rise curving from the keel to the floor-heads. A...
Page 355 - Whose Basis on Devotion stands. While yet We draw this vital Breath, We can our FAITH and HOPE declare : But CHARITY beyond our Death, Will ever in our Works appear. Best be He call'd among good Men, Who to his GOD this Column rais'd : Tho' Lightning strike the Dome again; The Man, who built it, shall be prais'd.
Page 150 - West, and was defended from the superincumbent earth by four large flat stones, which the relater, a man of great probity, who was present when the skeleton was measured, and who himself took the teeth out of the jaw, saw removed. The coins were found on the South side of the skeleton, near the right hand.
Page 165 - But, exclusive of the cork, the admirable construction of this boat gives it a decided pre-eminence, the ends being similar, the boat can be rowed either way ; and this peculiarity of form alleviates her rising over the waves.
Page 306 - ... to deliver themselves up to mercy, it was necessary, for the example of others, and that the peace of the kingdom might be no more disturbed in that manner, that some military justice should be executed; and therefore, that council had determined they three should be presently shot to death...

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