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printed at the Theatre; for James Fletcher, and Joseph Pote, at Eton, 1744

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Page 98 - Hearne affirms, that in this piece there are some 'romantic assertions: — otherwise 'tis a book of value, and more authority is to be given to it than is given to poetical books of Late Years.
Page 41 - The very roote of the hille wheron this forteres stode is more then a mile in cumpace. In the upper parte of the coppe of the hille be 4. diches or trenches, and a balky waulle of yerth betwixt every one of them. In the very toppe of the hille above al the trenchis is magna area or campus of a 20. acres or more by estimation, wher yn dyverse places men may se fundations and rudera of walles. There was much dusky blew stone that people of the villages therby hath caryid away.
Page 31 - I saw 2 images, whereof one was of a naked man grasping a serpent in each hand, as I took it ; and this image was not far from the north gate. Such antiquities as were in the walls from the north gate to the east, and from the east gate to the south, hath been defaced by the building of the monastery, and making new walls. I much doubt whether these antique works were set in the time of the Romans...
Page 74 - ... Castelle, vulgo Boscastel, first a 2. Miles by enclosid Ground having sum Woodde and good Corne. Thens an 8. Miles by Morisch and Hilly Ground and great scarsite of Wod, insomuch that al the Countery therabout brennith Firres and Hethe. And thens a 2. Miles to...
Page 74 - Boscastelle lyith apon the brow of a rokky hille by south-est, and so goith doun by lenght to the northe toward the se, but not even ful hard to it. It is a very filthy toun and il kept. There is a chirch in it, as I remembre of S. Simpherian.
Page 20 - ... voultid for poore market folkes to stande dry when rayne cummith. Ther be 8. great pillers and 8. open arches : and the work is 8. square : one great piller in the midle berith up the voulte. The men of the toun made this peace of work in hominum memoria.
Page 32 - Ther goeth a sluise out of this bathe, and servid in tymes with water derivid out of it 2 places in Bath priorie usid for bathes, els voide, for in them be no springes.
Page 21 - Cosham,'1 a good uplandisch toun, wher be ruines of an old maner place : and therby a park wont to be yn dowage to the quenes of Englande. Mr. Baynton yn Quene Annes dayes pullid doun by licens a peace of this house sumwhat to help his buildinges at Bromeham.
Page 97 - ... lye two Stone Coffins, and on the Wall just above them are painted the common Verses, in Latin and 4° English, which are handed about in Memory of Rosamund. 'Tis commonly said that one of those Coffins was that in which Rosamund her self was laid, and the other that which was for her Keeper. But this we are to look upon as no more than the fiction of the Vulgar. 'Tis however likely that the Coffins were dug up here, and were those in which two Nunns, or two other Persons (for others were interr'd...
Page 32 - The other bathe is a 2. hunderith foote of, and is lesse in fo. 37. cumpace withyn the waulle then the other, having but 7. arches yn the waulle. This is caullid the Hote Bathe; for at cumming into it men think that it wold scald the flesch at the first, but after that the flesch ys warmid it is more tolerable and pleasaunt.

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