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attached to the handle as to have a point within it to check the elasticity and prevent the point from yielding too much.

Claim. "What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the manner in which I construct my point for manifold writing, by combining with the conical spiral wire point, the check point, in the manner described, and attaching them to a handle for the purpose described."

17. For an improvement in the method of Preventing Chimneys from Smoking; Joseph Gilbert, Frease's P. O., Stark county, Ohio, November 13.

Channels are made around the fire place, before the pilasters and fascia are put on, which communicate, by means of vertical channels in the stack, with the spaces between the floors and ceilings to conduct cold air to the fire place. The pilasters and fascia of the mantel are placed over these channels, thus forming the front thereof. The lower portion of the fascia of the mantel is brought to a feather edge, so as to form a horizontal longitudinal space behind the mantel commmunicating with the horizontal air channel in the breast of the chimney, through which space behind the mantel, the cold air passes from the said channels to the fire place.

Claim.-"I do not claim admitting the external air for the purpose of preventing chimneys from smoking, as that has been done before; but what I do claim, is the mode herein described of introducing the air-that is to say, between the mantel and the arch, in the manner and for the purpose described."

18. For an improvement in Manufacturing Lard and Tallow; H. A. Amelung, St. Louis, Missouri, November 13.

This process consists in extracting fat from fibrin, &c., by mechanical means, such as rollers, and discharging into a vat divided into an upper and lower compartment by a sieve, which permits the oil and fat to pass into the lower compartment, from which it is put into a warm water bath, to separate the oil and fat entirely from the fibrin, albumen, &c. And, in conclusion, the fat is put into a vessel heated by steam, to be cooked.

Claim. "What I claim therein as new, and desire to secure by letters patent, is the process herein described of obtaining fat from the fibrin, &c. before it is cooked, and afterwards cooking the expressed fat in the manner described; by which the danger of injury to the lard, by cooking it with its impurities, is obviated, and a much purer article obtained, as well as a saving effected."

19. For an improvement in the machine for Sowing Grain Broad cast; Ezra Fisk, Fayette, Kennebec county, Me., November 18. There is a cylinder placed at, and which closes up, the opening in the bottom of a hopper. This cylinder is grooved longitudinally, and in rotating, the grooves carry out the seeds, which would be thrown on the ground in rows, were it not that the frame, or "platform,"

which holds the hopper and cylinder, has a reciprocate movement communicated to it by spurs on the axle of the supporting wheels of the machine, and a spring, which casts the seeds broadcast over the surface of the ground. Along the lower edge of the hopper there is a brush for clearing the surface of the cylinder of the surplus seeds.

Claim. "What I claim, is the combination of the vibrating grooved cylinder with the vibrating slide or platform, and also, in combination with the vibrating cylinder, the brush as described; said parts being arranged and operated substantially in the manner set forth."

20. For an improvement in the Wheat Fan or Winnowing Mill; William Stanley, Jamestown, Guilford county, N. C., November 18. Claim."I do not claim a spiral fan wheel, as that has been before used with winnowing machines; but what I do claim, is placing upon the same shaft two spiral wheels, 30 arranged and combined that the air shall be drawn in at both ends of the concave cylinder which surrounds them, and contracted and forced out at the centre upon the screens, or be used for any other purpose where a strong blast of air is required, substantially in the manner herein described."

21. For an improvement in the Cooking Stove; James H. Lyon, Schenectady, New York, November 18.

The furnace of this stove is placed above the oven, and slides thereon, from front to back, by means of handles passing through the front of the stove, to regulate the baking in the oven.

Claim. "I claim as my invention, the government of the heat of an oven during the process of baking, by combining there with a movable furnace, situated immediately above said oven."

22. For improvements in the Mowing or Reaping Machine; Wm. F. Ketchum, Buffalo, Erie county, New York, November 18.

In this machine, the grain is cut by means of vibrating cutters, projecting somewhat in the manner of saw teeth from one edge of a plate. The cog gearing which forms the connexion between this vibrating plate and the supporting wheels of the carriage, to which the whole mechanism is attached, is placed within the supporting wheels that have cogs on their inner peripheries, and are cased in to protect the mechanism.

For the purpose of bending in the heads of grain and holding them whilst being cut, there is an endless apron which passes over rollers at a proper height above the cutters.

Claim." What I claim as my invention, is the combination of the driving wheels with the cutters, in the manner described, by forming internal gear on the wheels, and inclosing all the driving gear inside of them by the construction and arrangement above set forth.

"I also claim the employment of an apron in combination with the cutters, for turning in the tops of the grain, as herein described."

23. For an improvement in the Machine for Separating Grain

from Straw; Manning and Christopher Packard, Clarendon, Orleans county, N. Y., Nov. 18.

A belt, or apron, is made to pass over rollers, at the upper and lower ends of an inclined board, and above this there is arranged a succession of rotating beaters, the shafts of which are placed at equal distances apart from end to end of the inclined plane. These beaters are composed of bars parallel with the shaft, and arranged in an ellipsis around it, and the greater diameter of the first is placed at right angles to that of the second, the third corresponds with the first, the fourth with the second, and so on, throughout the series. The grain and straw from the thrashing machine is discharged at the top of these beaters at the bottom of the plane, and by their rotation, the straw is carried up and discharged at the top, and the grain thus separated falls into the apron, and is by it carried to a fan.

Claim." What we claim as our invention, and which we desire to secure by letters patent, is the combination and arrangement of the revolving oval racks for conveying the straw and separating the grain therefrom, operated in the manner set forth, or other mode substantially the same. We also claim the combination of the revolving endless apron, with the before described revolving oval racks, arranged in the manner and for the purpose set forth."

34. For improvements in the Rotary Steam Engine; Matthew Fletcher, England, Nov. 18.

The pistons of this rotary engine are attached to, and rotate with a drum placed within a permanent cylinder and eccentric thereto, the periphery of the drum being in contact with one part of the inner periphery of the cylinder. The outer face of the pistons are segments of circles equal in diameter to the inner periphery of the cylinder, and their inner edges are jointed to slides that play in radial grooves in the drum. As it is indispensable that the outer faces of the pistons, in their rotation, be kept concentric with, and therefore, their inner edge converging to the centre of the cylinder, their ends are connected. with segments that rotate in an annular, formed by two rings or circles, concentric with the cylinder. And to prevent, in some measure, the friction produced by the centrifugal force which presses the pistons against the periphery of the wheel, a ring, or hoop is let into a groove in the face of the segments on the ends of the pistons, which binds them together and prevents the centrifugal action.

Claim." What I claim, is—1st, the concentric and eccentric motion, in conjunction with the jointed fliers or pistons, which causes the said fliers or pistons always to point to the centre of the cylinder, and keep the same radius as the cylinder. The eccentric motion, alone, would not carry out the fliers or pistons to form a true circle, if not in conjunction with the principle of jointed fliers.

"2d. I claim the method of taking the friction from the outside of the fliers or pistons, against the sides of the cylinder, occasioned by the centrifugal force, by means of the ring or hoop' which unites the fliers or pistons in manner substantially as described."

35. For an improvement in the Smelting Furnace; Leman Bradley, Sharon, Litchfield county, Connecticut, November 18.

This consists in dividing the stack into two, three, or more compartments, by means of partitions, extending from the top to a point a little above the entrance of the blast. Into one of these divisions the coal only is put, and the usual charge of ore, coal, &c., in the others; and that part of the hearth which is below the coal division is elevated above the other portion, that the coal may be kept up to the blast, and permit the melted metal to descend below it. The patentee sums up the operations and the advantages in the following words, viz: "The greatest part of the charge being put in the compartment next to the headstone, the metal will rest on the boshes, and will not come down faster than it is melted by the blast-the principal part of which comes in through the body of coal in the chamber, from the blowpipe; the combustion being thereby rendered perfect before the blast reaches the metal, a great saving of fuel is effected, and a better quality of iron is produced. The damper over the coal chamber is kept down during the operation, and the gases are allowed to escape through the chambers on the opposite side of the partition. The fuel in the chamber rests on the hearth, and cannot fall much below the blast. A small blast can also be thrown in on the opposite side of the furnace to the main blast, which is regulated at pleasure."

Claim. Having thus fully described my improvements, what I claim therein as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is dividing the interior of the furnace stack into two or more compartments, by partitions, which descend nearly to the bosh of the furnace -the bosh being the same as that of the common blast furnace, except the elevated hearth; the whole being constructed, arranged, and combined, in the manner and for the purpose herein set forth.

"I also claim the hearth, raised above the common hearth, and with the bosh, so that the melted metal will fall below the blast, and the fuel be retained up to the blast, as set forth."

36. For an improvement in the Press for Packing or Compressing Cotton; Peter M. Wright, New York City, N. Y., November 26. The follower of this press is carried down by means of connecting rods, jointed to the follower and to cogged segments, operated by pinions; and for the purpose of increasing the capacity of the press for larger bales, the rods are connected with the follower by means of notches (called by the patentee ratchets) in the rods, which fit into pins or wrists projecting from the sides of the follower.

Claim. I claim the method of increasing the capacity of the press, by prolonging the upper ends of the connecting rods or levers, in connexion with the ratchet as described."

37. For an improved method of making Stereotype Plates; Clement Davidson, Saratoga, New York, November 26.

Claim. "Having thus described my improvements and their operation, what I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters

patent, is-1st. The joining the moulds in the manner described, or in any other substantially the same.

"2d. I claim constructing the casting pan in the manner described, with upright tubes at the sides thereof, through which the metal flows into the pan; and the cover having a cup formed on the top thereof, with holes through it into the pan: the whole being arranged in the manner and for the purpose described.

"3d. I claim the combination of the moulds, the floaters, or plates between them and the pans, in the process of stereotyping, substantially in the manner and for the purpose set forth; by which any convenient number of plates can be cast at one time, without danger of breaking the moulds, or injuring the face of the letters, by dirt, or dross, or shrinkage.

4th. I claim the combination of the revolving and stationary cutters, for reducing and leveling the back of stereotype plates, as herein made known; and, in combination there with, the springs or fingers for holding down the plates.

66 5th. I claim the combinations of the chisels, constructed and arranged as herein described, with the ordinary leveling machine, in the manner and for the purpose above specified.

"6th. I claim, also, the revolving marginal cutters, for leveling the edges of stereotype plates, arranged and constructed in the manner set forth, in combination with the chiseling machine for finishing stereotype plates."

Without drawings, or a description beyond the limits of this work, the nature of these improvements could not be indicated better than by the above claims.

38. For improvements in the Machine for Cutting Shingles; Tillott Cole, Kent, Putnam county, New York, November 26.

In this machine, the knife for cutting the shingles is attached to a sliding gate, and the block of wood is put upon a platform, and, after the cut of a shingle, pushed up by the attendant, for another cut; and the block is gauged by means of two vertical eccentric rollers attached to, and moving with the knife gate. The eccentricity of these rollers is for the purpose of so gauging the block as to cut the butt alternately, from opposite ends of the block, by giving them half a revolution to each stroke of the knife, which is effected by an arrangement of levers jointed to the gate and pitman, that, by means of a hand taking into a ratchet wheel, turn a cog wheel connected with a pinion on each of the rollers.

Claim. What I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by letters patent, is-1st. The combination of the eccentric rollers, for gauging the thickness of the shingle to be cut, with the knife gate, as herein described. 2d. In combination with the eccentric rollers on the vibrating gate, the arrangement of cog-wheels, ratchet, and levers, for rotating the eccentric rollers as described."

39. For an improvement in the Hand or Bench Plane; Levi Sandford, East Solon, Courtland county, New York, November 26.

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