Medical Record, Volume 2

Front Cover
George Frederick Shrady, Thomas Lathrop Stedman
W. Wood., 1868

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Page 17 - By how much the more men ought to beware of this passion, which loseth not only other things, but itself. As for the other losses, the poet's relation doth well figure them: That he that preferred Helena, quitted the gifts of Juno and Pallas.
Page 178 - LECTURES ON THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF PHYSIC. Delivered at King's College, London. A new American, from the last revised and enlarged English edition, with Additions, by D. FRANCIS CONDIE, MD, author of ".A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children,
Page 123 - Resolved that a committee of five be appointed by the chair to take into consideration the subject of establishing a high school, and that they confer with District Two and make a report at some future meeting.
Page 154 - ... conveying any notice, hint, or reference, to any person, or to the name of any person, real or fictitious, from whom, or to any place, house, shop, or office, where any poison, drug, mixture, preparation, medicine, or noxious thing, or any instrument or means whatever, or any advice, direction, information, or knowledge, may be obtained for the purpose of...
Page 128 - The instruction in the three series is to be given simultaneously, and to continue throughout the whole of each annual College term ; each student attending the lectures on such branches as belong to his period of progress in study, in the same manner as the sophomore...
Page 154 - Every person who provides, supplies, or administers to any pregnant woman, or procures any such woman to take any medicine, drug, or substance, or uses or employs any instrument or other means whatever, with intent thereby to procure the miscarriage of such woman, unless the same is necessary to preserve her life, is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not less than two nor more than five years.
Page 123 - That a Committee of three be appointed by the Chair, whose duty shall be to memorialize Congress relative to the cultivation of the Cinchona tree. Carried.
Page 128 - President, in the Chair. The minutes of the previous session were read and approved. The Committee on Credentials announced Dr.
Page 124 - That as the present insane hospitals are capable of accommodating but a small proportion of the 40,000 insane of the United States, and as almshouse and jail provision is not adapted to their proper care and treatment, this Association, would recommend to the proper State authorities, to make such further provision in the direction above indicated as may tend to the amelioration of their condition, if not the restoration of their rational and moral faculties.
Page 127 - That every medical student shall be required to study four full years, including three regular annual courses of Medical College instruction, before being admitted to an examination for the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

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