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Dafydd Lloyd ap Thomas ap Roland Lloyd ap Thomas ap Roland ap Dafydd Lloyd ap William ap Dafydd Lloyd ap Dafydd ap Ieuan fychan ap Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Gruffydd ap Madoc ap Iorwerth ар Madoc Ririd Flaidd.


Mam Dafydd Lloyd oedd Susan verch ac etifeddes Nathaniel Jones o'r Hendwr ap Moris Jones. Mam Susan oedd Mary Gwyn verch ac etifeddes Humphre ap Hugh Gwyn o'r Hendwr.

Mam Thomas Lloyd oedd Kattrin verch Pyrs Wynn ap Robert Wynn o'r Plas Issa yn y Deirnion.


Humffre Branes ap Morgan Branes ap Humffre ap

1 The pedigree here differs from that in Hist. Powys Fadog, vi, p. 23, in which the male and female lines appear to have been confused, and the entire descent is derived from David, second son of Ieuan, second son of Y Gwion Llwyd, Baron of Hendwr, of Gwnodl in Glyndyvrdwy, and of Branas Isa in Edeyrnion, instead of, as here, from Ieuan, second son of Gruffydd of Llanuwchlyn, ab Madoc ab Iorwerth ab Ririd Vlaidd. (Arch. Camb., 1877, pp. 102 et seq.) Here Thomas appears as the son of Rowland ab Thomas ab Rowland ab Davydd; there as the son of Rowland ab Davydd ab Rhydderch. The marriages differ entirely. The confusion would seem to have arisen out of the marriage of David Lloyd with Catherine, daughter of William ab David Lloyd, descended from Ieuan, second son of Gruffydd of Llanuwchlyn, fourth from Rhirid Vlaidd, whose line is here given as the paternal one from Madoc of Hendwr. (See also H. P. F., vi, pp. 19, 47.) Humphrey Jones of Tyfos, not named in either pedigree, was co-executor with Henry Lloyd, of Penporchell, of the will of John Lloyd of Penaner, who died s. p., 1690.Ex inf. C. S. Mainwaring, Esq., of Galltvaenan and Bwlch y Beudy.

2 High Sheriff of Merionethshire, 1673. He married Mary, daughter and heiress of Humphrey Wynn of Hendwr. (Hist. Powys Fadog, vi, p. 21.)

3 This is the pedigree of Branas Uchaf, not to be confounded with Branas Isaf. Plas yn Nghrogen is now called simply Crogen, and belongs to the Earl of Dudley by purchase. The house is on the bank of the Dee. The Branas estate having been sold, has passed through several families, and been since 1696 the property of the houses of Llanvorda and Wynnstay. (Hist. Powys Fadog, vi, 19, 47.)

Morgan ap Robert ap Reinallt ap Gruffydd' ap Rys ap Ieuan ap Llewelyn ddu o'r Deirnion.

Plant Robert ap Reinallt o Elizabeth Konwy o Fryneuryn oedd Morgan ap Robert; Lowri gwraig Thomas Lloyd o Lloran; a Mared gwraig Howel ap Rys ap Evan ap Llewelyn o Fochuant is Rhaiadr.

Plant Morgan ap Robert oedd Humffre, Robert, Ann, Elizabeth, Sian, a Gwen.

Plant Morgan o wraig arall a elwyd Sioned verch Ieuan oedd Ffoulke ap Morgan yn unig ac a aned yn amser y wraig gyntaf.


Humphre Hughes ap Richard Hughes ap Hugh ap William ap Gruffydd Fychan ap Dafydd' ap Rys ap Ieuan ap Llewelyn ddu ap Dafydd ap Gruffydd ap Iorwerth ар Owen Brogyntyn.

Mam Hugh ap William oedd Margred' verch Meredydd ap Dafydd ap Einion fychan.


Mam William ap Gruffydd fychan oedd ... ferch Meredydd ap Iolyn ap Ieuan Gethin.10

1 There is an ode by L. G. Cothi, addressed to Gruffydd ap Rys. (Lewys Dunn, vol. ii; works of Lewis Glynn Cothi, Dosparth, v, 13, p. 407, first ed.) The object of the poem is to wish Grutrydd God speed on his voyage of pilgrimage to the shrine of St. James the Apostle at Compostella in Spain, and to pray for his safe return. 2 Now Gwerclas in Edeyrnion.

3 High Sheriff for co. Merioneth, 1660, and for co. Denbigh, 1670. Ob. 1682. (Hist. Powys Fadog, vol. vi, p. 45.)

4 Ob. 1631. (Ib.)

5 Ob. Feb. 28, 1600. (Tb.)

6 Gruffydd was living in 1461, and was of Hendwr in Edeirnion; his mother, Angharad, having been a daughter and coheir of David of Hendwr. His wife, Sabel, was daughter of Ieuan ab Adda of Pengwern. (Pedigree of Wynne of Peniarth.)

7 Living upon Oct. 6, 1427, and was dead Oct. 25, 1444. (Lewys Dunn, vol. ii, p. 250.)

8 Of Bronheulog, Llanfairtalhaiarn, Denbigh. (Lewys Dunn, ii, p. 250, n. 10.)

* Margaret (Hist. Powys Fadog, vi, p. 45); Morfydd v. William ap Maredydd ap Dafydd (Lewys Dwnn, ii, p. 45, n. 9).

10 The family of Hughes of Gwerclas were barons of Cymmer by


Morgan Lloyd' ap Dafydd Lloyd ap Morgan ap Thomas ap Howel ap Gruffydd ap Rys ap Ieuan ap Llewelyn ddu o'r Deirnion.

Mam Morgan ap Thomas oedd Kattrin verch Robert Salsbri o Llanrwst; a'i mam hithe oedd Gwenhwyfar verch Rys ap Einion fychan ap leuan ap Rys Wynn ap Dafydd Lloyd ap y Penwyn. Mam Thomas ap Howel oedd Kattrin verch Gruffydd ap Ieuan ар Einion ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Kynfrig ap Osber Wyddel.

Mam Rys ap Ieuan ap Llewelyn oedd Mared verch Ieuan ap Llewelyn ap Dafydd ap Gruffydd ap Owen Brogyntyn; a hono elwyd Arglwyddes Crogen.

Plant Morgan ap Thomas oedd Robert a fu farw yn ddiblant; Dafydd Lloyd ap Morgan, Tad Morgan Lloyd o Grogen.

Howel ap Gruffydd ap Rys o Grogen oeddent
Reinallt ap Gruffydd ap Rys o Franes Frodyr.



Plant Einion ap Gruffydd ap Llywelyn ap Cynwric ap Osber o Dangwystl verch Rhydderch ap Ieuan Lloyd' oedd Gruffydd ap Einion ;* Iorwerth ap Einion;5 ac Ieuan ap Einion; Mali verch Einion a briodes

virtue of a grant by Edward I in 1284, to hold their lands per baro. niam. The property was ruined, as was also that of Hendwr, by a lawsuit between the families of Lloyd and Passingham as to which family was entitled to that of Hendwr, early in the present century. (See Arch. Camb., 1879, p. 45 et seq., "Barons of Cymmer."

1 Living in 1594.

2 He was of Corsygedol, and captain of forty archers from Merioneth in the tenth year of Richard II.

3 Of Gogerddan, co. Cardigan. Descended from Gwaithvoed. (Add. MS. 9864.)

4 Of Corsygedol.

5 Farmer of the Crown revenues in Towyn, and wood-warden of Estimaner in 1425.

Howel Selef;1 Tibod verch Einion gwraig Howel ap Ieuan ap Iorwerth o Gynlleth, ac iddynt y bu dwy ferch, nid amgen Gwenhwyfar gwraig Meredydd Lloyd o Llwynymaen, a Mared gwraig Howel ap Moris ap Ieuan Gethin; ac wedi marw Howel y priodes Tibod Ieuan fychan ap Ieuan Gethin o Foelyrch ac iddynt y bu Gruffydd ap Ieuan fychan o Abertanat.

Gruffydd ap Einion ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn a briodes Lowri verch Tudr3 ap Gruffydd fychan ac iddynt. y bu Elisse a briododd Margred verch Sienkin, ac iddynt y bu Tudr ap Elisse a briododd Elizabeth Conwy; Gruffydd ap Elisse a briododd Lowri verch Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Hwlkin; Siankin mort; Sion Wynn ; Elis Person Gresford; a Thomas.

Gwraig gyntaf Sion Wynn ap Elisse oedd Margred verch William ap Madoc fychan o Llŷn, ac iddynt y bu Roger a briododd Elin verch Ffoulke Salsbri o Llanrwst ac iddynt y bu Elisse, a Gwenhwyfar gwraig Hugh Salsbri, Lowri gwraig Howel fychan o Llanlidan; Elin gwraig Sion Wynn ap Robert fychan o Llanufydd.

Dafydd Llwyd ap Elisse a briododd Gwenhwyfar verch Richard Lloyd o Llwyn y Maen, ac iddynt y bu Sion Wynn a briododd Elizabeth verch Thomas Mostyn; Thomas Doctor Iâl a briodes Joan Lewis: Roger ap Elisse a briodes Kattrin verch William chwaer Hugh ap William o'r Deirnion; a Hugh Iâl a briodes Doritie Royden; Gwenhwyfar; Sian gwraig Edward Trefor; Kattrin gwraig Lewis Lloyd o Strydalyn ;5 Elizabeth; ac Elin gwraig Sion Roger.

Roger ap Elisse ap Gruffydd ap Einion oedd hynach na Dafydd Lloyd ap Elisse.

Richard ap Elisse a briodes Gwenhwy far verch Ieuan ap Dafydd ap Giwn ac iddynt y bu Ieuan ac William ac eraill.

1 Of Nanney. Living in 1400. (Pedigree of Wynne of Peniarth.) 2 He died in 1481. (Pedigree of Kyffin.)

3 Brother of Owain Glyndwr.

4 Baron of Gwyddelwern. (Hist. of Powys Fudog, iv, 138 et seq.; vi, 51, n.

5 Ystrad Alun.

Gruffydd fychan' a briodes Mawd Klement2 ac iddynt y bu William fychan a briodes Margred verch Sir William Perod.3

Tudr ap Gruffydd ap Einion a briododd Gwenhwyfar verch Edward Stanle ac iddynt y bu Tudr a briodes Gwenhwyfar verch Rys ap Meredydd ap Tudr, ac iddynt y bu Margred gwraig Harri goch Salsbri. Plant Iorwerth ap Einion o Wenllian" verch Kynfrig ap Rotpert oedd Sienkin a briodes Mari verch Sir Roger Kinaston; Ieuan; Dafydd; Elisse; William ар Sienkin a briodes Lowri verch Gruffydd ap Rys ap Dafydd ap Howel; Morgan a briodes Jane verch Edward Trefor; Mallt a briodes Reinallt ap Sir Gruffydd o Bowys; Elizabeth gwraig leuan ap Dafydd Lloyd o Fathafarn; Angharad gwraig Sion ap Ieuan fychan o Dowyn; Gwenhwyfar gwraig Owen ap Sienkyn ap Rys; a Mari gwraig Harri ap Gruffydd ap Aron.

Plant Ieuan ap Einion ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn oedd Dafydd' a Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Einion."

1 Foreman of a jury in co. Merioneth, 33 Henry VI. He was one of the three captains who held out Harlech Castle against Henry IV. (Angharad Lloyd.) He was third son of Gruffydd ab Einion. (Vron Iw MS.)

2 Maud Clement was married first to Sir John Wogan of Wiston, co. Pembroke. (Pedigree of Lloyd, penes H. F. J. Vaughan, Esq., of Humphreston Hall, Salop.) She was daughter and coheir of Sir John Clement of Caron.

3 She was the daughter of Sir William Perrott, and her husband, William Vaughan, was the first of the family connected with South Wales, having been appointed Constable of Cilgerran Castle, 26 May, 1 Henry. VIII. (Rolls.)

4 The standard-bearer at Bosworth, and ancestor of the Rhiwlas, Voelas, Plas Iolyn, Pant Glas, and Plas Cernioge families.

5 This Gwenllian married, for her second husband, James ab Madoc Eyton. Her first husband was Cynric ab Rotpert ab Iorwerth ab Ririd ab Iorwerth ab Madoc ab Idwal ab Owain Bendew. By the Lady Elizabeth Grey of Powys.

7 The gallant Constable of Harlech. Married Margaret, daughter of John Puleston of Emral, and was living in 1468.

8 Of Hendwr in Edeirnion. Living in 1461.

9 There were also three other sons, viz., Rhys, living 31 Henry VI,

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