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(Continued from Vol. vii, p. 320.)


SIR JOHN WYNN' fab Kattrin3 verch ac etifeddes Elis Lloyd, barrister, ap Robert Lloyd, Esq., ap Ieuan Lloyd ap Elisse ар William ap Gruffydd ap Siankin ap Rys ap Tudr ap Meredydd ap Llewelyn ap Gruffydd Lloyd ap Llewelyn ap Gruffydd ap Llowarch ар Bran. Mam Elis Lloyd, barrister, oedd Margret verch Hugh Nane ap Gruffydd Nane ap Howel ap Dafydd ap Meiric fychan.

Mam Ieuan Lloyd oedd Gwen verch Ieuan ap Sion

1 See Hist. Powys Fadog, vi, 151-152, in which this pedigree is given somewhat differently, Sir John Wynn's mother being there named “Jane", and Gruffydd ab Siankyn, "Gruffydd ab Ieuan." The former appears to have been of Hendre Gelli Dywyll, in Ffestiniog, a place which, according to the Tai Croesion MS., and Notes by Bishop Humphreys (in the possession of Mrs. Jones-Parry of Aberdunant), passed, together with Brynllydan and Cesail Gyvarch, by the marriage of the heiress, Elin, daughter of Ivan ab Howel ab Ieuan ab Madoc, to Ivan ab Davydd of Penarth in Penmachno, fifth paternal ancestor of Humphrey Humphreys, Bishop of Bangor and Hereford, ob. 1713. Gruffydd ab Jenkin married (according to Tai Croesion MS.) Mallt, daughter of Gruffydd ab Meredydd Vychan ab Meredydd ab Ieuan ab Trahaiarn Goch of Lleyn, by whom he was father of Thomas ab Gruffydd of Clynnog. Previous descents are also given differently by Lewis Dwnn (ii, 89), who gives Howel ab Gruffydd as father of Tudor, and to Meredydd another son Rhys.

2 Ob. 11 Jan. 1718-19, aged ninety-one.

3 Jane. (Lewys Dunn, vol. ii, p. 232, n. 19.)

Elis Lloyd living 1663-64.

5 M.P. for Merionethshire, 1586, 1614; Sheriff for same co., 1595, 1601, 1614, and 1625. (Calendars of Gwynedd.)

6 Living 24 Jan. 1610-11.

7 Nane, now Nannau.


ap Meredydd ap Ieuan ap Meredydd ap Howel ap Dafydd ap Gruffydd ap Cariadog ap Thomas Rodri ap Owen Gwynedd. Plant Robert Lloyd o'r Rhiwgoch oedd Elis Lloyd uchod; Gruffydd Lloyd a briododd ... verch ac etifeddes ...o Maes y Neuadd; John Lloyd' o'r Brynhir; a Nane Lloyd; Jane Lloyd gwraig John Morgans o Drawsfynydd; Gwen Lloyd gwraig Lewis Nane o Gefndeuddwr; a'u mam oedd Margred Nane uchod."


Hugh Gwyn ap Humffre Gwyn ap Hugh Gwyn ap Ednyfed ap Gruffydd' ap Ieuans ap Einion ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Cynwric ap Osber9 ap Gwyddlach Iarll



Mam Hugh Gwyn oedd Elsbeth" verch Gruffydd" ap Llewelyn ap Hwlkin ap Howel ap Iorwerth ap

1 Robert ap Edward ap Humphrey. (Ilist. Powys Fadog, vol. vi, p. 152.)

2 Married the heiress of Brynhir. (Ibid.)

3 There were three other daughters, -Ellen, Anne, and Dorothy. (Ibid.)

4 This ancient house is still extant, situated on the Dee, close to the water's edge, and approached by an old avenue of trees. The representatives of the original family, male descendants of Owain Brogyntyn, were Barons of Hendwr. David of Cryniarth, elder brother of Gruffydd of Hendwr, was Constable of Harlech Castle during its famous siege by the Yorkists under the Earl of Pembroke. 5 Living in the thirty-eighth year of Henry VIII. (Lewys Dwnn, p. 249, vol. ii.)

6 Living 31st Dec., 13th Henry VIII. (Ibid.)

7 Third son. Inherited Hendwr from his father, Ieuan of Cryniarth (second son of Einion of Cors y Gedol), who married the heiress. One of the Grand Jury for co. Merioneth, 27th Henry VI. (16.) 8 Of Cryniarth, a house now pulled down, where are the remains of a vitrified stone camp. Living Michaelmas 1432. (Hist. Powys Fadog, vol. vi, p. 20.)

Osborn Wyddel of Ynys Maengwyn and Cors y Gedol celebrity. 10 Hugh Gwyn ab Ednyfed.

11 "Mam Elsbeth oedd Kattrin verch John ap Meredith o Eifionydd." (Lewys Dunn, vol. ii, p. 146.) The statement, however, omitted here, is not confirmed by the history of the Gwydir family, where neither the lady nor the marriage is named.

12 Of y Chwaen Isaf.

Gruffydd'ap Iorwerth ddu ap Iorwerth ap Gruffydd ap Iorwerth ap Madoc neu Meredydd ap Matusalem ap Hwfa ap Kynddelw un o'r 15 Llwyth. Mam Kattrin oedd Gwenhwyfar verch Grono ap Ieuan ap Egnion ap Gruffydd ap Howel ap Meredydd ap Kynfrig ap Gwgan.

Mam Ednyfed ap Gruffydd oedd Sabl verch Ieuan ap Adda ap Iorwerth ddu o Bengwern.


Mam Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Einion oedd Angharad verch ac un o etifeddesau Dafydd ap Giwn Lloyd ap Dafydd ар Madoc o'r Hendwr ap lorwerth ap Madoc ac i Owen Brogentyn. Pedair Merch ac etifeddesau oedd i Dafydd ap Lloyd uchod. Un oedd Margred mam Howel ap Moris o'r Glasgoed; ac un arall a elwyd Lleuku3 [......] Ieuan ap Gruffydd ap Madoc, aeth i Fers. Angharad oedd mam Gruffydd ap Ieuan ap Einion uchod.*


Edmund Meiric, Esq., ap Peter Meiric ap Edmwnd Meiric' ap Peter Meiric ap Edmwnd Meiric, Doctor of

1 Brother, not son, in Hist. of Powys Fadog, v, p. 282.

2 In the parish of Llansilin.

4 See Hist. Powys Fadog, iii, p. 21.

3 Gwraig.

5 This pedigree is confirmed by the additional notes by Bishop Humphreys to Wood's Athena Oxonienses, printed after his death. Edmund Meyrick succeeded his father Peter at Ucheldre, which was purchased by him. The last Meyrick who owned it, a vicar of Corwen, sold it to Kyffin of Maenan. It now forms part of the Rûg estate, and is an interesting specimen of a very early small Welsh mansion. Edmund Meyrick was descended from Rowland Meyrick, Bishop of Bangor, 1559-63, in succession to Dr. Glynn, Bishop of that see, 1555-58. He married Grace, daughter and heiress of Cadwaladr of Garthlwyd in Llanddervel in Penllyn, son of Watkin ab Edward of that place (buried 22nd Feb. 1610-11), by his wife Grace, daughter of Cadwaladr ab Robert ab Rhys of Rhiwlas. (Harl. MS. 2288, and Add. MS. 9866.) This family came, through Howel y Gadair of Penllyn, from Rhirid Vlaidd, and maternally from Marchweithian.

Bapt. Feb. 12, 1623-24. (Lewys Dwnn, vol. ii, p. 126.)

7 Married at Llandderfel, Feb. 5, 1618-19. (Ibid.)

8 Died Nov. 9, 1630, aged sixty-five; buried at Ruthin. (Ibid.) 9 Died in 1605.


the Civil Law a Deon Bangor, ap Richard Meiric o Bod-
organ ap Llewelyn ap Heilin ap Einion Sais ap Dafydd
Iorwerth ap
Tudr ар Madoc ар Samuel ap Kydafel
Ynfyd ap Lludd ap Llewelyn ap Llyminod Angel ap
Pasgen ap Urien ap Kynfarch ap Meirchion Gul ap
Grwst Ledlwm ap Kynan ap Koel Godebog Brenin


Sion Lloyd ap Sion Lloyd ap Dafydd ap Hugh Lloyd ap Gruffydd Lloyd ap Elisse ap Gruffydd ap Einion ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Cynfrig ap Osber Wyddel. Mam Sion Lloyd oedd Ann verch Richard Trefor ap Thomas Trefor ap Edward Trefor hên.

Mam Ann oedd Sina verch Edward Lloyd ap Richard Lloyd o Llwynymaen.3

Mam Sion Lloyd ap Dafydd Lloyd oedd Sian verch Edward ap Rys ap Dafydd ap Gwilym o Eglwyseg.

Mam Sian oedd Gwenhwyfar verch Dafydd ddu ap Tudr ap Ieuan Lloyd ap Llewelyn ap Gruffydd Lloyd ap Meredydd ap Llewelyn ap Ynyr ap Howel ap Moreiddig ap Sandde.

Mam Hugh Lloyd oedd Margred verch Dafydd ap Meiric fychan.*

1 "Gurgust letlwm mab Ceneu mab Coyl hen Gust e panc." (Harl. MS. $859.)

2 This place is situate in Glyndyvrdwy, near the site of the mansion of Owen Glyndwr, on the Dee. There are now two farms of the name belonging to Rûg, Carrog Ucha and Isa. In the latter is a huge, thick, rough, circular block of oaken timber, said to have been anciently a table in the house of Owen Glyndwr. For the origin of the family see Hist. Powys Fadog, vi, p. 375.

See also Hist. Powys Fadog, vi, p. 11, where two further descents are given, viz., Richard Lloyd married daughter of Arthur Ward of Oswestry, and...gleton Lloyd.

3 Richard Lloyd died 8 Sept. 1508, leaving by Margaret, daughter of John Edwards of Chirk, two sons,-1, John, who succeeded to the Llanvorda estate; and 2, Edward, who succeeded his father in the estate of Llwynymaen. (Harl MS. 1982, etc.)

4 Of Nannau. (Hist. Powys Fadog, v, p. 56.)

Mam Mary oedd Morfydd' verch Howel ap Rys ap Dafydd ap Howel o Rûg.


Roger ap Sion3 Lloyd ap Roger Lloyd ap Sion Lloyd ap Roger ap Robert ap Gruffydd Lloyd ap Elisse ap Gruffydd ap Einion ap Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Cynfrig ap Osber Wyddel.

Mam Sion Lloyd oedd Kattrin verch Peter Meiric. Mam Roger Lloyd oedd Kattrin verch Ffoulke Midelton ap Dafydd Midelton hên. Cais Ach Gwaen


Mam Sion Lloyd oedd Elsbeth Meiric o Fodorgan yn Sir Fôn.

Mam Robert Lloyd oedd Lowri verch Gruffydd ap Llewelyn ap Hwlkin o Fôn.

Mam Gruffydd Lloyd ap Elisse oedd Margred verch ac etifeddes Sienkin ap Ieuan ap Llewelyn ap Gruffydd Lloyd ap Meredydd ap Llewelyn ap Ynyr ap Howel ap Moreiddig ap Sandde Hardd o Fortyn.

Mam Elisse ap Gruffydd ap Einion oedd Lowri1 verch Tudr ap Gruffydd fychan ap Gruffydd o'r Rhuddallt ap Madoc fychan.

1 Elen. (Hist. Powys Fadog.)

2 This is the same place as Rhagatt, in the parish of Llansantffraid, near Corwen, where there have dwelt two families named Lloyd: the first a cadet branch of that of Plas yn Yale, descended from Osborn Wyddel; the second derived in the direct male line, throughout, from Cyhelin ab Rhys Sais, and so from Tudor Trevor. (Hist. Powys Fadog, vol. iv.) For the one connecting strain of blood between the first and last families of Lloyd of Rhagatt, through those of Pontruffydd and Plas Isa, in Edeirnion, see list. of Powys Fadog, iv, p. 137; v, p. 300; and vi, pp. 42-43.

3 Living 1680 (Ilist. of Powys Fadog, vi, p. 375).

4 Lowri married firstly Robert ap Robin ab Gruffydd Goch of Rhôs. Her father Tudr was born about 1362, and was lord of Gwyddelwern in Glyndyfrdwy. He was twenty-four years of age on 3 Sept. 1386, and was younger brother of the celebrated Owain Glyndwr. (Hist. Powys Fadog, i, p. 197.)

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