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his Majesties subjects are lyable, who live within that Jurisdiction. London, Printed for Thomas Wakley. 1641.

pp. 16 (2 blanks). 194 x144.


Dendrologie, ou la Forest de Dodonne. Par M. Iacques
Howel, Gentilhomme Breton-Anglois . . . A Paris, aux
despens de l'Autheur, qui les fait vendre chez la Veuve
Iean Camusat, rue Sainct Iacques, à la Toison d'Or.
Avec privilege du Roy.


pp. xxii (including engravings, I blank), 324. 209×164.


A Iust and True Remonstrance of His Maiesties MjnesRoyall in the Principality of Wales. Presented by Thomas Bushell Esquire, Farmer of the said Mines Royall to his Majestie. Printed at London by E.G. 1641. Cum privilegio.

pp. 36. 172 × 133.


A New Discovery of the Prelates Tyranny, In their late prosecutions of Mr. William Pryn,

John Bastwick,

Wherein the

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.; and Mr. Henry Burton,
proceedings against them

; Dr.

their Petitions, Speeches, Cariages, at the hearing,
and Execution of their last sentence,
their removes
to, and close imprisonments in the Castles of Lan-
ceston, Lancaster, Carnarvan, and Isles of Sylly,
Garnsey and Jersey; The proceedings against the
Chestermen, and others
for visiting Mr. Prynne;

The Bishop of Chesters order, for Ministers to preach
against M. Prynne, and the Yorke Commissioners decree
to deface, and burne his pictures at Chester high-Crosse.
... their returnes from Exile; . . . Votes of the Com-
declaring the proceedings and censures
against them illegal, . . . with M. Prynnes Argument
are truly related; . . Printed at London for M.S.



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pp. xlviii, 218 (wrongly numbered after 56). 183×135.



1642.-February 12.


To The Honourable Court The House of Commons Now
assembled in Parliament. The humble Petition of many
hundred thousands, inhabiting within the thirteene Shires
of Wales. Directed to the House the 12. of February,
1641. shewing their manifold grievances, for which they
desire redresse from the Parliament. With their motion
that their Country may be more strongly fortified with
Ammunition of Armes. And how they freely proffer
themselves to assist the Protestants in Ireland. Printed
at London for T. H.
pp. ii, 6. 184 x 142.




The Welchmens Ivbilee: To the Honovr of St. David
Shewing, The Manner of that solemn Celebration, which
the Welshmen annually hold in honour of St. David.
Describing, likewise the trve and reall Cause, why they
wear that day a Leek on their Hats. With an excellent
merry Sonnet, annexed unto it. Composed by T. Morgan,
Gent. London. Printed for I. Harrison.
pp. 8 (unnumbered). 182 × 137.



The Welshmans Answer, to that False Petition Which was printed of her Reputation, and Protestation made in her Vindication of her defamed Reputation. Written by me, Shon op Shones, by the consent of her Cosins of creat qualitie; Wilham Powell, Shonny Morgan, and her Cosin Cadwalladore, and her Cosin Criffen, and her Cosin Shenkin. Cots plutter a nailes, if her tid put know how tid so apuse us, her would would have them py their long tusks, and pumble her nose soundly. London. Printed for T. Reinor. 1641.

pp. 8 (unnumbered). 182 X 138.

1642.-March 5.


Three Petitions Presented, to The High Covrt of Parliament. I. The humble Petition of the Gentlemen, and other of the Inhabitants of the Countie of Cornwall. II. The Cheshire Petition; for establishing of the Common-Prayer-Book, and suppression of Schismatiques.

III. The humble Petition of the Gentry, Clergie, and others Inhabitants, subscribed of the Counties of Flint,


Denbigh, Montgomery, Carnarvan, Anglesey, Merioneth, being the sixe Shires of Northwales. London, Printed, for Rich. Robinson. 1642.

pp. 8. 185 x 139.

1642.-March 7.


The Petition of Knights, Ivstices of Peace, Ministers, Gentlemen, Free-holders, and others, Inhabitants of the County of Salop, to the number of 10000. Presented to the Commons House of Parliament upon Munday the 7. of March 1641. Printed for Humphry Blunden; 1642. Single sheet. 247 × 160.

1642.-May 17.


A True Copie of the Petition of the Knights, Ivstices of
the peace, and other Gentlemen, Ministers and Free-
holders (in number many thousands) of the County of
Monmouth, exhibited May 17. 1642. To the Honour-
able the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses assembled in
the house of Commons.
Printed by order of

the Petitioners, for William Larnar, at the signe of the
Bible in little East-Cheape. 1642.

Single sheet. 305 ×236.



Newes from Wales Or, The Prittish Parliament. Called, and Assembled upon many cood Reasons and Considerations, and for the benefit of her Countries to secure them from her Round-head, Long-tayld Enemies, by the crave and politick wisdoms of her Prittish Purgesses. With many other Pusinesses, Projects and Purposes, tending to the Relief of her Prittish Commons, and the Honour and Reputations of her Country of Wales. Newly sent up py her trusty and welpeloved Gousin the Welch Empassadour, to give the World Notice of her purpose, to call a Welch Parliament. And lately her manifold Grievances hereunto joyned and annexed. Written py her loving Cousin and Well-willer Morgan Loyd. [A Satire]. Printed for J. C. and A. C. 1642.

pp. 8. 183 × 139.



To The Honorable The Knights Cittizens and Bvrgesses of the Commons Hovse Assembled in Parliament. The humble Petition of the High Sheriffe and Divers of

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