Report & Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art: Extra Volume. V,1-3, Volume 2, Issue 1

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Page 486 - Charles of Meigallot, great-greatgrandfather of this baron, and purports to be granted for the safety of his own soul, and for the weal of the souls of his father and mother, and of all his predecessors and successors, being Barons of Meigallot.
Page 251 - Richard by the grace of God king of England, Duke of Normandy and Aquitaine, and Count of Anjou, to all his men who are about to go to Jerusalem by sea, greeting.
Page 412 - Busshell of the manor of Milcote, co. Warwick, held in chief, and for the latter to regrant the same to the said William and Joan his wife and the heirs male of their bodies, with successive remainders to John son of the said William and the heirs male of his body. Lewis and William brothers of the said John and the heirs male of their bodies, and the right heirs of the said William. Presentation of Adam Haukere, chaplain, to the church of Weston by Beccles, in the diocese of Norwich. Grant to the...
Page 111 - ... Cornewal, and, as sum say, of Totenes, but yet I know no certentie of that. I know he was a Man of fair Possessions about Plymmouth, and he gave onto Plymtoun Priorie the Isle of S. Nicolas cum cuniculis, conteyning a 2. Acres of Ground, or more, and lying at the Mouthes of Tamar and Plym Ryvers. I hard say, That the Landes of Valletorte were for a Morther doone by one of them confiscate, and sins the great Part of them have remaynid yn the Kinge's Handes.
Page 332 - THE COUNCIL AND EDITOR desire it to be understood that they are not...
Page 487 - The same William had a son, Henry de Tracy the hunchback (le Bozu), born in Normandy, who long after came to Geoffrey, son of Peter, chief justice of England, grandfather of John, son of John, praying him to aid him in recovering his inheritance and for so doing he gave him the said manor of Morton to hold to him and his heirs of the said Henry and his heirs by service of a sparrow-hawk ; and be always did homage to the said Henry.
Page 486 - Belvoir, and the monks there serving God, in pure and perpetual alms, the thorns and all other trees growing in the following place in my Wanen of Belvoir.
Page 269 - ... of his holding, whether in hidage or in value, I maintain that the extent of that obligation was not determined by his holding, but was fixed in relation to, and expressed in terms of, the constabularia of ten knights, the unit of the feudal host. And I, consequently, hold that his military service was in no way derived or developed from that of the Anglo-Saxons, but was arbitrarily fixed by the king, from whom he received his fief, irrespectively both of its size and of all pre-existent arrangements.
Page 426 - In 1390, 1437, 1441, 1459, 1497, 1505, 1508, and 1515, several other houses were dissolved, and their revenues settled on different colleges in Oxford and Cambridge. Soon after the last period Cardinal Wolsey, by license of the king and pope, obtained a dissolution of above...
Page 15 - Tithes of churches which canonical authority shews were given for pious uses we forbid by apostolic authority to be in the possession of laymen. Whether they got them from bishops or kings or from any other person, let them know that unless they restore them to the church they are committing the crime of sacrilege and incur the risk of eternal damnation

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