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1343 Amelia.

A NEW ENGLISH OPERA, As it is Perform'd at the New Theatre in the Hay-Market, After the Italian Manner. Set to Musick By Mr. JOHN FREDERICK LAMPE. J. Watts, 1732. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn, RARE. £2 2s

Argument, Dramatis Personæ (4 pp.). Actors: Waltz, Kelly, Snider, Miss Arne, Mrs. Mason.

1344 The Contrivances. A BALLAD OPERA. Full of Curious Songs, by the Facetious and Witty HARRY CAREY, at the Theatre-Royal, in Covent Garden, and at Dublin, with great Applause. The Seventh Edition. T. Lowndes, 1765. Frontispiece, 16mo, sewn. Dramatis Personæ (1 p.). This is a very good Ballad farce.


1345 Chrononhotonthologos.

The MOST TRAGICAL TRAGEDY that ever was Tragedized by any Company of Tragedians. Seventh Edition. T. Lowndes, 1770. 8vo, sewn. This is a good burlesque designed as a ridicule on the extravagance of the tragedies of the time.



Another Edition. W. Lowndes, 1806. 8vo, sewn.

2s 6d

1347 The Dragon of Wantley; A BURLESQUE OPERA. The Musick by Mr. JоHN FREDERICK LAMPE, and performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, Modernized from the Old Ballad after the Italian Manner, by Sig. CARINI. The Third Edition, with additions. J. Shuckburgh, 1737. 8vo, sewn.

7s 6d







Another. The Fifth Edition. ib. 1737. 8vo, sewn.
Another. Ninth Edition. 1738. 8vo, sewn.

Another. Fourteenth Edition. 1733. 8vo, half calf, and sewn.
Another Edition. For the Proprietors (c. 1749). 12mo, sewn.
Another Edition. W. Reeve, 1755. 8vo, sewn.

Another Edition. T. Lowndes, 1770. 12mo, sewn.


5S 5S

2s 6d

2s 6d

2s 6d

1354 Margery; or, A Worse Plague than the Dragon: A BURLESQUE OPERA. As it is Perform'd at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Altered from the Original Italian of Signor CARINI. Set to Musick by Mr. JOHN FREDERICK LAMPE. J. Shuckburgh, 1738. FIRST EDÍTION, 8vo, sewn, RARE. £2 10s

Carey in First Edition are the rarest plays of the period.
The Argument, Dramatis Personæ (3 pp.).

A sequel to The Dragon of Wantley; it was acted with great applause.
Another. The Third Edition. 1738. 8vo, sewn.


7s 6d 1356 An Ode to Mankind. Address'd to the Prince of Wales. R. Dodsley, 1741. FIRST EDITION, folio, 16 pp., sewn. 10s

1357 Teraminta. An OPERA. As it is Ferformed at the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's Inn Fields. Written by Mr. CAREY and set to Musick by Mr. JOHN CHRISTOPHER SMITH. J. Watts, 1732. FIRST EDITION 8vo, RARE. £2 2s Dedication to Richard Earl of Burlington, Argument, Dramatis Personæ (4 pp.). The subsequent editions were very materially altered.


1358 True-Blue, or The Press-Gang. A MUSICAL INTERLUDE, as revived at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. Printed in the year 1770. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn, RARE, UNKNOWN TO GENEST. £1 1s

An adaptation of The Press-Gang.

1359 A Wonder; or, an Honest Yorkshire-Man. A BALLAD OPERA. As it is Perform'd at the Theatres With Universal Applause. Ed. Cook, 1736. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn, RARE. £3 3s

To the Publick, Advertisement, Table of Songs, Dramatis Personæ (5 pp.).

1360 Songs in the New FARCE call'd THE HONEST YORKSHIRE-MAN, as they are Perform'd at the Theatre in Goodman's Fields. Compos'd by MR. CAREY. The Tunes proper for the German Flute, Violin, and Common Flute. J. Walsh (c. 1743). FIRST EDITION OF THE MUSIC, 12mo, neatly engraved both WORDS AND MUSICAL NOTATION, bds., uncut, VERY RARE. £3 3s

CAREY (HENRY) and B. (T.).

1361 Cupid and Hymen; A Voyage to the Isles of Love and Matrimony. Containing A MOST DIVERTING ACCOUNT OF THE INHABITANTS of those Two Vast and Populous Countries, their Laws, Customs and Government Interspers'd With many useful Directions and Cautions how to avoid the dangerous Precipices and Quicksands that these Islands abound with and wherein so many Thousands, who have undertaken the Voyage, have miserably perished. To which are added A Map of the Island of Marriage: The Batchelor's Estimate of the Expenses attending a Married Life: The Married Man's Answer to it: None but Fools Marry, a Vindication of the Estimate. By Simon Single, Esq. The Second Edition. For the Editor and Sold by J. Collyer, 1745. 8vo, calf, RARE. £3 3s


1361a The thre bokes of Cronicles, WHYCHE JOHN CARION (a man syngularly wlel sene in the Mathematycall sciences) GATHERED WYTH GREAT DILIGENCE OF THE BESTE AUTHORS that have written in Hebreue, Greke or Latine. Whereunto is added an Appendix, conteynyng all such notable thynges as be mentyoned in Cronicles to have chaunted in sundry partes of the world from the yeare of Christ 1532. Ty thys present yeare of 1550. Gathered by John Funcke of Nuremborough Whych was never afore prynted in Englysh (see reproduction of title page). (Colophon.) Imprynted at London for Gwalter Lynne, dwellynge on Somers Keye, by Byllengesgate In the yeare of our Lord 1550. And they are to be solde in Paules church yarde, nexte the great Schole, at the synge of the Sprede Egle. FIRST EDITION. Black Letter. Small 4to,, stained calf, gilt edges, HORACE WALPOLE'S COPY, 5 WITH HIS BOOK PLATE ATTACHED TO BACK OF TITLE PAGE, FINE COPY. £32 10s

Dedication to Prince Edwarde the syxte, The use of readynge historyes, 14 pp.

The the bokes of

Cronicles, whyche John Carion (a man fyngularly well lene in the Mathema tycall fciences) Gathered wyth great Diligence of the belte Authours that haue written in hebzue, Greke o? Latine.

nohervnto is added an Appendir, contep nyng all fuch notable thynges as be mentyonch in Cronicles to haue chaunced in fundzy pars tes of the worlde from the yeare of Christ. 1 5 3 2. To thys pzelent yeare of. 1 5 5 0.

Gathered by John Funcke of

Whpche was neuer afoze p2pnted in Englph,

Cum Priuilegio ad Imprimendum folum

(See No. 1361a).

CARLELL (LODOWICK). 1361b Two New Playes, viz.: 1, THE FOOL WOULD BE A FAVOURIT: or, The Descreet Lover. 2, OSMOND THE GREAT TURK: or, The Noble Servant. As they have been often acted; by the Queen's Majesty's Servants, with great applause. Written by LODOWICK CARLELL, Gent. Humphrey Moseley, 1657. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, calf. £12 12s


1362 Denis O'Shaugnessy going to Maynooth, by WILLIAAM CARLETON. With Illustrations. George Routledge, 1845. FIRST EDITION, illustrations by W. H. Brooke, 12mo, original cloth.

6s 6d


1363 A Discourse Concerning two divine Positions, THE FIRST EFFECTUALLY CONCLUDING, THAT THE SOULES OF THE FAITHFUL FATHERS, DECEASED BEFORE CHRIST, WENT IMMEDIATELY TO HEAVEN. The Second sufficiently setting forth unto us Christians WHAT WE ARE TO CONCEIVE TOUCHING THE DESCENSION OF OUR SAVIOUR INTO HELL. Publiquely disputed at a Commencement in Cambridge, Anno Dom. 1552. Purposely written at the first byway of a confutation against a Book of Richard Smith, D.D., entituled A Refutation, imprinted 1562, & published against John Calvin & C. Carlile: the title whereof appeareth in ye 17. page. And now first published by the said Christopher Carlile, 1582. Imprinted at London by Roger Ward, dwelling by Holborne Conduit, at the signe of the Talbot, 1582. FIRST EDITION. Black Letter, 12mo, sprinkled calf.

£6 6s

Dedication to Henry Earle of Huntington, To the Reader, Poems (14 pp.).


1364 The Fortune-Hunters; or, Two FOOLS WELL MET, A COMEDY, as it is Acted by His Majesty's Servants, written by JAMES CARLISLE, Gent. James Knapton, 1689. FIRST EDITION, small 4to, sewn. £2 2s

Prologue, Epilogue (2 pp.). Actors: Leigh, Kynaston, Mountford, Nokes, Baker, Bowman, Mrs. Leigh, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Mountford, Mrs. Knight. The Scene, Covent Garden.

This play, a brisk and entertaining comedy, is not without merit, but the incident of Spruce, mistaking another's hand for a pump, and an orange-flower for water, is too absurd.


Another Edition. Dublin, S. Powell, 1725. 12mo, sewn, UNCUT. 5S


1366 Poems, suggested chiefly by Scenes in Asia-Minor, Syria, and Greece, with Prefaces, Extracted from the Author's Journal. Embellished with Two VIEWS of the Source of the Scamander, and the Aqueduct over the Simois. Bulmer, 1805. FIRST EDITION, 4to, plates, half calf.

William 7s 6d

Preface by the Editor, Account of the Engravings, List of Subscribers, Contents (17 pp.).


1367 Burns [Biographical Essays No. II.] Chapman and Hall, 1854. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn.



1368 The Carmen Seculare of HORACE. Set to Music by MR. PHILIDOR, N.D. (1779). 4to, sewn. £1 1s


Produced as a Masque or Play, composed by Guiseppe Marc Antonio Barretti, a friend of Dr. Johnson.



1649. 8vo, 12 pp., sewn.

A VERY RARE anonymous poem (in English).

Richard Royston, £5 5s


1370 Geography Delineated forth in two Bookes. CONTAINING THE SPHERICALL AND TOPICALL PARTS THEREOF. By NATHANAEL CARPENTER. Oxford: J. Lichfield, 1625. Small 4to, original vellum.

£3 3s CARPENTERING, 1371 Darling (John) The Carpenter's Rule made Easie; or, THE ART OF MEASURING superfices and solids, as TIMBER, STONE, BOARDS, GLASS, and the like, etc., etc., it being of excellent use for Carpenters, Joyners, Masons, Glasiers, Painters, Sawyers, or any others, etc., etc. The THIRD EDITION, with an Appendix for Gaugers and Making of Cask. Tho. Sawbridge, 1676. 12mo, old sheep. To the Reader (6 pp.).



1371a Poems, BY SIR JOHN CARR. Matthew and Leigh, 1809. FIRST EDITION. Fine portrait of Sir John Carr by R. Westall. 4to, half calf, a little foxed. Dedication to Lady Warren, Preface (4 pp.).

10s 6d

CARROLL (LEWIS, i.e. DODGSON (CHARLES LUTWIDGE), 1372 Sylvie and Bruno Concluded. BY LEWIS CARROL. Macmillan, 1893. FIRST EDITION. Charming engravings by Harry Furniss. Svo, original cloth.

£1 1s


1373 The Deposition of William Carstares, WHEN HE WAS EXAMINED BEFORE THE LORDS OF SECRET COMMITTEE, given in by him and Renewed upon Oath, upon the 22nd of December, 1684, in presence of the Lords of His Majesty's Privy Council. Edinburgh Castle, Sept. 8, 1684. FOLIO BROADSHEET, 3 pp., 7s 6d



1374 The Tomb-Stone; or, A BROKEN AND IMPERFECT MONUMENT of that Worthy Man (who was just and perfect in his Generations) MR. JOHN CARTER, PASTOR FIRST OF BRAMFORD, AND LAST OF BELSTED IN SUFFOLK. Erected above eighteen years after his decease: By his unworthy son JOHN CARTER, Preacher of the Gospell, and as yet SOJOURNING IN THE CITY OF NORWICH. Printed in the Year 1653. FIRST EDITION. Engraved portrait of John Carter by R. Vaughan, 8vo, three leaves in MS., Archbp. Wrangham's copy, with his autograph on title-page, 8vo, half calf.



1375 Alberta, a New Tragedy. In Five Acts. Printed in the Year 1787. FIRST EDITION, 8vo, sewn. £1 1s

Scene lies in Mexico and its vicinity.

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