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[Those Transactions marked with an asterisk* in the following list are now jor
the first time included in the index, the others are continuations from the
indexes of 1891–98. Transactions included for the first time are index es
from 1891 onwards.]

Folklore, Proceedings of the Folklore Society, vol. xi.

*Gaelic Society of Inverness, vol. xix.

Glasgow Archæological Society, Transactions, N.S., vol. iv.
Hampstead Antiquarian and Historical Society, 1899.

Hellenic Studies, Journal of, vol. xix.

Kildare Archæological Society, Journal, vol. iii. pts. 2, 3, and 4.

Lancashire and Cheshire Historic Society, Transactions, 4th ser. vol. xv. Leicestershire Architectural and Archæological Society, Transactions, vol.

ix. pt. 1.

Monumental Brass Society, Transactions, vol. iv. pts. 1 and 2.

Numismatic Chronicle, 3rd S. vol. xx. pts. 1, 2, and 3.

Oxford University Brass-rubbing Society, Journal, vol. ii. pts. 1 and 2
Oxfordshire Archæological Society, 1891–1900.

Royal Historical Society, Transactions, N.S. vol. xiv.

Royal Irish Academy, Transactions, 3rd ser. vol. v. pts. 4 and 5 vi. pt. 1. Royal Society of Literature, Transactions, vol. xxi. pts. 1-4.

St. Paul's Ecclesiological Society, Transactions, vol. iv. pt. 5.

Shropshire Archæological and Natural History Society, Transactions, 2nd S. vol. xii. pts. 1 and 2.

Somersetshire Archæological and Natural History Society, Transactions, vol. xlvi.

Suffolk Archæological Institute, vol. x. pt. 3.

Surrey Archæological Society, Collections, vol. xv.

Thoresby Society, vol. x. pt. 2.

Wiltshire Archæological Journal, vol. xxxi. pts. 1 and 2.

Yorkshire Archæological and Topographical Journal, vol. xvi. pts. 1 and 2.


THIS Index was begun under the auspices of the Congress of Archæological Societies in union with the Society of Antiquaries. Its success being assured the Congress have placed it in the hands of the publishers to continue yearly.

The value of the Index to archæologists is now recognised. Every effort is made to keep its contents up to date and continuous, but it is obvious that the difficulties are great unless the assistance of the societies is obtained. If for any reason the papers of a society are not indexed in the year to which they properly belong, the plan is to include them in the following year; and whenever the papers of societies are brought into the Index for the first time they are then indexed from the year 1891.

By this it will be seen that the year 1891 is treated as the commencing year for the Index, and that all transactions published in and since that year will find their place in the series.

To make this work complete an index of the transactions from the beginning of archæological societies down to the year 1890 is needed. This work is now going through the press.

Societies will greatly oblige by communicating any omissions or suggestions to the editor, LAURENCE GOMME, F.S.A., 24, Dorset Square, London, N.W.

Single copies of the yearly Index from 1891 may be obtained. The subscription list for the complete Index up to 1891 is still open, and intending subscribers should apply at once to Messrs. ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE & Co. Many of the Societies in union with the Society of Antiquaries take a sufficient number of copies of the yearly Index to issue with their transactions to each of their members. The more this plan is extended the less will be the cost of the Index to each society.



ABERCROMBY (JOHN). The international congress of Folk-lore in
Paris. Folk-Lore, xi. 427-430.

ADAMS (MAXWELL). Some notes on the churches and the manors of
East and West Ogwell. Devon. Assoc. xxxii. 229–248.

The castle, manor-house, and church of Clifton, near Dart-
mouth. Devon. Assoc. xxxii. 503-514.

ALLEN (J. ROMILLY). Some dolmens and their contents. Arch.
Camb. 5th S. xvii. 217-228, 299-310.

AMERY (J. S.). Notes on Blagdon Barton, near Totnes, and its owners.

Devon. Assoc. xxxii. 296-300.

AMERY (P. F. S.). Seventeenth report of the committee on Devonshire
Folk-lore. Devon. Assoc. xxxii. 83–92.

ANDERSON (J. G. C.). Exploration in Galatia Cis Halym. Journ.
Hell. Studies, xix. 52-134, 280-318.

ANDERSON (CAPT. J. H.). Notes on some rock-basins, cup-and-ring-
marked stones, and archaic customs casually met with in India.
Proc. Soc. Antiq. Scotl. xxxiv. 335–339.

ANDERSON (JOSEPH). Notice of the discovery of a cist containing
three urns of food vessel type at Duncra Hill Farm, Pencaitland.
Proc. Soc. Antiq. Scotl. xxxiv. 131-134.

Description of a collection of objects found in excavations.
at St. Blane's Church, Bute, exhibited by the Marquis of Bute.
Proc. Soc. Antiq. Scotl. xxxiv. 307–325.

ANDRÉ (J. LEWIS). Wall paintings formerly in the churches of
Beddington and Fetcham. Surrey Arch. Soc. xv. 1-16.

The Pardon at Sheen. Surrey Arch. Soc. xv. 158.

St. Martha-on-the-hill. Surrey Arch. Soc. xv. 158–159.
Saint George the Martyr in legend, ceremonial art, etc.
Arch. Journ. lvii. 204-223.

Miscellanea heraldica. Arch. Journ. Ivii. 301–324.

Wall paintings in Sussex churches. St. Paul's Ecclesiol.
Soc. iv. 297-307.

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