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WORTH (R. N.). A hut cluster on Dartmoor.


Devon. Assoc. xxii.

WROTH (WARWICK, F.S.A.). Greek coins acquired by the British
Museum in 1890. Jour. Numis. Soc. 3rd S. xi. 117–134.
Eupolemus (a supposed King of Paeonia).

Numis. Soc. 3rd S. xi. 135-139.


16-33 Edw. III.

Soc.), xii. 1-173.


Extracts from Plea Rolls,

Collns. for Hist. of Staffs (Wm. Salt Arch.

Pedes Finium, temp. Hen. VII. to Eliz. Collns. for Hist.
of Staffs (Wm Salt Arch. Soc.) 177-239.

The Chetwynd Chartulary. Collns. for Hist. of Staffs
(Wm. Salt Arch. Soc.), 243–336.

WYLIE (J. H.). Transcripts in the Public Record Office. Arch.
Cambrensis, 5th S. viii. 158-15).

WYON (ALLAN, F.S.A.). Silver-gilt standing cup made for Sir
Nicholas Bacon in 1574. Proc. Soc. Antiq. 2nd S. xiii.

YEATMAN (J. P.). Lost history of Peak Forest, the Hunting
Ground of the Peverels. Jour. Derbyshire Arch. and N. H. Soc.

xiv. 161-175.




Aberhafesp, Owen.

Albany, John of, Blanchet.
Allen (Ralph), King.

Altarnon (Cornwall), Malan.
Animals (symbolic), André.

Anthropology, Irish, Frazer; see Folk-

Antrim, Gray.

Apache Indians, Bourke.

Archæology, Beddoe, Evans (J.), Willis-


Domestic, Atkinson, Buckle, Frazer,
Jackson, Jeffrey, Kershaw, Latimer,
Manning, Middleton, Robinson, Tay-

Eastern, Simpson.

Ecclesiastical, Bagnall-Oakeley, Bellairs,
Brewer, Brock, Browne (G. F.), Car-
lisle, Chancellor, Clarke, Clarkson,
Davys, Dollman, Irvine, Jourdain,
Kerry, Kirby, Langdon, Lewis,
Linkinhorne, Malan, Middleton,
Morris, Nightingale, Nisbett, Norris,
Porter, Poyntz, Price, Reeves, Sayer-
Milward, Shimield, Talbot, Tarte,
Taylor, Thoyts, Walker, Waller,
Westlake, Willson.

Military, Bruton; see "Castles."

Public Buildings, Knowles, Stevens,

Sassanian, Spiers.

Sweden, Perry.

Arden (Warw.), Fretton.

Ardrass (Kildare), Fitzgerald.

Arlington (Surrey), Powell.

Arsenals and Armourers of South Ger-

[blocks in formation]

Athlone, Langrishe.

Austria, Cosson.

Aylesford (Kent), Evans (A. J.).

Bainbrigge family, Fletcher.

Ballads and Songs, Fowler (J. T.), Lati-


Bally knock (Cork), Barry.

Barholm (Linc.), Irvine.
Barnard Castle, Phillips.
Barnscar (Cumberland), Dymond.
Barri family, Duckett.

Barrington (Som.), Batten, Helyar.
Barsham, East (Norfolk), Martin.
Barton (I.W.), Kirby.
Bath (Som.), Church, Green.
Battersea (Surrey), Browning.
Battles, Holme, Leadman.
Beads (Glass), Hassé.

Beanley Moor (Northumb.), Hardy (J.).
Beckery (Somersetshire), Morland.
Beddington (Surrey), Bax.

Bedfordshire, see Elstow, Kempston.
Bells, Doherty.

Benefactions of Dean Heywood to Lich-
field, Cox (J. C.).

Berkeley (Lord, 1556), Peacock.
Berkeley family, Bagnall-Qakeley.
Berkshire, Dasent (A. J.), Greenwell,
Thoyts; see also Hurley, Shefford,
Speen, Swallowfield, Wallingford.
Berlin, Ely.

Berrick (Oxon), Field.

Berwickshire churches, Ferguson (J.).
Bewcastle (Cumberland), Calverley, Fer-


Bible illustrations, James.

BIBLIOGRAPHY, Acland-Troyte, Boyle,

Budge, Clark, Dredge, Ferguson,
Hyett, Jenkinson, Latimer, Legg,
Macan, MacMichael, Markham,
Moens, Murphy, Norcliffe, Reeves,
Stephenson, Wordsworth, Wylie.
Bidford (Warw.), Hope.

[blocks in formation]

Blymhill (Staffs), Bridgeman.

Boxley (Kent), Cave-Browne.
Bramante, School of, Geymüller.
Bramham Moor (Yorks), Leadman.
Brampton (Hunts), Middleton.
Branton (Northumb.), Hodgson.
Brendan (St.), Olden.

Bristol (Glouc.), Barker, Bramble, Ellis,
Hope, Kershaw, Latimer, Maclean,
Norris, Taylor.

Bromfield (Northumb.), Calverley.
Broxbourne, Tarte.

Bruton (Somersets.), Hobhouse.

Buckinghamshire, Cocks.

Buckler's Hard (Hants), Godwin.

Budleigh, East (Devonshire), Brushfield.

Burghead, Mac Donald.

Butter (Bog), Frazer.

Caerwys, Owen.

Callaly Castle (Northumb.), Hardy (J.).
Cambridge, Atkinson, Browne, Clark
(J. W.), Rye.

Cambridgeshire, Middleton;

bridge, Hauxton, Linton.

Camden (W.), Howard.

see Cam-

Candlesticks (Domestic), Cowper, Ffrench,

[blocks in formation]

Churchwardens' Accounts, Kemp, Lee,


Cilicia Tracheia, Bent.

Cilicia, Western, Hicks.
Cirencester (Glouc.), Fuller.

Civil war incidents and history, Adamson,
Bramble, Dillon, Hyett.

Cleves, Brewer.

Cobham (Kent), Waller.
Codnor (Derbysh.), Kerry.
Coquetdale, Dixon.

Cork (County), see Ballyknock.
Cornhill (Durham), Hardy.

Cornwall, Enys, Iago, Langdon, Sincock;

see Altarnon, Falmouth, Glewias,

Linkinhorne, Padstow,

Pozo, St.

[blocks in formation]

EARTHWORKS, Lines, Nevill, Whitaker,

Eastbourne (Sussex), Michell-Whitley.
Ecclesiastical Antiquities, Allen, Bower,

Browne (G. F.), Cooper, Cripps,
Dasent, Doherty, Duckett, Freshfield,
Goddard, Henderson, Hope, Jour-
dain, Lee, Legg, Maddison, Middle-
ton, Morris, Nightingale, Robinson,
Simpson, Tarver, Wordsworth.
Eddystone Lighthouse, Woodhouse.
Edinburgh, Hodgkin.

Edward IV., Fortnum.

Elizabeth (Queen), Scharf.

Elland (Yorks), Baildon.

Elstow (Beds), Clarkson.
Elwyndale, Freer.
Ely, Wood.
Embroidery, Franks.

Essex, see Shenfield, Tiptofts.
Evyngar (Andrew), Oliver.
Ewloe (Flint), Davies-Cooke.

Failand, Hudd.
Falmouth, Norway.
Ferney Castles, Stuart.

Ferrar (N.), Acland-Troyte.

Feuds (local), Baildon.

[blocks in formation]

Games, Cowper, Higgins.
Gargrave (Sir C.), Cartwright.
Gedney (Linc.), Foster, Hope.
Gems, Middleton.


Batten, "C.," Clark, Kerry, Langdale,
Lewis, Northumberland, Oliver,
Phillips, Rye, Stephenson, Waller.

George (St.), Budge.

Germany, Cosson; see Saalburg.
Gidding, Little (Hunts), Acland-Troyte.
Glasgow, Eyre.

Glastonbury (Som.), Bulleid, Church,

Clark (J.), Clothier, Grant, Hope.
Glewias (Corn.), Enys.

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[blocks in formation]

Hardknott (Cumberland), Cowper.

Harpswell (Linc.), Howlett.

Hastings (Sussex), Gattie.

Hauxton (Cambs), Hughes.

[ocr errors]

Hawick (Scotland), Hardy.
Heathfield (Yorks), Leadman.
Helen (St.), Peacock.
Henry VI., Peacock.
HERALDRY, Birch, C.," Cowper, Ely,
Ferguson, Howard, Maddison, Paul.
Herefordshire, Watkins; see Lingebrook.
Heresy, documents relating to, Boughton.
Heron (Sir N.), Burke.

Heron (William), Stephenson.

Herts, see Broxbourne, Hitchin, Mackery
End, St. Albans, Someries, Wheat-
hampstead, Youngsbury.

Hexham (Northumb.), Cripps.
Heywood (Thomas), Cox (J. C.).

· Hitchin (Herts), Clarkson, Latchmore.
Holy Island (Northumb.), Crossman.
Howard (Lady), Smith.

Howard (Lady), of Fitzford, Radford.
Howard (R. L.), Fowler.

Howden (Yorks), Fairbank.

Howdenshire (Yorks), Hutchinson.
Hunsbury, Read.

Hunter (Christopher), Boyle.

Huntingdonshire, see Brampton, Gidding,


Hurley (Berks), Wethered.

Iffley (Oxon), Drinkwater.
Ilchester (Som.), Hope.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Melrose (Roxb.), Hardy.

Mertola (Portugal), Gadow.

Middlesex, Brock; see also London.
Millom (Cumberland), Cowper.

Monuments, effigies and tombs, André,

Andrews, Bagnall-Oakeley, Barker,
Cowper, Davis, Fairbank, Foster,
Fowler, Hope, Howlett, Money,
Oliver, Russell, Smith, Tarver,

Monks Sherborne (Hants), Andrews.
Mor, sister of St. David, O'Donoghue.
Municipal Offices, Grant, Hope, Maclean.
Museums and Collections, Hassé, Haver-
field, Munro, Oliver, Payne.

Music, Church, Acland-Troyte, Briggs,
Waller; see Orguns.

Muster rolls of troops, Bux.
Mutinees, Norway.

Mycenae, Hirst.

Newcastle, Boyle, Embleton, Holmes,
Hope, Knowles.

Newtown (I.W.), Estcourt.

Norfolk, Bolingbroke, Manning; see Bar-
sham (East), Lyng, Norwich.

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