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AMB. Antiochensis Moneta Secundæ Officinæ
AN. ANT. ANTI. Antiochia

ANB. Antiochiæ Secunda Officina: to ANH. Antiochiæ Octava Officina

A. P. L. (In officina) Prima percussa Lugduni
AQ. AQL. Aquileia

AQ. O. B. F. Aquileia Officinæ Secundæ Fabrica

AQ. P. S. Aquileia Pecunia Signata

AQ. S. Aquileiæ Signata

A. AR. ARL Arelate

A. SISC. Prima (in officina) Siscia

B. SIRM. Secunda Sirmii

B. S. I. C. Secunda Signata Lugduni

c. . Constantinopoli Nona


6. A coin of the Sassanidæ of Persia. First published by Mr. Pinkerton

7. Denarius of Cneius Pompey from Mr. Pinkerton, reverse. Received by Spain

8. A silver coin of Carosius

9. A brass coin of Cunobelinus

10. Pescennius Niger. Struck at Antioch; unique. In Dr. Hunter's cabinet; published by Mr. Pinkerton.

11. Reverse of Claudius, in first brass

12. Twenty ancient pennies (probably Scotch) 13. A Saxon penny

14. A reverse of Maximian I. in third brass. The same reverse occurs of Diocletian, Severus Cæsar, and Constantine L.

15. A Saxon styca

16. Reverse of Adrian

17. Of Antoninus Pius

18. Of Commodus

19. Of Severus

20. The ryal of queen Mary of Scotland 21. A penny of William of Scotland. 22. A penny of Robert the Great

COMOB. Conflata Moneta Obryzo. Only on gold 23. An Irish penny

or silver from a gold die

CON. Constantinopoli

CONOB. Conflata Obryzo. Only on gold CONS. Constantinopoli

KART. Carthago

K. o. Carthaginensis Officina

L. LC. LVC. LVG. Lucduni, Lugduni

L. LON. Londini

L. P. Lugdunensis vel Londinensis Pecunia

LVC. P. S. Lugduni Pecunia Signata

MDPS. Mediolani Pecunia Signata

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26. A reverse of Commodus in first brass, from Dr. Hunter's cabinet. The Apollo Monetæ was the deity of art and elegant design in coinage.

MEDALLIC. a. Pertaining to medals. ME'DALLION, or MEDALION, a medal of an extraordinary size, supposed to be an

M. K. V. T. Moneta Kartaginensis Urbis (in offi- ciently struck bythe emperors for their friends, cina) Tertia

M. L. Moneta Lugdunensis vel Londinensis MOSTT. Moneta Officina Secundæ Treverorum MSTR. Moneta Signata Treveris

o. Officina

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and for foreign princes and ambassadors. But, that the smallness of their number might not endanger the loss of the devices they bore,the Romans generally took care to stamp the subject of them upon their ordinary coins. Medallions, in respect of the other coins, were the same as modern medals in respect of modern money: they were exempted from all commerce, and had no other value than what was set upon them by the fancy of the owner. Medallions are so scarce, that there cannot be any set made of them, even though the metals and sizes should be mixed promiscuously.

MEDALIST. s. (medailliste, French.) A man skilled or curious in medals (Add.)

To ME'DDLE. v. n. (middelen, Dutch.) 1. To have to do (Bacon). 2. To interpose; to act in any thing (Dryden). 3. To interpose or intervene importunely or officiously (Proverbs).

To MEDDLE. v. a. (from mesler, French.) To mix to mingle: obsolete (Spenser).

MEDDLER. s. (from meddle.) One who busies himself with things in which he has no concern (Bacon). ME/DDLESOME. a. Intermeddling


MEDE (Joseph), a learned divine, was born in 1586, at Berden in Essex, and in 1602 went to Christ's College, Cambridge, where he studied with intense application, and, on taking his degree of M.A. was chosen fellow. He refused several preferments, parti

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