The Life of Alfred the Great

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H.G. Bohn, 1853 - 582 pages

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Page vii - Lives of great men all remind us We may make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time ; Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, may take heart again.
Page 249 - The Beormas told him many particulars both of their own land, and of the other lands lying around them ; but he knew not what was true, because he did not see it himself ; it seemed to him that the Fins and the Beormas spoke nearly one language.
Page 168 - I was honourably received by him, and remained that time with him at his court eight months; during which I read to him whatever books he liked, and such as he had at hand ; for this is his most usual custom, both night and day, amid his many other occupations of mind and body, either himself to read books, or to listen whilst others read them. And when I frequently asked his leave to depart, and could in no way obtain it, at length when I had made up my mind by all means to demand it, he called...
Page 247 - Right to the east of them are the Bohemians ; and north-east are the Thuringians. To the north of them are the Old Saxons, ' and to the north-west of them are the Friesians. To the west of the Old Saxons is the mouth of the river Elbe and Friesland. From thence, north-west is the country called Anglen," and Zealand I0 and some part of Denmark.
Page 173 - This I can now truly say, that so long as I have lived I have striven to live worthily, and after my death to leave my memory to my descendants in good works2.
Page 257 - Esthonians, a tribe that can produce cold, and therefore the dead, in whom they produce that cold, lie so long there and do not putrefy ; and if any one sets two •vessels full of ale or water, they contrive that one shall be frozen, be it summer or be it winter.
Page 245 - ... the winter time, the river at the mouth is so driven back by the northern winds, that it flows over all the land of Egypt ; and by this flooding very thick crops are produced in the land of Egypt. — The farther Egypt lies east along the Red Sea, on the south side. On the east and south parts of the country, lies the ocean ; and, on its west side, is the nearer Egypt. In the two Egypts are twenty four nations.
Page 62 - Ethelred and Alfred should follow him in succession. His estates were divided between his sons, daughter, and other kindred; the ready money was devoted to the use of his children and the good of his soul. On all his extensive estates he ordered that one poor man in ten, whether native or foreigner, should be provided with meat, drink, and clothing, by his successors, until the day of judgment.
Page 144 - English people, that there are only a few on this side of the Humber who can understand the divine service, or even explain a Latin epistle in English ; and I believe, not many on the other side of the Humber either. But they are so few, that indeed I cannot remember one, south of the Thames, when I began to reign.
Page 451 - Eome had been •built six hundred and sixty-one years, in the sixth year that Julius Caesar was consul, and Lucius Martius, there was over all Italy unnatural and open hostility between Julius and Pompey ; although they had previously completely concealed it between themselves. And also in that year many wonders happened in many lands. One was, that people saw as if a fiery ring came from the north, with a great sound. The second was in the city of Aretium, at a feast, when the loaves were man pa...

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