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1. Tabula Normanniae sub regibus Angliae, by

Thomas Stapleton.
(Reproduced from the original plate by kind

permission of the Council of the Society of

Antiquaries of London.)
To illustrate Chapters III, V, VI, VII, IX,
and Appendix II

Facing title-page II. Orographical Map of Western France.

(Reproduced by permission of Messrs. George

Philip and Son.)
To illustrate Chapter I

Facing p. 12 III. The Division of the Evrecin according to the

treaty of Le Goulet (1 200) Facing p. 250 IV. The Lower Loire, showing the chief fortresses. To illustrate Chapters I, II, V, and VI

At the end of the volume V. (a) The Valley of the Seine and the Norman

(b) Andeli.
(The sketch map of Andeli is based in part

upon Léon Coutil's plan in the Recueil des
travaux de la Société libre d'agriculture,
sciences, arts et belles-lettres de l'Eure, vie
série, iii, 78.)
To illustrate Chapters V, VI, VII, and IX

At the end of the volume


Owing to a misunderstanding, the road from Rouen through
Radepont in Map V(a) has been duplicated. This is an error.

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