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WILLIAM BAXTERDEN, nominated by John Gardyner.
ROGER BROOK, curate and schoolmaster, buried 30th
October, 1613.

JOHN FOSTER, buried 29th April, 1629.

JAMES SCHOOLCROFT, master in 1635 and 1654.

HOLDEN, master in 1664.

6th Nov., 1680. THOMAS LODGE, from Heversham School, afterwards at Preston School, and from 1705 to 1713 at Lowther School.

1690. WILLIAM BORDLEY, grandson of William Bordley, head master of Hawkshead School; vicar of Hawkshead

from 1720 to his death in 1741.

9th Sept., 1708. THOMAS HOLME, son of James Holme, of Hill Park, Lancashire; matriculated at Oxford from Queen's College, 18th November, 1696, aged eighteen; did not graduate through the narrowness of his circumstances; curate of Lancaster, 1704; rector of Claughton, 1712; chaplain of Lancaster Castle, 1718; curate and schoolmaster of Aughton, 1729; died 1740.

23rd Dec., 1725. STEPHEN LEWIS, buried 25th February, 1732. 5th Mar., 1732. William JohnSON, son of Thomas Johnson, of Eccleston, clerk; his testimonial, dated 4th June, 1733, was signed by James Fenton, vicar of Lancaster; Richard Atkinson, and Isaac de Tousey, vicar of Thornton; curate of Heysham, 1737; curate of Caton; curate of St. John's, Lancaster, 1755; buried 1st June, 1765.

26th Aug., 1765. JAMES WATSON, resigned 1794; born 11th September, 1743; son of James Watson, of Airton, labourer; testimonial, dated 5th November, 1765, signed by W. Bateman, D.D., and 2nd December, 1765, by Robert Fletcher, minister of Over Kellet; Felix O'Neill, vicar of Bolton-le-Sands; Joseph Nicholson, curate of Aughton. Schoolmaster of Over Kellet prior to 1765; incumbent of Wyresdale, 1790.

29th Sep., 1794. JOHN WIDDITT, resigned 1802; vicar of Cockerham. 22nd Jan., 1802. JOSEPH ROWLEY, resigned 1812; son of Benjamin Rowley, of Kirkburton, Yorkshire, plebeian; matriculated at Oxford on 5th July, 1791, from Queen's College, aged eighteen; B.A. 1795, M.A. 1804; perpetual curate of Stalmine, 1796-1864; chaplain of Lancaster Castle, 1804-1858; died 3rd January, 1864.

10th April, 1813. JOHN BEETHOм, son of John Beethom, of Heversham; resigned 22nd February, 1850; incumbent of Northwood, Isle of Wight, 1850-1; vicar of Melling, 1851-5.

4th July, 1850. THOMAS FAULKNER LEE, resigned June, 1872.
16th May, 1872. WILLIAM EMANUEL PRYKE, resigned 1893.
2nd Aug., 1893. George Alfred Stocks.


5th May, 1656. JOHN HARRISON.

8th Sept., 1708. THOMAS HARDY.

22nd May, 1712. THOMAS RIVERS, curate of Lancaster, 1718-9. 12th Aug., 1714. ROBERT HEYSHAM.

19th Dec., 1717. 9th Jan., 1758.


JAMES BIRKETT; testimonial, stating that James Birkett was formerly schoolmaster at Beetham, Westmorland, is signed by D. Wilson, vicar of Beetham; A. Watson, curate of St. George's, Kendal; Francis Lee, curate of Lancaster.

26th Aug., 1765. GEORGE MACKERETH; testimonial of George Mackereth signed by Reginald Braithwaite, minister of Hawkshead; Isaac Knipe, curate of Ambleside; and Gilbert Crackenthorp, schoolmaster, in Kendal.


1st Feb., 1770. THOMAS SISSON.
2nd Nov., 1774. JAMES WHINFIEld.
31st Mar., 1777. ROBERT PARKINSON.
10th May, 1780. JOHN BLANCHARD.
1st April, 1784. JOHN WIDDITT.

20th Oct., 1794. JOSEPH ROWLEY.

26th Feb., 1802. Edmund WATERWORTH, afterwards curate of Littledale. 5th Sept., 1808. RICHARD TAYLOR, drowned while bathing in river Lune, 27th August, 1810.

10th April, 1813. George MorlAND, born 1791; appointed assistant chaplain of Lancaster Castle in July, 1817; vicar of St. John's, Lancaster, 1824; died 1862.

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THOMAS FENTON, afterwards vicar of Ings; died 1896.

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29th Jan., 1718. THOMAS GIBSON.

10th Jan.,1746-7. JOHN COTTAM.


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1st Nov., 1764. WILLIAM COCKIN, author of The Art of Delivering Written Language (1775), Rational and Practical Treatise of Arithmetic (1766), Of an Extraordinary Appearance in a Mist near Lancaster (1780), Ode to the Genius of the Lakes, Fall of Scepticism and Infidelity Predicted, The Theory of the Syphon; revised West's Guide to the Lakes; died at Kendal 30th May, 1801 (Dictionary of National Biography, vol. xi., p. 200).

12th July, 1784. WILLIAM HARRISON.

16th Mar., 1785. JOHN CHADWICK.

11th Dec., 1793. ROWLAND BOWSTEAD, curate of Littledale in 1799; vicar of Ulceby, 1818; incumbent of Littledale; died 27th November, 1843, aged seventy-seven.

27th Aug., 1802. RICHARD WITHNELL was on 10th January, 1804, appointed chaplain of Lancaster Castle; rector of Burnsall, 1810.

1808. ROBERT Kidd.

21st Jan, 1811. JOHN CRONE.

29th Jan., 1822. William Fell, author of numerous pamphlets; died March, 1848; buried at Clifton, near Penrith (Dictionary of National Biography, vol. xviii., p. 300).

21st June, 1823. LANCELOT Sanderson.

NOTE. For numerous details in this paper the writer is indebted to Mr. G. A. Stocks, the present head master of the school, and to Mr. J. S. Stringer, of St. Mary's Gate, Lancaster.



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