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November 1st, 1895

Mayer, Charles, Architect, John Dalton Street,

September 26th, 1889 Milne, James D., Lomond Ville, Chorlton-cum

March 21st, 1883

January 10th, 1890

October 10th, 1890

March 21st, 1883

May 8th, 1896

January 8th, 1892
April 24th, 1896
April 24th, 1896

November 1st, 1895

January 27th, 1893

October 7th, 1887 November 4th, 1892 March 21st, 1883 June 26th, 1883 September 26th, 1889 September 4th, 1883 March 21st, 1883 January 26th, 1894

March 6th, 1896 October 11th, 1895 January 31st, 1890 October 10th, 1890

April 2nd, 1886

April 16th, 1886

March 21st, 1883

March 21st, 1883

April 26th, 1889

January 11th, 1895
January 26th, 1894

March 21st, 1883
October 8th, 1886

September 26th, 1889

January 27th, 1893

May 4th, 1883

[blocks in formation]

Moorhouse, Frederick, 51, Central Road, Withington

Mosley, William, Cheadle

Moss, Fletcher, Old Parsonage, Didsbury
Mullen, Ben H., M.A., Peel Park, Salford

Musgrave, Jas., jun., Knowsley Grange, Heaton,

Naylor, James, 15, Queen's Road, West Didsbury
Neal, Thos. Dale, Wilmslow

*Neville, Charles, Bramhall Hall, Stockport

Newman, Thos., Atkinson Free Library, Southport
Newton, Miss, Holly House, Flixton

Newton, C. E., Timperley Lane, Altrincham
Newton, The Right Hon. Lord, Lyme Park, Disley
Nicholson, Albert, The Old Manor House, Sale
Nicholson, J. Holme, M.A., Whitefield, Wilmslow
Norbury, Jonathan, Ramsey, Isle of Man

Ogden, Councillor J. N., Piccadilly, Manchester
Ormerod, Ben., Sandywood, Pendlebury
Ormerod, J. P., Castleton, near Manchester
Ormerod, Thomas P., Castleton, Manchester
*Owen, Major-General C. H., R.A., Alton Lodge,
Hartley Wintney, Winchfield, Hants.

†Owen, John

Oxley, H. M., Deansgate, Manchester

Oxley, Thomas, Helme House, Ellesmere Park,

Oxley, Mrs., Helme House, Ellesmere Park, Eccles

Parker, John, Springfield Lane Oil Works, Salford
Parker, Thomas, 49, Trevelyan Buildings, Cor-
poration Street, Manchester

Pearson, George, Southside, Wilmslow
Pearson, Henry, Union Bank, Salford

Pearson, Joseph, Marlborough Terrace, Windsor
Bridge, Salford

Pearson, Mrs., Marlborough Terrace, Windsor
Bridge, Salford

Peel Robert, Fulshaw Avenue, Wilmslow

October 8th, 1886
July 25th, 1885

April 7th, 1893

March 5th, 1886
October 7th, 1887

April 2nd, 1886
December 7th, 1888

April 14th, 1885

October 17th, 1884

March 21st, 1883

May 4th, 1883

Pike, C. F., Bella Vista, Lostock Road, Urmston
Posnett, W. A., Park View, Chorley, Lancashire
Postlethwaite, G., B.A., Grammar School, Man-

Potter, Robert Cecil, Heald Grove, Rusholme
Pullinger, William, Ash Lea, Sandy Lane, Romiley

Radford, W. Harold, The Haven, Whalley Range
Redford, Walter J., Deane Holme, Deane, Bolton
Redhead, R. Milne, F.L.S., Holden Clough,
Bolton-by-Bowland, Clitheroe

Reid, David, Bower Bank, Bowdon

Renaud, Frank, M.D., F.S.A., Hillside, Alderley

Reynolds, Rev. G. W., M.A., Elwick Hall, Castle
Eden, Durham

September 29th, 1884 Rimmer, John H., M.A., LL.M., Madeley, New

castle, Staff.

November 13th, 1890 Rivers, General Pitt, F.R.S., F.S.A., Rushmore,


December 22nd, 1884 Robinow, Max, Hawthornden House, Palatine
Road, Didsbury

[blocks in formation]


November 18th, 1884 Sheriff, Herbert, Dean's Villa, Swinton

May 8th, 1896
March 21st, 1883
March 7th, 1884

October 8th, 1886

October 7th, 1887
June 11th, 1886
January 11th, 1889
April 5th, 1889
October 7th, 1887

March 21st, 1883

March 21st, 1883

October 12th, 1894

October 11th, 1895

July 26th, 1884

October 10th, 1890

March 6th, 1896

March 21st, 1883

April 2nd, 1886

October 12th, 1888
November 7th, 1884
January 29th, 1892
March 21st, 1883
October 11th, 1896
November 1st, 1895
March 21st, 1883
February 7th, 1890
October 12th, 1888
June 30th, 1885

October 8th, 1886
February 5th, 1886

July 31st, 1886

December 7th, 1883

Simpson, Jonathan, 14, Acresfield, Bolton
Smith, C. C., Marsden House, Muswell Hill, N.
Smith, David, J.P., Highfield, Schools Hill,

Smith, Thomas E., Central Chambers, Fold
Street, Bolton

Smith, William, M.D., Eccles

Smith, William Ford, Woodstock, West Didsbury
Smith, Wm. Jas., 71, Lord Street, Leigh

Smithies, Harry, 21, Rectory Road, Crumpsall
Southam, George Armitage, Springwood, Swinton,

Standring, Alfred, LL.M., M.A., Dunwood Hall,
near Endon, Stoke-on-Trent

Stanning, Rev. J. H., M.A., Leigh Vicarage,

Stead, Alice M., 3, Belgrave Place, Birkdale
Road, Southport

Stead, Edward F., 10, Adelaide Terrace, Waterloo,

*Storey, Herbert L., Lancaster

Sutcliffe, John, 28, Duke Street, Southport

Sutcliffe, William Henry, Shore Cottage, Littleborough

+Sutton, Charles W., F.L.A., 7, Willow Bank, Moss Lane East, Manchester

*Tatham, Leonard, M.A., 1, St. James's Square,


Tatton, Thomas E., Wythenshawe Hall
Taylor, Alexander, St. Mary's Place, Bury
Taylor, George, Buena Vista, Fallowfield
Taylor, Henry, Braeside, Tunbridge Wells
Taylor, Isaac, Stanford, Rusholme

Taylor, J. C., Brownville Road, Heaton Chapel
Taylor, Joshua, 277, Moorside, Droylsden

Taylor, William, 76, Chorley Old Road, Bolton
Thomasson, J. C., 9a, St. Peter's Square

*Trappes, Charles J. B., J.P., Stanley House,

*Tristram, Wm. H., Darcy Lever Hall, Bolton
Turner, William, Purby Chase, Atherstone

Underdown, H. W., 7, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.

Waddington, William Angelo, Richmond Lodge,

July 31st, 1886

March 2nd, 1894

November 6th, 1885

May 4th, 1883

March 21st, 1883

June 11th, 1886

July 31st, 1886

October 12th, 1888

April 6th, 1894

May 4th, 1883
March 2nd, 1895

September 26th, 1889

March 21st, 1883
December 21st, 1892

March 21st, 1883
July 31st, 1886
March 21st, 1883

December 2nd, 1892

April 11th, 1890

April 11th, 1890

March 21st, 1883

May 4th, 1883

March 21st, 1883

[blocks in formation]

Warburton, Samuel Langley, Broughton Park,

Warburton, W. Daulby, M.A., 83, Bignor Street,

Ward, Professor A. W., M.A., LL.D., Oak Drive,

Ward, James, B.A., Public Library, Leigh

*Waters, Edwin H., Hawthorn Lea, Langham
Road, Bowdon

Watson, W. Alfred, 11, Mayfield Grove, Embden
Street, Hulme

*Watt, Miss, Speke Hall, near Liverpool

Watts, James, Abney Hall, Cheadle

*Wearing, James W., M.A., J.P., Fleet Square, Lancaster

Webb, Richard, 438, Moss Lane East, Manchester
Webber, Harry, 34, Brundrett Road, Chorlton-

Wharton, Robert, Bolton Road, Pendleton
Wieler, Miss R. C., Woodhurst, Fallowfield
Wilkinson, J. P., C.E., Assheton Road, Newton

Wilkinson, Thomas Read, Knutsford
Wimpory, Alfred, Arts Club, Manchester

*Wood, R. H., F.S.A., Belmont, Sidmouth, South

Woodburne, George B. L., M.A., The Cottage,


Woodhouse, Samuel T., Abbotsley, Knutsford
Worthington, Edward N., Granville Road,

Worthington, Thomas, F.R.I.B.A., Broomfield,
Alderley Edge

Wright, T. Frank, 37, Whitelow Road, Chorlton-

+Yates, George C., F.S.A., Swinton, Manchester

[blocks in formation]
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