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of the Society, and to introduce a visitor, provided that the same person be not introduced to two ordinary or general meetings in the same year. Each member shall receive, free of charge, such ordinary publications of the Society as shall have been issued since the commencement of the year in which he shall have been elected, provided that he shall have paid all subscriptions then due from him. The Council shall have power to remove any name from the list of members on due cause being shown to them. Members wishing to resign at the termination of the year can do so by informing the Honorary Secretary, in writing, of their intention, on or before the 30th November, in that year.

4. HONORARY MEMBERS.-The Council shall have the power of recommending persons for election as honorary members.

5. HONORARY LOCAL SECRETARIES.-The Council shall have power to appoint any person Honorary Local Secretary, whether he be a member or not, for the town or district wherein he may reside, in order to facilitate the collection of accurate information as to objects and discoveries of local interest.

6. SUBSCRIPTIONS.-An annual subscription of ten shillings and sixpence shall be paid by each member. All such subscriptions shall be due in advance on the first day of January.

7. ENTRANCE FEE. Each person on election shall pay an entrance fee of half a guinea in addition to his first year's subscription.

8. Life MembERSHIP.-A payment of seven guineas shall constitute the composition for life membership, including the entrance fee.

9. GOVERNMENT.-The affairs of the Society shall be conducted by a Council, consisting of the President of the Society, not more than six Vice-Presidents, the Honorary Secretary, and Treasurer, and fifteen members elected out of the general body of the members. The Council shall retire. annually, but the members of it shall be elegible for re-election.


Any intermediate vacancy by death or retirement may be filled up by the Council. Four members of the Council to constitute a quorum. The Council shall meet at least four times yearly. A meeting may at any time be convened by the Honorary Secretary by direction of the President, or on the requisition of four members of the Council. Two Auditors shall be appointed by the members at the ordinary meeting next preceding the final meeting of the Session.

10. MODE OF ELECTING OFFICERS OTHER THAN THE AUDITORS.-The Honorary Secretary shall send out notices convening the annual meeting, and with such notices enclose blank nomination papers of members to fill the vacancies in the Council and Officers, other than the Auditor. The said notice and nomination paper to be sent to each member twenty-one days prior to the annual meeting. The nomination paper shall be returned to the Secretary not less than seven days before the annual meeting, such paper being signed by the proposer and seconder. Should such nominations not

be sufficient to fill the several offices becoming vacant, the Council shall nominate members to supply the remaining vacancies. A complete list shall be printed, and in case of a contest such list shall be used as a ballot paper.

II. SECTIONAL COMMITTEES.-The Council may from time to time appoint Sectional Committees, consisting of members of their own body and of such other members of the Society as they may think can, from their special knowledge, afford aid in such branches of archæology as the following: I. Prehistoric Remains. 2. British and Roman Antiquities. 3. Mediæval, Architectural, and other Remains. 4. Ancient Manners and Customs; Folk-Lore, History of Local Trades and Commerce. 5. Records, Deeds, and other MSS. 6. Numismatics. 7. Genealogy, Family History, and Heraldry. 8. Local Bibliography and Authorship.

12. DUTIES OF OFFICERS.-The duty of the President shall be to preside at the meetings of the Society, and to

maintain order. His decision in all questions of precedence among speakers, and on all disputes which may arise during the meeting, to be absolute. In the absence of the President or Vice-Presidents, it shall be competent for the members present to elect a chairman The Treasurer shall take charge of all moneys belonging to the Society, pay all accounts passed by the Council, and submit his accounts and books, duly audited, to the annual meeting, the same having been submitted to the meeting of the Council immediately preceding such annual meeting. The duties of the Honorary Secretary shall be to attend all meetings of the Council and Society, enter in detail, as far as practicable, the proceedings at each meeting, conduct the correspondence, preserve all letters received, and convene all meetings by circular if requisite. He shall also prepare and present to the Council a Report of the year's work, and after confirmation by the Council, shall read the same to the members at the annual meeting.

13. ANNUAL MEETING.-The annual meeting of the Society shall be held in the last week of January.

14. ORDINARY MEETINGS.-Ordinary meetings shall be held in Manchester at 6-15 p.m., on the first Friday of each month, from October to April, for the reading of papers, the exhibition of objects of antiquity, and the discussion of subjects connected therewith.

15. GENERAL MEETINGS.-The Council may, from time to time, convene general meetings at different places rendered interesting by their antiquities, architecture, or historic associations. The work of these meetings shall include papers, addresses, exhibitions, excavations, and any other practicable means shall be adopted for the elucidation of the history and antiquities of the locality visited.

16. EXPLORATION AND EXCAVATION.-The Council may, from time to time, make grants of money towards the cost of excavating and exploring, and for the general objects of the Society.

17. PUBLICATIONS.-Original papers and ancient documents communicated to the Society may be published in such manner as the Council shall from time to time determine.' Back numbers of the Transactions and other publications of the Society remaining in stock may be purchased by any member of the Society at such prices as the Council shall determine.

18. PROPERTY.-The property of the Society shall be vested in the names of three Trustees to be chosen by the Council.

19. INTERPRETATION CLAUSE.-In these rules ths masculine shall include the feminine gender.

20. ALTERATION OF RULES.-These Rules shall not be altered except by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting at the annual or at a special meeting convened for that purpose. Fourteen days' notice of such intended alteration is to be given to every member of the Society.


Date of Election. December 7th, 1888

September 4th, 1883
March 21st, 1883
June 17th, 1884

October 11th, 1895
November 4th, 1892

September 4th, 1883

June 11th, 1886

July 25th, 1885

July 25th, 1885

September 4th, 1883

March 21st, 1883

October 8th, 1886

March 21st, 1883

April 15th, 1885

December 4th, 1885

April 14th, 1885

November 5th, 1886
October 12th, 1888
March 21st, 1883

March 21st, 1883

March 21st, 1883

The* denotes a Life Member.

The denotes an Honorary Member.

Abraham, Miss E. C., Grassendale Park, near

Adshead, G. H., Fern Villas, Pendleton

Agnew, Sir William, Summerhill, Pendleton
Ainsworth, Mrs. Frank, Lostock Dene, Lostock,

Albiston, Miss, Mount Heaton, Heaton Mersey
Allen, Rev. George, M.A., Shaw, Oldham

Andrew, Frank, J.P., Chester Square, Ashton-

Andrew, J. D., Lyme View, Davenport, Stockport
Andrew, James, The Avenue, Patricroft
Andrew, James Lawton, M.D., Heaton Norris
Andrew, Samuel, St. John's Terrace, Hey Lees,

Anson, Ven. Archdeacon G. H. G., M.A., Birch
Rectory, Rusholme

Arning, C. H., West View, Victoria Park

Arnold, W. T., M.A., 75, Nelson Street, Manchester *Ashworth, Edmund, J.P., Egerton Hall, Boltonle-Moors

Ashworth, Joseph, Albion Place, Walmersley
Road, Bury

Atkinson, Rev. Canon, B.D., Gedney, Holbeach,

Attkins, Edgar, 69, Burton Road, Withington
Axon, Ernest, Free Reference Library, Manchester
Axon, W. E. A., M.R.S.L., 47, Derby Street,
Moss Side

*Bailey, Sir W. H., Sale Hall, Cheshire

Baillie, Edmund J., F.L.S., Chester

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