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Following Lancashire and Cheshire persons [natives or closely connected] :— Vol. 45: Sir Richard Perryn, baron of the exchequer, 1723-1803; John Louis Petit, divine and artist, 1801-1868; Nathaniel George Philips, artist, 1795-1831; Sir Thomas Phillipps, baronet, antiquary, and bibliophile, 1792-1872; Sir James Allanson Picton, antiquary and architect, 1805-1889; Francis Pilkington, lutenist and musical composer, 1570?-1625?; James Pilkington, first Protestant bishop of Durham, 1520?-1576; Leonard Pilkington, master of St. John's College, Cambridge, 1537?-1559; Richard Pilkington, Protestant controversialist, 1568?-1631; Charles Plowden, rector of Stonyhurst College, 1743-1821.

Vol. 46: John Bede Polding, first Roman Catholic archbishop of Sydney, 1794-1877; William Pollard, Quaker, 1828-1893; Sir John Port, judge, 1480?-1541; Thomas Postlethwaite, master of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1731-1798; Richard Potter, scientific writer, 1799-1886; Horatio Powys, bishop of Sodor and Man, 1805-1877; John Prestwich (called Sir John), antiquary, d. 1795; John Critchley Prince, poet, 1808-1866; Robert Prescott, general, 1725-1816; Joseph Priestley, theologian and man of science, 1733-1804; Richard Wright Procter, author, 1816-1881.

Vol. 47: Ralph Radcliffe, schoolmaster and playwright, 1519?-1559; William Radcliffe. improver of cotton machinery, 1760-1841; Thomas Radford, obstetrician, 1793-1881; Elizabeth Raffald, cook and author, 1733-1781; Thomas Raffles, Independent minister, 1788-1863; Henry Cecil Raikes, politician, 1838–1891; Francis Robert Raines, antiquary, 1805-1878; Randulf, called Le Meschin, earl of Chester, d. 1129? Randulf, called De Gernons, earl of Chester, d. 1153; Dorning Rasbotham, author, 1730-1791; Henry Ratcliffe, vital statistician, 1808-1877; John Rathbone, artist, 1750?-1807; William Rathbone, merchant, 1757-1809 (also son, W. R., 1787-1868); John Samuel Raven, landscape-painter, 1829-1877.

Vol. 48: John Richardson, bishop of Ardagh, 1580-1654; Samuel Richardson, stenographer, d. 1805; Legh Richmond, evangelical divine, 1772–1827; Charles Richson, educational reformer, 1806–1874; John Rider or Ryder, lexicographer and bishop of Killaloe, 1562–1632; Alexander Rigby, parliamentary colonel and baron of the Exchequer, 1594-1650; Edward Rigby, physician, 1747-1821; Joseph Rigby, parliamentarian, d. 1671; Alfred Rimmer, artist and author, 1829–1893; Edward Rishton, Catholic divine, 1550-1586; Nicholas Rishton, diplomatist, d. 1413; Thomas Risley, nonconformist divine, 16301716; John Gooch Robberds, Unitarian minister, 1789-1854.




QUITIES, 1896.

CONTRACTIONS.-C.S., Cheshire Sheaf; Ches. N. and Q., Cheshire Notes and Queries; Chet. Soc., Chetham Society; D. N. B., Dictionary of National Biography; M. C. N., Manchester City News; M. F. and P., Manchester Faces and Places; M. W. T., Manchester Weekly Times; Rec. Soc., Record Society.

Acton Church Monuments C. S.
Ainsworth (W. H.) Mercer
Alderley Ches. N. and Q. 1, 2,
Church Ches. N. and Q. 2
Altcar Parish Warburton
Angier (John), Will, 1677 Waters
Angier (Samuel), Will, 1713 Waters
Archæological Survey of Lan-
cashire Harrison
Arley Hall M. W. T.

Bate of Kelsterton, co. Flint,
Pedigree Howard
Bebington, Pre-Norman Church,
Symbolic Window C. S.
Bell Inscriptions C. S.
Bells, Cheshire C. S.
Bibliography of Lancashire and

Cheshire Antiquities Swann Billinge (Thos.), Charges of Simony C. S.

Birch, Memories Birch, M. C. N. Blackpool, Road from Manchester M. W. T.

Blind Jack of Knaresborough

Ches. N. and Q. 3

Bobbin (Tim), see Collier (John) Bolton, Bank St. Chapel Bolton Borwick Hall Roper

Brereton Håll Ches. N. and Q. 3 Bridestones of Cheshire Ches. N. and Q. 2

Bridges, Lancashire Harrison Brierley (Ben.), Obituary Notice M. C. N., Brierley, Dronsfield Bromborough, Nonconformity,

1669 C. S. Broster (Rich.), Composition Papers C. S.

Brown (Thos.), Trial, 1796 C. S.
Bunbury (Thos.) of Stanney, Will
C. S.

Burnley M. C. N., M. W. T.
Bury, Brunswick Church Dale,
Presbyterian Classis, Minutes
Chet. Soc. n.s. 36

Byrom (Dr. Geo.), Composition
Papers C. S.

Byrom (Dr. John) M. W. T., Stephen

Castles, Lancashire and Cheshire Mackenzie

Cheshire, Ancient Customs Ditchfield, Antiquities and Biography, Bibliography Swann, Bells C. S., Bp. of Chester's Visitations, 1554, 1557, 1598, 1677 C. S., Bridestones Ches. N. and Q. 2, Bronze Implements Yates, Castles Mackenzie, Heroes Ches. N. and Q. 4, in the great Civil War Robinson, J.P.s, 1601, 1620 C. S., Medieval Exchequer

References Hall, News concern-
ing a New Found Well Ches.
N. and Q. 4, Nonjuring Clergy
C. S., Provincial Assembly,
Record Evans, References (1327-
1330) Close Rolls, References in
Papal Registers Papal, Refer-
ences, Reign Henry VIII. Letters,
Roman Roads and Stations
Ches. N. and Q. 3, Salt Patents
Ches. N. and Q. 1, Schools at
the Reformation Leach, Sig-
natures to the "Three Articles,"
1563 C. S., Sheriffs Ches. N.
and Q. 1, Stowe Manuscripts
Catalogue, Wanderings Hunter
Chester, Bell Inscriptions C. S.,
Clandestine Marriage in Phoenix
Tower C. S., Deed, 1346 C. S.,
Diocese, Churchwardens' Pre-
sentations, 1684 C. S., Diocese
Clergy, 1541-42 Rec. Soc. 33,
Diocesan Registry, Wills, etc.,
1487-1620 Rec. Soc. 33, Dr. Cole
and the "Blue Posts" C. S.,
History Fenwick, St. John's
Hospital, Early Grant of Land
C. S., Skinners' Company, Deed,
1555 C. S., Wills at Probate
Registry, Abstracts C. S.
Checks, Manchester Yates
Cholmondeley, Archives C. S.
Cholmondeley (Mary, Lady) C. S.
Chorley Ches. N. and Q. 1, Survey,
1652 Rec. Soc. 33
Chorlton-cum-Hardy Old Church
M. F. and P.

Churton Heath Chapel Petition,
1646 C. S.

Clayton Hall Clayton, M. C. N.
Cloud End Ches. N. and Q. 2
Cole (Dr. H.), Mission to Ireland,
1558 C. S.

Collier (John) and Dr. Whitaker

Composition Papers, Royalist, Ex-
tracts C. S.

Corn Laws Repeal, Jubilee M.W.T.
Cow Charity, Woodchurch C. S.

[blocks in formation]

Duncalf Family of Foxwist Renaud
Dunckley (Henry) Dunckley

Epitaphs Ches. N. and Q. I

Evans of Bronwylfa, co. Denbigh,
Pedigree Howard

Exchequer, Red Book Hall
Ferries, Lancashire Harrison
Fetherstonhaugh (Sir Timothy),
Farewell Letter C. S.

Feudal Laws Ches. N. and Q. I
Firth Family, Pedigree Howard
Fitton Family of Gawsworth Ches.
N. and Q. 2

Flame (Lord) Ches. N. and Q. 2
Folk-Lore, Local M. C. N.
Fords, Lancashire Harrison
Fox (George) Hodgkin
Foxdenton Hall M. F. and P.
Foxwist Family Renaud

Franceis, Surname, County Re-
cords French

Francus, Surname, County Re-
cords French

French, Surname, County Records

Frodsham, Church Inventories,

1622-71 C. S., Church, Kingsley
Chapel C. S., Churchwardens'
Accounts, 1633-51 C. S., Gram-
mar School C. S.

Furness Abbey Sydney

Garratt (Rev. Thos.) Ches. N. and
Q. I

Gaskell (Mrs. E. C.) Shorter
Gastrell (Chancellor Peregrine)

C. S.

Gawsworth Church M. F. and P.

Gibbet at Stockport Ches. N. and
Q. 2

Glegg (Wm.), Charges, 1649 C. S.
Great Budworth M. W. T.,
Church M. F. and P.
Hale Hall M. F. and P.

Hall (Bp. Geo.), Cup at Oxford
C. S.

Hallé (Sir Chas.), Autobiography

Hawthorn Hall, Wilmslow Ches.
N. and Q. 3

Heswall, Parish Registers May,
Place-name, Derivation C. S.
Heyrick (Richard) Letts
Heysham M. W. T.

Hilbree, Monastic Cell C. S.

Hill Cliffe Baptist Chapel Hill

Holford Hall M. F. and P.

Hornby (Sir G. T. P.), Biography

Hoyle Lake C. S.

Hurleston (John), Composition
Papers C. S.
Hurstwood M. W. T.

Implements, Bronze, of Lancashire
and Cheshire Yates
Jacson (Catherine) Jacson
Johnson (Maggotty) Ches. N. and
Q. 2

Knutsford Brown, Ches. N. and

Lancashire, Ancient Customs

Ditchfield, Antiquities and Bio-
graphy, Bibliography Swann,
Archæological Survey Harrison,
Bronze Implements Yates,
Castles Mackenzie, East, Rail-
way, Jubilee Fewtrell, Fords,
Ferries and Bridges Harrison,
Industrial Mortimer, Provincial
Assembly, Record Evans, Re-
ferences, 1327-1330 Close Rolls,
References in Papal Registers

Papal, References, Medieval,
Exchequer Hall, References,
Reign Henry VIII. Letters,
Schools at the Reformation
Leach, Shakspeare's Probable
Connexion Foard, Stowe Manu-
scripts Catalogue, Wanderings
Hunter, Writers, Rochdale Me-
morial M. W. T.
Lancaster, Duchy Court Pleadings
and Depositions Rec. Soc. 32
Laws, Feudal Ches. N. and Q. I
Lees of Clarksfield, Pedigree

Leigh, Historical Jottings Bee,
Musical Society Bee
Leonard (Robt.), Composition
Papers C. S.

Lindow Common Ches. N. and Q. 4
Little Budworth Church M. F.
and P.

Littler Hall, Over Ches. N. and Q.3
Lower Peover, Quaint Customs
Ches. N. and Q. 3

Macclesfield Free School Ches. N.
and Q. 4


Manchester Man Banks
Manchester, Cathedral Miseri-
cords Phipson, Checks and
Tokens Yates, Eighty Years Ago
Potter, Illustrated Machray,
Lever Street Sunday School
M. F. and P., "Old Church'
Recollections Huntington, Parks
Jubilee, Streets Omnium, Theatres
M. C. N., Visitation by Bp. of
Chester, 1592 Irvine
Marbury Hall M. W. T.
Marks, Masons', Stretford
Aqueduct Heywood

Marple Hall, the Stables M. F.
and P., Old Church M. F. and P.
Marrow (Col. John) C. S.
Marshall of Stroud, co. Glouc.,

[blocks in formation]

Massey (Richd.) of Coggeshall,

Will C. S.

Massey (Sir Wm.), Composition
Papers C. S.

Mather Family, Pedigree Howard
Meoles (Thos.) of Wallasey, Will
C. S.

Methodism at Radcliffe Bridge

Misericords, ManchesterCathedral

Mobberley Ches. N. and Q. I
Monuments, Acton and Wrenbury
Churches C. S.

Moreton Hall Head

Mottram Church M. F. and P.
Mound Exploration, Stonyhurst

Mow Cop Ches. N. and Q. 2, 3
Nantwich Deed, Early C. S.
Neston, Plague C. S.
Nonjuring Clergy, Cheshire C. S.
Oulton Hall M. F. and P.

Over Church M. F. and P., Littler

Hall Ches. N. and Q. 3
Owens College M. W. T.
Parbold, Douglas Chapel Price
Parnell Family Ches. N. and
2.3, 4

Peckforton Castle M. F. and P.
Pendlebury (Rev. Henry) Hewitson
Pennington Manor Bee
Peploe (Bp. S.) C. S.
Perryn (Sir Rich.) D. N. B. 45
Petit (J. L.) D. N. B. 45
Philips (N. G.) D. N. B. 45
Phillipps (Sir T.) D. N. B. 45
Picton (Sir J. A.) D. N. B. 45
Pilkington (Francis) D. N. B. 45
Pilkington (Bp. G.) D. N. B. 45
Pilkington (Leonard) D. N. B. 45
Pilkington (R.) D. N. B. 45
Plague at Neston C. S.
Pleadings, Duchy Court, Lan-
caster Rec. Soc. 32
Plowden (Chas.) D. N. B. 45
Polding (Archbp. J. B.) D. N.B.46
Pollard (W.) D. N. B. 46
Port (Sir John) D. N. B. 46


Postlethwaite (T.) D. N. B. 46
Pott Shrigley Church M. F. and P.
Potter (R.) D. N. B. 46
Powys (Bp. H.) D. N. B. 46
Prescott (Robt.) D. N. B. 46
Prestbury Parish Church and
Manor Renaud

Prestwich (John) D. N. B. 46
Price (James), Trial, 1796 C. S.
Priestley (Joseph) D. N. B. 46
Prince (J. Critchley) D. N. B. 46
Procter (R. W.) D. N. B. 46
Provincial Assembly, Record

Radcliffe (R.) D. N. B. 47
Radcliffe (W.) D. N. B. 47
Radcliffe Bridge, Methodism Hay



Radford (T.) D. N. B. 47
Raffald (E.) D. N. B. 47
Raffles (T.) D. N. B. 47
Raikes (H. C.) D. N. B. 47
Raine (Rev. James) Raine
Raines (F. R.) D. N. B. 47
Randulf, Earl of
D. N. B. 47
Rasbotham (D.) D. N. B. 47
Ratcliffe (H.) D. N. B. 47
Rathbone (J.) D. N. B. 47
Rathbone (W.) D. N. B. 47
Raven (J. S.) D. N. B. 47
Read Hall M. F. and P.
Registers, Heswall Parish May
Richardson (Bp. J.) D. N. B. 48
Richardson (S.) D. N. B. 48
Richmond (Legh) D. N. B. 48
Richson (C.) D. N. B. 48
Rider (Bp. John) D. N. B. 48
Ridley Hall Ches. N. and Q. 2
Rigby (Alex.) D. N. B. 48
Rigby (Ed.) D. N. B. 48
Rigby (G.) D. N. B. 48
Rimmer (A.) D. N. B. 48
Rishton (Ed.) D. N. B. 48
Rishton (N.) D. N. B. 48
Risley (T.) D. N. B. 48

Robberds (J. G.) D. N. B. 48
Rochdale Memorial to Lancashire
Writers M. W. T.

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