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Gordon (Alexander, M.A.). Historical Account of Dukinfield [Unitarian] Manchester: Cartwright and Rattray Limited, Portraits and illustrations.

Chapel and School.

1896. 8vo, pp. 130.

Green (Charles). See Banks (Mrs. G. L.).

Hall (Hubert, F.S.A.), editor. The Red Book of the Exchequer. London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1896. 8vo, 3 vols. Published under the direction of the Master of the Rolls.

Contains Lancashire and Cheshire references, chiefly mediæval.

Hall (James). See Cheshire Sheaf.

Hallé (Sir Charles) Life and Letters.

Being an autobiography (1819–

1860) with correspondence and diaries. Edited by his son, C. E. Hallé, and his daughter, Marie Hallé. With two portraits. London: Smith, Elder, and Co., 1896. 8vo, pp. [viii.] 432.

Harper (W. J.). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 2, 3, 4.

Harrison (William). An Archæological Survey of Lancashire. minster: Nichols and Sons, 1896. 4to, pp. [2]. 26.

With map.


One of the series of county surveys published by the Society of Antiquaries of London. This survey was prepared by Mr. Harrison on behalf of the Lanc. and Ches. Antiq. Soc.

Ancient Fords, Ferries, and Bridges in Lancashire. (ii.) North of the Ribble. Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 74-102. Illustrated. Hayhurst (T. H.). A Survey of Religious Methodism at Radcliffe Bridge from 1650 to 1895. By Frank Merriday [pseud.]. Radcliffe: T. H. Hayhurst. 12mo, pp. 56.

Head (Robert). Old Moreton Hall, and its past and present owners.
Hist. Soc. Lanc. and Ches., n.s. xi.,
PP. 1-20. Illustrated.
Hewitson (William). Rev. Henry Pendlebury (1626–1695). Bury Times,
July 6th, 27th, August 3rd, 10th, 1895.

Heywood (Nathan). Masons' Marks on the Stones of Stretford Aqueduct.
Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 70-73. Illustrated.

Hill Cliffe, Parish of Appleton, Cheshire, Baptist Chapel: Oldest Nonconformist Church in England. (Correspondence.) Manch. Guardian, August 22nd, p. 8.

Hodgkin (Thomas, D.C.L.). George Fox.

[Leaders of Religion Series.]

London: Methuen and Co., 1896. 12m0, pp. vi. [2] 284. Portrait. Hope (T. H.). See Bee (The).

Visitation of

Howard (Joseph Jackson) and Crisp (Frederick Arthur).
England and Wales. Vol. iv. Privately printed, 1896. Fol.

Pedigrees of families connected with Lancashire: Dugdale, of Symonstone
Hall, co. Lancaster; Mather; Evans, of Bronwylfa, co. Denbigh; Marshall, of
Northfield, The Uplands, Stroud, co. Gloucester; Firth; Lees, of Clarksfield,
co. Lancaster; Bate, of Kelsterton, co. Flint.

Hunter (Joseph). Familiae Minorum Gentium. Vol. iv.
John W. Clay, F.S.A. Harleian Society; xl. London, 1896.

Edited by
La. 8vo.

Hunter (Loxton). Wanderings in Lancashire and Cheshire, with notes on North Wales and the Isle of Man; being the official guide of the Cheshire Lines Committee. London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1896. 12m0, pp. xiv. 159. Illustrated.

Huntington (Rev. George). Random Recollections of some Noted Bishops, Divines, and Worthies of the "Old Church" of Manchester. New edition. London: J. Hodges. 8vo, pp. 320.

Irvine (Wm. Fergusson). Church Discipline in the Sixteenth Century, as shown by Extracts from the Bishop of Chester's MS. Visitation Books for the Deanery of Manchester. Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 56-69.

Notes on the Parish Churches of Wirral. Hist. Soc. Lanc. and Ches., n.s., xi., pp. 107-136. Illustrated.

See also Cheshire Sheaf, and Record Society, 33.

Jacson (Catherine). Desultory retracings: a personal and family record. Printed for private circulation. London: Wells Gardner, Darton, and Co., 1895. 12mo, pp. x. [2] 282. Portraits of Mr. and Mrs. Jacson. Mrs. Jacson is the daughter of Henry G. Formby, of Formby, and Catherine Peel, of Accrington, and is the widow of Chas. Roger Jacson, J.P., of Barton, near Preston. Her reminiscences deal largely with places in Lancashire, and the Peel and Formby families.

Jubilee of Manchester Parks. Manch. Guard., August 20th, p. 6.

Kay (Thomas). On an Earthen Vase found in the Boulder Clay at Stockport. Mem. and Proc. Manch. Lit. and Phil. Soc., fourth series,

vol. x., pp. 87-92.

See also Cheshire Notes and Queries, 2.

Lawrence (C. F.). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 3.

Lawson (Richard). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 4.

Leach (Arthur F., M.A., F.S.A.). English Schools at the Reformation, 1546-8. Westminster: Arch. Constable and Co., 1896. 8vo, pp. [vi]. 122. xvi. 346.

Contains Lancashire and Cheshire references.

Leary (Fred.). See Manchester City News.

Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign of Henry VIII. Preserved in the Public Record Office, the British Museum, and elsewhere in England. Arranged and catalogued by James Gairdner

and R. H. Brodie.

1896. 8vo.

Vol. xv. London: Eyre and Spottiswoode,

Contains numerous Lancashire and Cheshire references.

Letts (Rev. Ernest F., M.A.). Warden [Richard] Heyrick. Trans. L.
and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 103-118. Pedigree and illustration of brass.
Luck (Rev. J. R., S.J.). Exploration of a Second Mound near Stonyhurst.
Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 27-31.

Machray (Robert). Manchester and Salford Illustrated.
Magazine, July. pp. 1-17.


Mackenzie (Sir James D.). The Castles of England, their Story and Structure. London, 1897 [1896]. 4to, 2 vols. Illustrated.

Vol. ii.--Cheshire, pp. 162-r81; Lancashire, pp. 182-206.

Manchester City News. The following articles have appeared during 1896:-
Local Folk-Lore, by Fletcher-Moss: The Growing of Stones and other
Beliefs (January 11th); Weddings (January 25th); Oddities (February 8th);
Horses (February 22nd); Cocks and Hens (March 7th); Churchwardens (March
21st, April 4th, 18th); Feasts and Fasts (May 2nd, 16th); May and the time of
Flowers (May 30th); Whitsuntide and other Festivals: Flowers (June 13th);
Weather and Weather Prophets (June 27th); Dogs and Cats (July 11th); Ghosts
(December 26th). A History of the Manchester Theatres [By Fred. Leary: Re-
printed from the Eral (January 11th). Obituary Notice of Ben Brierley (January
25th). Reminiscences of the Older [Manchester] Theatres, by Mrs. Linnæus
Banks (February 1st, March 14th, 28th, April 11th, 25th). Clayton Hall (illus-
trated, April 18th). Memories of Birch: its Owners and its ancient Chapel, by
Herbert Birch (July 4th). Burnley: a typical Lancashire town (September 12th).
Manchester Faces and Places. Vol. vii. Birmingham. J. G. Hammond and
Co. Limited. Among the articles are the following (illustrated) :-
Marple Old Church. Standish Hall. Holford Hall. Chorlton-cum-Hardy
Old Church. Little Budworth Church. Hale Hall. Great Budworth Church.
Oulton Hall. Old Withington Hall. Mottram Church. Marple Hall: the
Stables. Over Church. Tonge Hall. Thorncliffe Hall. Foxdenton Hall.
Lever Street Sunday School. Winnington Old Hall Pott Shrigley Church.
Gawsworth Church. Sandbach Crosses. Sandbach Church. Peckforton Castle.
Read Hall.

Manchester Weekly Times. The following illustrated articles have appeared during 1896:

Hurstwood and Edmund Spenser (April 10th). John Byrom as a Poet (May 8th). Great Budworth (May 29th). Heysham (June 5th). Jubilee of the Repeal of the Corn Laws (June 19th, 26th, July 3rd, August 7th). Great Budworth and Marbury Hall (July 10th). Cycling from Manchester to Blackpool (July 24th). Cycling from Blackpool to Southport (July 31st). Owens College: a Retrospect (September 25th, October 2nd). Cycling to Arley Hall (October 9th). Lancashire Writers: the Rochdale Memorial (October 16th). Burnley and Towneley Hall (November 27th).


May (Rev. Thomas Henry, M.A.), editor. The Registers of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials in the Parish of Heswall from their 1729; together with a table of the Rectors of and a terrier of lands, fees, charges, Guildford: Printed by Billing and Sons. 8vo,

commencement to

Heswall from

etc., in



pp. viii. [2]. 140. Sixty copies printed.

Mercer (Edmund). William Harrison Ainsworth. (Lancashire Novelists Series, 3.) Manchester Quarterly, vol. xv., pp. 1-27. Portrait and


Merriday (Frank), pseud. See Hayhurst (T. H.).

Mortimer (John). Industrial Lancashire: some manufacturing towns and their surroundings. Manchester: Palmer, Howe, and Co., 1896. 8vo, pp. [vi]. 158. Illustrated.

Reprinted from Messrs. Henry Bannerman and Sons Limited Diary and Buyers' Guide for 1897.

Moss (Fletcher). See Manchester City News.

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Omnium (Jacob) Jun." Manchester Streets (Market Street). Evening Student, January, February, March, April. Illustrated.

Ormerod (Alfred). See Fewtrell (A. H.).

Papal Registers. Calendar of Entries in the Papal Registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland. Petitions to the Pope. Vol. i., A.D. 13421419. Edited by W. H. Bliss, B.C.L. London: Eyre and

Spottiswoode, 1896. La. 8vo.

Contains references to Lancashire and Cheshire.

Perry (Haydon). Road and Lane: a handbook for Manchester cyclists and tourists. Manchester: A. Heywood, 1896. 12mo, pp. 103. Frontispiece.

Descriptions of routes to pleasant places in Lancashire, Cheshire, and Derbyshire, easily accessible from Manchester.

Phipson (Emma). Choir Stalls and their Carvings.

Examples of

Misericords from English Cathedrals and Churches. With an introduction and descriptive notes. London B. T. Batsford, 1896. 4to. Manchester Cathedral. Plates 80-83; descriptive notes, pp. 86-87.

Pink (W. D.). See Bee (The).

Potter (Mrs. Louisa). Eighty Years Ago: a Manchester lady's memories. Manch. Guard., August 6th, p. 7; September 2nd, p. 8.

Price (William Frederick). Some Historical Notes on the Chapel of Our Blessed Lady [Douglas Chapel], Parbold, Lancashire. Hist. Soc. Lanc. and Ches., n.s., xi., pp. 207-234. Illustrated.

Radcliffe (R. D.). See Record Society, 33.

Raine (Rev. James, D.C.L., Chancellor of York Minster). Obituary notice. Antiquary, July, pp. 214-216.

Record Society, 32. Pleadings and Depositions in the Duchy Court of Lancaster, time of Henry VII. and Henry VIII. Edited by Lieut.Colonel Henry Fishwick, F.S.A. [Rochdale] 1896. 8vo, pp. x. 248.

33. Miscellanies relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, vol. iii. [Lond.] 1896. 8vo.

1.-A List of the Clergy in eleven Deaneries of the Diocese of Chester, 1541-2, together with a List of the Tenths and Subsidy payable in ten Deaneries (circa 15381. Edited by Wm. Fergusson Irvine.

2. The Chorley Survey, being an Abstract of the Survey taken on the 15th February, 1652, of the Estate of Richard Chorley, of Chorley, esquire. Edited by R. D. Radcliffe, M.A., F.S.A.

3.-An Index of the Wills, Inventories, Administration Bonds, and Depositions in Testamentary Suits now preserved at the Diocesan Registry, Chester, from 1487 to 1620 inclusive. Edited by Wm. Fergusson Irvine.

Renaud (Frank, M.D., F.S.A.). Early History of Prestbury Parish Church and Manor, Cheshire. Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 1-18.

The Family of Foxwist, of Foxwist, and of Duncalf, of Foxwist. Trans. L and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 43-55. With pedigree.

Robinson (A. M., F.R.G.S.). Cheshire in the great Civil War. Hist. Soc. Lanc. and Ches., n.s., xi., pp. 137-156.

Roper (William Oliver). Borwick Hall. Hist. Soc. Lanc. and Ches., n.s., xi., pp. 21-36.

St. Wilfrid's Parish Church, Standish. The Northern Churchman, September With illustration.

18th, p. 451.

Sanders (Rev. Francis, M.A.). See Cheshire Sheaf.

Shaw (W. A.). See Chetham Society, n.s. 36.

Shorter (Clement K.). Charlotte Brontë and her Circle. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1896. 8vo, pp. [xvi]. 512. Portraits.

Contains many references to Mrs. Gaskell.

Mrs. Gaskell and Charlotte Brontë. Woman at Home, May, pp. 681-691. Portraits.

Smith (T. C.). Shireburnes under Persecution.

June and July.

Stonyhurst Magazine,

Story of the attempt to sequestrate the estates of Richard Shireburne for delinquency.

Stephen (Leslie). John Byrom. National Review, vol. xxvii., April, pp.


Stott (John). See Bee (The).

Swann (John Hibbert). Bibliography of Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquities and Biography, 1895. With subject index. Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 201-215.

Sydney (William Connor, M.A.). Furness Abbey and its Story. Gentleman's Magazine, vol. cclxxx., January, pp. 89-98.

Tavare (F. L.). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 3.

Wall (Rev. G. W., M.A.). St. Helen's Church, Sephton. [With addenda by Ed. W. Cox.] Hist. Soc. Lanc. and Ches., n.s., xi., pp. 37-106. Illustrated.

Warburton (Rev. William). Notes on Altcar Parish. Hist. Soc. Lanc. and Ches., n.s., xi., pp. 157-206. Illustrated.

Ward (James, B.A.). See Bee (The).

Waters (Henry F., A.M.). Genealogical Gleanings in England. New England Hist. and Genealog. Register. [Boston.] Vol. 50, July.

Gives abstracts of the wills of John Angier, of Denton (1677), and Samuel Angier, of Dukinfield (1713).

Wild (W. I.). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 1, 2, 4.

Yates (Geo. C., F.S.A.). Bronze Implements of Lancashire and Cheshire.

Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 124-141. Illustrated.

Manchester Checks and Tokens.

xiii., pp. 119-123.

Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc.,

Yates (O. V.) See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 4.

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