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Mr. Fred. J. Harte read a paper on "The Present

State of the Roman Wall.”

Mr. C. T. Tallent-Bateman read a paper on "The Ancient Court of Exchequer at Chester" (see page 139), which was supplemented by some interesting remarks by Mr. William Harrison.

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pp. 165-181. A Sussex Book. ["History of Remarkable Providences," by William Turner, M.A., who was born at Marbury, in Cheshire, in 1653.]

Banks (Mrs. G. Linnæus). The Manchester Man. Illustrated by Charles Green and Hedley Fitton. Manchester: Abel Heywood and Son, 1896. 4to, pp. x. 470. With final appendix (historical).

Contains portraits of Mrs. Banks, Rev. Joshua Brookes, Rev. Jeremiah Smith, Humphrey Chetham, Joseph Nadin, Samuel Bamford, Henry Hunt, Henry Liverseege, George Pilkington, and Mrs. Abel Heywood; also views of Old Manchester, particularly of Chetham's Hospital, and three maps of Manchester and Salford, dated respectively 1650, 1807, 1821.

See also Manchester City News.

Bee (The): A Students' Magazine. Edited by John Stott and James Ward, B.A. Leigh: D. and J. Forbes, 1896.


An Old Leigh Musical Society, by James Ward, B.A. (begun December, 1895;
January, February, March). The Manor of Pennington, by W. D. Pink.
torical Jottings of Leigh and neighbourhood, by T. H. Hope (March-June).
Local Lore, by James Ward, B.A. (April).

Bell (Rev. Canon). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 2.

Birch (Herbert).

Memories of Birch: Its Owners and its Ancient Chapel. Reprinted from the Manchester City News, July 4th, 1896. 8vo, pp. 8.

See also Manchester City News.

Bliss (W. H.). See Papal Registers.

Bolton, Bank Street [Unitarian] Chapel. Bi-Centenary Commemoration, 1696-1896. Manchester: H. Rawson and Co. 12m0, pp. 158. Portraits and illustrations.

Brierley (Benjamin). Obituary Notices. Manch. Guardian, January 20th, p. 6; Manch. Courier, January 20th, p. 5.

Reprinted, with the Manch. City News Notice and a full-page portrait, in the Papers of the Manchester Literary Club.

Brown (Alice). Latter-day Cranford.

Atlantic Monthly, vol. lxxvii.,

April, pp. 526-534.

Cash (Sarah). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 2, 3, 4.

Catalogue of the Stowe Manuscripts in the British Museum.
British Museum, 1895-96. 8vo, 2 vols.


Among the MSS. are various relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, dating from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries.

Cheshire Notes and Queries: an illustrated quarterly journal. Devoted to the antiquities, family traditions, parochial records, folk-lore, quaint customs, etc., of Cheshire. Edited by William Astle. New series. Stockport: Swain and Co. 4to, vol. i., Nos. 1, 2.

PRINCIPAL CONTENTS.-No. 1: Cheshire Sheriffs. Epitaphs in Cheshire Churchyards. Cheshire as it was and as it is (Mobberley, Alderley, Wilmslow, and Chorley). First Cheshire Salt Patents. Rev. Thomas Garratt, M.A. [with portrait], by Charles F. Forshaw, LL.B. Forgotten Feudal Laws, by W. I. Wild. No. 2: Mow Cop and Cloud End, by W. J. Harper. Ridley Hall and Gateway, by Sarah Cash. Bridestones of Cheshire, by Thomas Cooper. Gibbet at Stockport, by James Cocks. Maggotty Johnson: Lord Flame. Cheshire as it was and is (Alderley and Wilmslow). Stockport Cross, by W. I. Wild. Fittons of Gawsworth. Roman Occupation of Stockport, by W. I. Wild. Alderley Church, by the Rev. Canon Bell, M.A. Shocklach Church, by Sarah Cash. Earthen Vase found in boulder clay in Stockport, by Thomas Kay.

No. 3: Hawthorn Hall, Wilmslow [illustrated], by Frederick Lawrence Tavare. Parnell Family [of Congleton, with pedigree], by Thomas Cooper. An interesting Cheshire town (Knutsford), by W. J. Harper. Blind Jack of Knaresborough: his Stockport connections. Brereton Hall. Littler Hall, Over. Wettenhall Old Hall [illustrated], by Sarah Cash. Mow Cop and district, by W. J. Harper. Colonel Robert Dukinfield. Antiquarian Stockport: some recent discoveries. Lower Peover: its quaint customs, by W. J. Harper. Roman Roads and Stations in Cheshire, by C. F. Lawrence.

No. 4: Cheshire Heroes, by W. I. Wild. St. Mary's Church, Rostherne [illustrated], by Sarah Cash. Macclesfield Free School. Adam Walker [portrait], by Richard Lawson. Signboards: their uses and meaning, by O. V. Yates. Thomas Wilson, bishop of Sodor and Man, by Charles F. Forshaw, LL.D. "Newes out of Cheshire concerning a New Found Well" [reprinted verbatim, with introduction by Richard Lawson]. Woodhey Chapel [illustrated], by Sarah Cash. Bygone Wheelock, by W. J. Harper. Lindow Common. Parnells of Congleton, by Thomas Cooper.

Cheshire Sheaf. New Series. Edited by the Rev. Francis Sanders, M.A., and Mr. William Fergusson Irvine. The Chester Courant. Reprinted volume form. The contributions are numbered in consec




Original Documents: Early Grant of Land from the Prior Hospital, Chester: 1. Bishop of Chester's Visitations, 1554: 2, 3 36, 38, 40, 43, 53; 1598: 74; 1677: 79, 110, 119. Evidence relating to Cow Charity in Woodchurch Parish, taken 1566: 6. Monastic Ce 7. Thefts from Shotwick Church in 1601: 9. A Cheshire Hunting Song, 1615: 10. Charges of Simony against the Rector [Thomas Billinge] of West Kirby, 1632: 13. Charges against a Wirral Squire [William Glegg], 1649: 14. Justic s of the Peace in Cheshire, in 1601: 11; 1620: 23. Deed of the [Chester] Skinners' Company, 1555: 24. Inquisitio Post Mortem of John Whitmore, of Chester and Thurstaston: 28. Chester Bell Inscriptions: 29. Plague at Neston in 1666: 39. Petition from the Parishioners of Churton Heath Chapel, 1646: 31. Consecration of Crewe Hall Chapel, 1635 34. Hoyle Lake: 35. Signatures to the "Three Articles" in Cheshire, 1563: 37. Early Nantwich Deed: 44. Rev. Richard Wright, curate of Bidston, 1667: 39, 82. Will of Thomas Bunbury, of Stanney, 1600: 48. Farewell Letter from Sir Timothy Fetherstonhaugh, Knt., written in Chester Castle, 1651: 50. Rental of Sir Peter de Thornton, of Thornton-in-theMoors, 1354: 56, 58, 62, 64, 66. Abstracts of Wills at the Probate Registry hester (Richard Massey, of Coggeshall; Richard Wilson, of Mosbury; Thomas Meoles, of Wallasey; John Massey, of Great Saughall): 59. Presentations (Ent es in Bishop's Registry) from Churchwardens in Diocese of Chester, 1684: 67, 7v.

Extracts from Royalist Composition Papers: Richard Broster, alderman of Chester: 52. Dr. George Byrom, of Thornton: 105. John Hurleston, of Picton : 68. Robert Leonard, of Tarvin and Irby: 72. Sir William Massey, of Puddington: 120. Sir Thomas Smith and his son, of Chester: 77, 78, 99, 101, 103. Dr. George Snell, archdeacon of Chester: 47. Thomas Thorp, mayor of Chester: 8. Charles Walley, mayor of Chester: 54. Valentine Whitmore, of Thurstaston: 72. John'

Unpublished Lett

7, of Chester: 122, 124.

op Nicholas Stratford: 94. Clandestine Marriage in the Phoenix Tower (Chester), 1690: 95. Will of the Rev. Randle Simcock, 1542: 96. Frodsham Church Inventories, 1622-71: 100. Chester, Deed of 1346: 102. Kingsley Chapel in Frodsham Church: 109. Frodsham Churchwardens' Accounts, 1633-5: 104, 116, 125.

Notes: The "Blue Posts" Incident IDr. H. Cole's Mission to Ireland, 15581: 4. Bishop Peploe and Chancellor Gastrell: 16, 19, 20, 71, 73, 76, 85, 90. Dr. William Smith, dean of Chester, 1785-1787: 25, 26. "The Bold Lady of Cheshire," Mary, Lady Cholmondeley: 27. Trial at Chester of James Price and Thomas Brown for robbing the Mail, 1796: 42. Cheshire Bells: 46. Pre-Norman Church at Bebington, by E. W. Cox: 49. Symbolic Window at Bebington, by E. W. Cox : 57. Bishop George Hall's Cup at Exeter College, Oxford: 60. Cheshire Nonjuring Clergy: 61, 63, 65, 80, 84, 127. Cheshire Church Monuments, by James Hall (Acton: 86; Wrenbury: 88). Colonel John Marrow: 87. Derivation of the Place-name Heswall: 89. Ancient Parish of Wallasey: 91. Dr. George Snell, archdeacon of Chester, 1619-1646: 55, 93, 113, 118. Frodsham Grammar School and Bishop Thomas Wilson: 97, 107. Nonconformity at Bromborough in 1669: 98. Antiquities of Stourton, by E. W. Cox: 106, 112, 115, 117. Cholmondeley Archives: 108. Souling Songs: 111, 114.

Chetham Society, n.s., 36.

Minutes of the Bury Presbyterian Classi 1647-1657. Edited by William A. Shaw, M.A. Parti. [Manchester 1896. 4to, pp. [xii]. 136.

Clay (John W., F.S.A.). See Hunter (Joseph).

Clayton Hall. Manch. Guard., March 18th, p. 10.

Close Rolls. Calendar of the Close Rolls preserved in the Public Record
Edward III., A.D. 1327-1330. . London: Eyre and

tiswoode, 1896. La. 8vo.

121 Contains numerous references to Lancashire and Cheshire.

Hunt s). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 2.

Biomas). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 2, 3, 4.

Cox (Eaw rd W.).

Leaves from an Antiquary's Note-Book. His. Soc. of

L. and C., n.s., xi., pp. 235-252.

Includes a list of Crosses in the neighbourhood of Liverpool.

See also Cheshire Sheaf, and Wall (Rev. G. W.).

Crisp (F. A.). See Howard (J. J.).

Dale (Thomas Pointon). The History of Brunswick [Methodist] Church, Bury. Bury: Fletcher and Speight, 1896. 12mo, pp. xvi. 210. 14. Portraits and illustrations.

Ditchfield (P. H., M.A., F.S.A.). Old English Customs extant at the pisert time. London: George Redway, 1896. 8vo, pp. xvi. 344.

Contains references to Lancashire and Cheshire customs.

Dron Geld (James).
Yate' Sketches."

Biographical Preface to Ben Brierley's “‘Ab-o'th'Oldham: W. E. Clegg, 1896. 8vo. Portrait. Dunckley (Henry). Obituary Notice. Manch. Guardian, June 30th, p. 7. Egerton (Mary Augusta Phipps). Admiral of the Fleet, Sir Geoffrey [Thomas] Phipps Hornby, G.C.B. A Biography. Edinburgh: Wm. Blackwood and Sons, 1896. 8vo, pp. xii. [2]. 404. Portraits.

Evans (George Eyre). Record of the Pro

Assembly of Lancashire and Cheshire. Compiled at the directio.. 'of the Assembly. Manchester: H. Rawson and Co., 1896. 4to, pp. viii. 189.

List of the congregations on the roll of the Assembly, with biographical details of their ministers from foundation to the present time.

Fenwick (George Lee). A History of the Ancient City of Chester, from the Earliest Times. Chester: Phillipson and Golder, Eastgate Row, 1896. 4to, pp. viii. 578. Illustrated.

Fewtrell (A. H.). East Lancashire Railway Jubilee. Bury Times, Sept. 26th, October 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th; and by Alfred Ormerod, November 14th, 28th.

Fishwick (Henry, F.S.A.). Tim Bobbin versus John Whitaker. Trans. L. and C. Antiq. Soc., xiii., pp. 19-26.

See also Record Society, 32.

Fitton (Hedley). See Banks (Mrs. G. L.).

Foard (James T.). On Shakspeare's Probable Connection with Lancashire. Manch. Quarterly, vol. xv., pp. 113-134.

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Forshaw (Chas. F., LL.D.). See Cheshire Notes and Queries, 1, 4.

French (A. D. Weld). County Records of the Surnames of Francus, Franceis, French, in England, A.D. 1100-1350.

vately printed, 1896. 8vo.

pp. 65-68, Cheshire; 208-213, Lancashire.

Boston [U.S.]: Pri

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