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Manuscripts cannot be returned unless stamps are enclosed.

It would be well if those proposing to submit MSS. would first write to the Editor stating the subject and manner of treatment.

Whilst the Editor will be glad to give any assistance he can to archæologists on archæological subjects, he desires to remind certain correspondents that letters containing queries can only be inserted in the "ANTIQUARY" if of general interest, or on some new subject; nor can he undertake to reply privately, or through the "ANTIQUARY," to questions of the ordinary nature that sometimes reach him. No attention is paid to anonymous communications or would-be contributions.

M. C. G.-Much obliged for the extract from Dr. Rock, relative to "Low Side-Windows," but only original communications on that question can now be printed. All interested in the subject should refer to Rock's "Church of our Fathers."

Two of the illustrations of" Books in Chains," reviewed in November, originally appeared in the great work of Mr. J. Willis Clark, F.S.A., on the Cambridge Colleges.

Communications for the Editor should be addressed "Antiquary, Barton-le-Street, Malton."


Abandonment of Proposed Railway through

Leicester Castle, 237, 238.

Abbey, St. Albans, Disfigurement of, 187.
Abbeys hidden by Ivy, 187.

Ainsworth (William Francis, Ph.D., F.S.A.,
F.R.G.S.) on the Mountains of the
Moon, 70, 71.

Albury, Appointment to Benefice of, 72.
Alcinous, Garden of, 106.
Alkmaar, Notes on, 59.

All Cannings, Notes on the Church of,

All Hallows, Barking, Reviewed, 182.
Alnwick, Custom at, 66.

Alum Well, Walsall, 205.

Ambassadors at the Royal English Court
(James I.), List of, 22.

American Historical Association, Issue of
the Papers of the, 224.
Amsterdam Gate, The, 58.
Ancient Chapel of St. Martha's Hill, near
Guildford, Surrey, by Geo. C. William-
son, F.R.S.L., F.R.Hist. Soc., 71-75.
Ancient Christian Basilica, Remains of,

Ancient Deed on Parchment, Seal ap-
pended, 251.

Ancient Painting in Castor Church, 249.
Anderida, Sacred Spot of the Wood of,

Andressy Holy Well, Note of, 163.
"Andrew Mill's Stob," 213.

Annals of the Hospital of St. Wulstan,
Reviewed, 276.

"Annie Laurie," Painting of, 236.
Antiquaries of Ireland, Journal of Pro-
ceedings of the Royal Society of, 33.
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

Meeting of, 272.

of Scotland, Proceedings of

Society of, 32.

Antvorskov Cloister, Denmark, Excava-

tion of, 193.

Appointment to Benefice of Albury, 72.
Archæologia Cambrensis, Quarterly Issue
of, 127.

Archæologia Eliana, Fifteenth Volume
of, 220.

Archæologia, Publication of, 219.
Archæological Discovery at Kertsch,

Russia, 144.

of Kent, 35.

in Sweden, 6.
Find at Tier, 144.
Society, Annual Congress
Societies, Conference of,

Society, Collections of

Surrey, 33.
32, 78.

and Middlesex, 33.

Meeting of British,

Meeting of London

Archæological Societies, Proceedings and
Publications of, 32-36.

Archæologists, Literary Gossip for, 36, 83,
131, 180, 223, 274.

Archæology, Meeting of Society of Biblical,
33, 273.

Archaic Bronze Statuettes, Discovery of
Three, 190.

Archbishop Langton, Story of, 73.
of Canterbury, Accusations
against, 149.

Archbishop's Museum at Utrecht, 59.
Architectural Remains at Silchester, 170.
Armorial Bearings of Dumfries-shire, 45.
Armour, Abandonment of, 10.

Various Prices of, 148.
Armourers and Braziers' Company, Ex-
hibition held by, 1.
Armourer's Bill, Edward III., 149, 150.
Arts and Crafts Exhibition, 185.
Athenæum, Excursion of Upper Norwood,

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of, 204.

Chetton, Holy Well at, 69.

Child's Ercall, Mermaid, Legend of, 105.
Christiania, Objects from the Bronze Age
discovered in, 46.

Christiania Valley, Earliest Inhabitants of,

Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens in
Facsimile, Reviewed, 297.

Chronograms, 151-159.
Church, Curiosities of the, 15-18.

of Dordrecht, Carvings at, 56.
Goods, Inventories of, 28, 29,
76-79, 120-123, 167-169, 214-216, 256-260
of Kiffig, Condition of, 5.
Paintings at Guildford, 33.
Churches of Newcastle and Gateshead,
Old, 247.

Church Wall Paintings in Cornwall, 138.
Churchwardens' Accounts, Reviewed, 224.
Cinerary Urn and Incense-Cup, Stanton
Moor, Derbyshire, by John Ward, 112-

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Cleopatra's Needle, Action of Weather

on, 2.

Clerical Incomes in 1643, by Rev. Canon
Scott-Robertson, 75, 76.

Clifton Antiquarian Club, Excursion of,
80, 221.

Coffin-Lids at St. Martha's, 72.

Coins, Gallic, Transalpine and Cisalpine,
and Greek, 190.

Colchester, Old Borough Seal of, 93.
Cole (Rev. E. Maule, M.A., F.G.S.) on
the Entrenchments on the Yorkshire
Wolds, 109-112, 163-167, 194-198.
Colemere Well, Legend of, 102.
Collection of Books at Ripon Abbey,
Destruction of, 245.

Collections relating to Montgomeryshire,
Twenty-fourth Volume of 220.
Colouring on Carved Marble, 173.
Compass-Sundial, Description of, 236.
Concealed Chamber at a Palace, Copen-

hagen, Discovery and Contents of, 240.
Conference of Archæological Societies,

[blocks in formation]


Corporation Records of St. Albans, Re-
viewed, 134.

Correspondence, 39, 87, 135, 136, 183, 231,
232, 279.

Costume in Heraldry, 241-243.,
Council to decide Question of the Pope's
Dominion over Ecclesiastical Temporali-
ties, etc., 265.

Country Costumes in Heraldry, 241.
Cox (J. Charles, LL.D., F.S.A.) on
"Hanging in Chains," 213, 214-
Crosmere Lake, Tradition of, 69.

Cross on Coffin-Lid at St. Martha's Hill,

Croxton Pennyquart Well, 163.
Crudely Well, Bilston, Staffordshire,
Legend of, 161.

Crypt of Hythe, The, by Rev. Samuel
Barber, 62-64.

Cumberland and Westmorland Anti-
quarian and Archæological Society,
Eleventh Volume of Transactions of, 82.
Cumberland and Westmorland Anti-
quarian and Archæological Society,
Meetings of, 81, 220.

Curiosities at Mostyn Hall, 175.

of the Church, 15-18.
Curious Paper MS., Account of, 252.

Dacre, Bears at, 81.

Dale and its Abbey, Reviewed, 230.
Days of James IV., Reviewed, 134.
Deanery of Bicester, Reviewed, 228.
Death of Mr. W. Jackson, F.S.A., 235.
Decorations at Pompeii, 49.

De Derlington (F. John), Notes on, 115.
De Dufeld, F. Robert, Particulars of,
159, 160.

De Herley, F. Nicholas, Particulars con-
cerning, 160.

De Lenham, F. John, Notes on, 119.
Delft, Old Palace at, 57.
Delgovitia, Lost Site of, 109.
Denmark, Finding of Viking Ship, 6.
Law respecting Archeological

Remains in,. Roger, Particulars con.

De Querndon,
cerning, 160, 161.

[blocks in formation]

Canvas Coat of Sir Hugh Willoughby,

Discoveries at Bodö, Norway, 192.

in Scania, 143.

in Norway, 143.

in Peru, 145.

near Rovigno Istria, 238.

Discovery at Espö, 143.

of Human Bones, 235-

of the Register and Chartulary
of the Mercers' Company, York, 266-


Dispute between the Goldsmiths and Pew-
terers, by R. C. Hope, F.S.A., F.R.S.L.,
Ditchfield (P. H., M.A., F.R.H.S.) on
A Frisian Chronicler's Account of the
Abbey of Ripon, 243-245.

Diversities of Dialect among the Dutch,


Domesday Map of Somersetshire, Re-
viewed, 132.

Domesday Book, 71.

Dordrecht, Notes on, 56.

"Double Entrenchments, 166.

Drawings discovered at Jufveln, North
Sweden, 192.

Drawings of Ancient Northern Architec-
ture, Publication of, 47.

Drumming Well, Oundle, Legend of, 30.
Dufeld, F. Robert de, Particulars of, 159,

Duke Henry, Will of, 147.
Duke of Clarence, Birth of, 149.
Dumfries-shire, Armorial Bearings of, 45.
Dunstall, Staffordshire: Wulfruna's Well,
Legend of, 161.

Dutch, Diversities of Dialect among the,

Earliest Inhabitants of the Christiania
Valley, 46.

"Early Fifth-Century African Reliquary,"


Early Iron Age in Norway, Paper on, 5.
Eas Well, Baschurch, Legend of, 254.
East Window at Selby Abbey, 44.
Ecclefechan Graveyard, Epitaph in, 93.
Ecclesiastical Art in Stone in the West,
Ornaments of Edward I.,


Edleston (R. H.) on Monumental Brasses,
12-15, 53-55.

Edward III., Particulars concerning, 149.
Effigies, Identification of Two, 235.
Effigy discovered at Gedney Church, 42.
of a Lady, Discovery of, 235.
Elbolton Cave, Visit to, 80.
Elder Well, Blymhill, Legend of, 205.
Eleusis and Mycenæ, Excavations at, 8.
Elizabethan Chalice of Hutton Magna, 4.
Ellerton: The King's Well, Particulars of,

Ellesmere Pool, Legends of, 103.
Endon, Well-dressing, 163.

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Harleian Society, Report of, 222.
Haveringe Mere, Story of, 105.
Hazlitt (W. Carew) on a Short Tour in the
Netherlands, 55-62.

Heidens of the Netherlands, The, 127.
Hellenic Coins, Finding of, 191.
Henry, Earl of Derby, Particulars con-
cerning, 146.

Earl of Lancaster, Death and
Burial of, 146.

Henry III. and the Friar-Preachers, 114.
Herley, F. Nicholas de, Particulars of,

Herlufsholm Castle, Denmark, Discovery
of MSS. at, 143.

Hermits in Heraldry, 241.

Highland Dress in Heraldry, 241, 242.
Hill of St. Martha, 71.

Hilton (James, F.S.A.) on Chronograms,


Himadu Mountains, 71.
Hindeloopen, Notes on, 60.

Hirst (Rev. Joseph) on a New Museum for
Rome, 8, 9.

on an Early Fifth-Cen-
tury African Reliquary, 260-262.
Historical and Antiquarian Society, Ex-
cursion of, Bradford, 35, 81, 127, 177.
Historical Characters in Heraldry, 242.
History of Kennington, Reviewed, 278.
History of the Conversion of Frisia, 243.
History of the Family of Malthus, Re-
viewed, 278.

History of the Parish of Ribchester, Re-
viewed, 227.

History of the Parishes of Swarraton and
Northington, Reviewed, 228.
Hoarstones, Particulars of, 36.
Holy Wells: Legends and Superstitions,
by R. C. Hope, F.S.A., F.R.S.L., 30,
66-69, 101-106, 161-163, 204-206, 252-

Hope (R. C., F.S.A., F.R.S.L.) on Dis-
pute between the Goldsmiths and Pew-
terers, 75.


Wells: Legends and Superstitions, 30,
66-69, 101-106, 161-163, 204-206, 252-256.

[blocks in formation]

in Teesdale, 4.

on Bell, Church of Middleton,
on Copper Plate (1685), 207.
Inscriptions discovered at Pompeii, 95.
International Folk-lore Congress, Second,

Inventories of Church Goods, 28, 29,

76-79, 120-123, 167-169, 214-216, 256-260.
Ireland, Preservation of Tombs in, 91.
Iron, Discovery and Uses of English, 10.
-- Slab near Sköfele, Finding of, 143.
Tools, Discovery of Roman, 219.
Ironwork of Doors, Lucerne Cathedral, 4.
Irvine (J. T.) on Peterborough Gentlemen's
Society, 207-209, 248-252.

Italian Bishops of Worcester, Paper on,

270, 271.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Monumental Brasses in Norfolk, Re-
viewed, 182, 279.

History of the Early British
Church, Reviewed, 86.
Mortar, Roman, 170.

Mortimer (Messrs. R. and J. R.) on the
Yorkshire Wolds, 112.

Mosaic discovered at Pompeii, 191.
Mosaics of Byzantine Temple of Daphne,
Restoration of, 193.

Mostyn Hall, Curiosities at, 175.
Mountains of Himadu, 71.
"Mountains of the Moon," by William
Francis Ainsworth, Ph.D., F.S.A.,
F.R.G.S., 70.

Mural Paintings at Pickering Church, 40.
Museum at Hindeloopen, 60.
Mycena and Eleusis, Excavations at, 8.

Netherlands, Memoranda of a Short Tour
in, by W. Carew Hazlitt, 55-62.
Newark, Priory of, 71.

New Bishops, Appointment of, 5.
New Well, Milton, Staffordshire, Customs
of, 162.

New York in Scotland, 45.
Newbury District Field Club, Excursion
of, 179.

New Local Archæological Museums, 191.
Newport Castle, Remains of, 80.
Newspaper Reporting in Olden Times and
To-day, Reviewed, 134.

Newton (Sir Charles) on the Yorkshire
Wolds, 111.

"Night Watch," 58.

and Norwich Archæological
Society Excursion, 126,

Norman Doorway, 221.

House, Southampton, Particulars

of, 271, 272.

Normandy Well, Horsham, Legend of,

255, 256.


Norse MSS., Discoveries of, 239.
North Staffordshire Naturalists'
Club, Excursion of, 223.
Northern Antiquarian Memorials, New
Publication, 47.

Norway, Discoveries in, 143.
Norwegian Remains, Grant to Association
for Preservation of, 6.

Norwood and Dulwich, Past and Present,
Reviewed, 37-

Notes of the Month, 1-5, 41-45, 89-95, 137-
141, 185-189, 233-238.

(Foreign), 5-8, 45-48,
95, 96, 141-145, 190-193, 238-241.
Numismatic Society, Meeting of, 271.
Nun's Well, Rusper, Tradition of, 255.

[blocks in formation]

Our Lady's Well, Wombourne, Stafford-
shire, Particulars of, 162.
Woolpit, 255.

Oxborough Hall, Notes on, 127.
Oxfordshire Legend, An, 68.

Pagan Dance, An Old, 44.

Page (William, F.S.A.), A List of the In-
ventories of Church Goods made Temp.
Edward VI., 28, 29, 76-79, 120-123, 214,
215, 256-260.

Paintings at Carlisle Cathedral, 41.
"Pair of Plates," Prices of, 148.
Palmer (Rev. C. F. R.) on the King's
Confessors, 114-120, 159-161, 262-266.
Panels at St. Matthew's Church, 176.
Parish of Holbeach, Reviewed, 133.
Parish of St. Martha's, 71.

Records, Preservation of, 124.
Passion Drama at Ober-Ammergau, 44.
Passion Play as Played at Ober-Am-
mergau, Reviewed, 87.
Patera, Specimens of, 217.
Payments to Clergymen, 75.
Penkridge Church, Notes on, 223.
Penny Croft on the Flatts, Uttoxeter,
Legend of, 204.

Pennyquart Well, Croxton, Staffordshire,

Penzance Natural History and Antiquarian
Society, Excursion of, 176.
Perpignan Exhibition, Ópening of, 35.
Peru, Discoveries in, 145.

Peterborough Cathedral, Re-opening of,

"Peterborough Gentlemen's Society," 207.
209, 248-252.

Petition of the Inhabitants of the Soak of
Peterborough, 250.

of Principal Inhabitants of Peter-
borough, 251.
Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, 247.
Pin Well, Custom at, 67.

Lewes, Legend of, 256.

Pitt-Rivers (Major-General) on the York-
shire Wolds, 112.

Place-names, Clackmannan and Edin-
burgh, 32.

Plays, Religious, 16.
Pæstan Roses, 108.

Pompeii, Excavations at, 95.
Porch at Malmesbury Church, 221.
Portrait Brass of a Vicar, and Inscription
on, 273.

Portraying Deceased Saints, Custom of,


[blocks in formation]

Proposed Archæological Map of the County
of Surrey, 125.

Protection Act, 1882, Ancient Monuments,

Provisions of Deed of Settlement or Or-
ganization of Hospital, York, 267.
Pudding-pans, Description of, 216, 217.
Punic Necropolis, Discovery at Carthage
of Ancient, 239.

Quaint London, Reviewed, 37.
Quakerism at Gateshead, 246.

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