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Royal Archæological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland.

Oxford Mansion, Oxford Street, W.)

(HELLIER GOSSelin, Esq.,

British Archæological Association. (W. DE GRAY BIRCH, Esq., F.S.A., British Museum,
W.C., and E. P. LOFTUS BROCK, Esq., F.S.A., 36, Great Russell Street, W.C.)
The Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland. (ROBERT COCHRANE, Esq., F.S.A.,
Rathgar, Dublin.)

Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion. (Dr. ISAMBARD OWEN, M.A., 5, Hertford Street,
W., and ALFRED NUTT, Esq., 270, Strand, W.C.)

Huguenot Society of London. (REGINALD S. FABER, Esq., M.A., 10, Oppidans Road,
Primrose Hill, N.W.)

Society for Preserving Memorials of the Dead. (W. VINCENT, Esq., Belle View Rise,
Hillesdon Road, Norwich.

Berkshire Archæological Society.

Friar Street, Reading.)

(Rev. P. H. DITCHFIELD, M.A., F.S.A., Athenæum,

Birmingham and Midland Institute (Archæological Section). (Alfred Hayes, Esq.,

Bristol and Gloucestershire Archæological Society. (Rev. W. Bazeley, M.A., Matson
Rectory, Gloucester.)

Bucks Architectural and Archæological Society. (JOHN PARKER, Esq., F.S.A.,
Desborough House, High Wycombe.)

Cambridge Antiquarian Society.

College, Cambridge.)

(N. C. HARDCASTLE, Esq., LL.D, F.S.A., Downing

Chester Archæological and Historical Society. (T. J. POWELL, Esq., 14, Newgate
Street, Chester.)

Cornwall, Royal Institution of. (Major PARKYN, F.G.S., 40, Lemon Street, Truro.)
Cumberland and Westmoreland Archæological and Architectural Society. (T. WILSON,
Esq., Aynam Lodge, Kendal.)

Derbyshire Archæological and Natural History Society. (ARTHUR Cox, Esq., M.A.,
Mill Hill, Derby.)

Essex Archæological Society. (H. W. KING, Esq., Leigh Hill, Leigh, Essex.)
Hampshire Field Club. (W. DALE, Esq., F.G.S., 5, Sussex Place, Southampton.)
Kent Archæological Society. (G. PAYNE, Esq., F.S.A., Rochester.)

Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society. (G. Ć. YATES, Esq., F.S.A., Swinton,

Leicestershire Architectural and Archæological Society. (W. J. Freer, Esq., 10, New
Street, Leicester.)

London and Middlesex Archæological Society. (CHARLES WELCH, Esq., F.S.A., Guild-
hall, E.C., and M. POPE, Esq., F.S.A., 8, Dane's Inn, W.C.)

Maidenhead and Taplow Field Club. (JAMES RUTLAND, Esq., The Gables, Taplow.)
Norfolk and Norwich Archæological Society. (Rev. C. R. MANNING, M.A., F.S.A.,
Diss, Norfolk.)

Oxford Architectural and Historical Society. (PERCY MANNING, Esq., North End,

Oxfordshire Archæological Society. (Rev. W. D. MACRAY, M.A., F.S.A., Ducklington
Rectory, Witney, and G. LOVEDAY, Esq., J.P., Manor House, Wordington.)
St. Albans Architectural and Archæological Society. (Rev. H. Fowler, M.A., Lemsford
Road, St. Albans.)

Shropshire Archæological and Natural History Society. (FRANC GOYNE, Esq.,
Dogpole, Shrewsbury.)

Somersetshire Archæological and Natural History Society. (C. J. TURNER, Esq.,

Surrey Archæological Society. (MILL STEPHENSON, Esq., B.A., F.S.A., 8, Dane's Inn,
Strand, W.C.)

Sussex Archæological Society. (H. GRIFFITH, Esq., F.S.A., 47, Old Steyne, Brighton.)
Wiltshire Archæological and Natural History Society. (H. E. MEDLICOTT, Esq.,
Potterne, Devizes, and Rev. E. H. GODDARD, Clyffe Vicarage, Wootton Bassett.)
Woolhope Naturalists' Field Club (Hereford). (H. CECIL MOORE, Esq., 26, Broad
Street, Hereford.)

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Yorkshire Archæological and Topographical Association. (G. W. TOMLINSON, Esq.,
F.S.A., Wood Field, Huddersfield.)


The Congress has also issued a




giving suggestions as to transcriptions, &c., and a list of printed registers and transcripts.

Copies may be had from the Secretary of the Congress, W. H. St. JOHN HOPE, Esq., Burlington House, London, W Price 6d. each.


IN 1891.

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ATKINSON (T. D.). House of the Veysy family in Cambridge. Proc. Cambridge Antiq. Soc. vii. 93–103.


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